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Bachelor 1 5 Lesson Plan AR Workbook – Pages 143 – 150 Leaders Gold Reference Guide Pages 13 – 29 AR Leaders Guide Pages 95 – 120 Welcome Bachelor Merit.

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1 Bachelor 1 5 Lesson Plan AR Workbook – Pages 143 – 150 Leaders Gold Reference Guide Pages 13 – 29 AR Leaders Guide Pages 95 – 120 Welcome Bachelor Merit Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4Lesson 5

2 Bachelor 2 Lesson One - Objectives 1.You will be able to select a personal goal to achieve. 2.You will be able to develop and write a plan to achieve your goal. 3.You will be able to clean an oven, refrigerator, stove, and wastepaper basket.

3 Bachelor 3 Personal Goals AR Workbook Page 145, Question 12a Select a personal goal you want to achieve. (This may be a short-term goal such as buying clothes, or it may be a long-term goal such as saving for college.) YOUR GOAL: Draw or paste a picture of your goal:

4 Bachelor 4 Achieving Personal Goals AR Workbook Page 145, Question 12b b.Write a plan to achieve it. Determine the following: i.How much will it cost? ii.How much time do you have to achieve your goal?

5 Bachelor 5 Achieving Personal Goals AR Workbook Page 145, Question 12b b.Write a plan to achieve it. Determine the following: i.How will you earn the money to pay for your goal? ii.What adjustments could you make to your plan if you cannot reach your goal in time?

6 Bachelor 6 Preparing and Cooking Family Meals AR Workbook Page 143, Requirement 1  What steps are involved in preparing and cooking family meals?  On the piece of paper supplied, write out the first of three complete family meals.  Try to accomplish one meal per week.

7 Bachelor 7 Preparing and Cooking Family Meals Food Guide Pyramid A Guide to Daily Food Choices MLR 1 Page 25

8 Bachelor 8 Dishes Cleanup AR Workbook Page 143, Requirement 2  What is involved with cleaning the kitchen dishes?  What should we clean and how?  Wash and clean the dishes for five different meals.

9 Bachelor 9 Kitchen Cleanup AR Workbook Page 143, Requirement 3  What areas of the kitchen do we need to clean after every meal?  Clean the kitchen oven, stove, refrigerator and wastepaper basket.  What special considerations are there?

10 Bachelor 10 Lesson Two - Objectives 1.You will be able to set up a personal budget.

11 Bachelor 11 Personal Budget AR Workbook Page 144, Requirement 11  God expects us to be careful with the use of our money, time, talents and the other resources we have been given.  Learning a personal budgeting system can help you be a good steward.  Do any of you use a budget system now?

12 Bachelor 12 Budgeting Income 10% - Tithe 25% - Short-term Savings 25% - Long-term Savings 40% - Spending

13 Bachelor 13 Budgeting Income  God instructs us in Malachi 3:8-12 to give 10% of our income to Him.  First thing to do is set aside $1.00 of every $10.00 of income.  This is the tithe, and it goes to the local church.

14 Bachelor 14 Budgeting Income  You may want to purchase something that requires you to save.  Money for this goes into the short- term savings ($2.50 / $10.00).  After a short period of time you will have the money to buy what you’ve been saving for.

15 Bachelor 15 Budgeting Income  For other future items, you save for a long time (Long-term savings).  Could include college, trade school, or a car.  Set aside $2.50 / $10.00 of income, put into a long-term savings account.

16 Bachelor 16 Budgeting Income  Of course you will want to spend some of your income right away.  General guideline is to spend $4.00 / $10.00 on those kinds of things.  How would you divide up $25.00 income?  With $20.00 income, how long to save $38.00 for a game?

17 Bachelor 17 Sources of Income Allowance Gifts of Money Money for jobs you do Money for things you sell

18 Bachelor 18 Expenses  What are expenses?  Anything you pay money for.  Includes sodas, candy, popcorn, clothes, games, shoes.

19 Bachelor 19 Budget Worksheet Month:Amount:Comments: Total Tithes (10%) Short-term Savings (25%) Long-term Savings (25%) Spending (40%) AR Workbook Page 149 January 06 $90.00 $9.00 $22.50 $22.50 $36.00

20 Bachelor 20 Income Date:Where did the money come from?AmountTotal To Date Budget Worksheet AR Workbook Page 149 1/6/06Allowance $20.00$20.00 1/13/06Allowance $20.00$40.00 1/20/06Allowance $20.00$60.00 1/27/06Allowance $20.00$80.00 1/28/06 Clean Grandparents Garage $10.00$90.00

21 Bachelor 21 Budget Worksheet AR Workbook Page 149 Expenses Date:On what was the money spent?AmountTotal to Date 1/7/06Tithe $2.00$2.00 1/8/06Soda & Chips $1.50$3.50 1/10/06Soda - Rangers $0.50$4.00 1/13/06Movie & Popcorn $12.00$16.00 1/15/06Tithe $2.00$18.00 1/16/06Candy $1.00$19.00

22 Bachelor 22 Lesson Three - Objectives 1.You will be able to do your laundry. 2.You will be able to explain how to vacuum, dust, and make your bed. 3.You will be able to plan a weekly menu, prepare a shopping list, and purchase ingredients. 4.You will be able to explain how to keep your room clean. 5.You will be able to explain how to clean a bathroom.

23 Bachelor 23 Laundry AR Workbook Page 143, Requirement 4 Laundry is not hard to do. Simple guidelines must be followed:  First, speak to the person who does laundry in your household (how do they do it?)

24 Bachelor 24 Laundry  Second, separate clothes into three piles: 1.Whites 2.Bright Colors 3.Dark Colors

25 Bachelor 25 Laundry  Third, separate each of these piles into piles that produce lint and those that attract lint.  Clothes that attract lint: Corduroy and most permanent-press clothes.  Clothes that produce lint: Flannels, towels, and sweats.

26 Bachelor 26 Laundry  Wash each pile separately.  Zip zippers and clean out pockets.  Use stain remover following the manufacturers instructions.  Use hot water for heavily soiled clothes.

27 Bachelor 27 Laundry  Use correct amount of detergent, by using the measuring cup provided.  Set water temperature to hot, warm or cold after checking instructions on clothes labels.

28 Bachelor 28 Laundry  Cold Water: Bright Colors and dark clothes to keep the colors and prevent shrinking.  Warm or Hot Water: Preshrunk cottons.

29 Bachelor 29 Laundry  Machine Settings:  Most have three cycles – Regular (cottons and sturdy clothes); Heavy; Delicate.  Water level based on load size.

30 Bachelor 30 Laundry  Bleach – allow machine to run a few minutes to mix detergent and water before adding.  Color-safe bleach may be used on all colorfast clothing.  How to test for colorfastness: Soak hidden area in a teaspoon of color-safe bleach, rinse and dry. Did it fade?

31 Bachelor 31 Laundry Clothes Drying  Most clothes can be put into the dryer.  Read labels first.  Anti-static sheets?  Clean out dryer lint before turning on.  Set timer, pull out when dry, fold or hang immediately.

32 Bachelor 32 Laundry Complete MWS 1 “Separating Laundry”, page 146 in your workbook.

33 Bachelor 33 Vacuuming What is involved with vacuuming, dusting and making beds?  Vacuuming -more then just a once-over, 5-8 times pickups all particles in heavy traveled areas.  Move small furniture and vacuum under beds  Carry out vacuuming at home to finish requirement 5.

34 Bachelor 34 Bedrooms What is involved in keeping your room, dresser, and closet clean?  Clean your room this week, with your parents inspection, for fulfillment of requirement 9.

35 Bachelor 35 Bathrooms What is involved in cleaning the bathroom facilities and floor?  Scrub the sink, counter, toilet and bathtub / shower with cleanser or vinegar/water solution.  Wipe out sink with towel to reduce water stains.

36 Bachelor 36 Bathrooms  Tile or linoleum floors – sweep and clean with floor cleaner or vinegar/water solution.  Carpeting thoroughly vacuumed.  Throw rugs vacuumed, shaken outside, or washed.  Clean the bathroom in your home this week in partial fulfillment of requirement 10.

37 Bachelor 37 Shopping MLR 3a “Weekly Menu” Page 28 BreakfastSun.Mon.Tues.Wed.Thurs.Fri.Sat. Main dish Fruit Bread Drink LunchSun.Mon.Tues.Wed.Thurs.Fri.Sat. Main Dish Fruit Vegetable Bread Dessert Drink

38 Bachelor 38 Shopping MLR 3b “Shopping List” Page 29 Meats Fruits Vegetables Breads Drinks Other

39 Bachelor 39 Shopping  Requirement 7 – use MWS 2 “Weekly Menu”, page 147, to plan a week of menus.  Use MWS 3 “Shopping List”, page 148, to list all the items needed for the menus.  Go with your parents to purchase the items.  Some of these meals may include those prepared for Requirement 1.

40 Bachelor 40 Lesson Four - Objectives 1.You will be able to iron several clothing items.

41 Bachelor 41 Ironing General Tips  Keep fingers away from the iron surface.  Never leave an iron unattended, it may cause a fire.  Unplug after use.  Shirt labels show proper care instructions, many are now wrinkle free.

42 Bachelor 42 Ironing General Tips  Some shirt labels have iron setting suggestions.  When using steam, use distilled water.  Irons heat up quickly.

43 Bachelor 43 Ironing Ironing a Shirt  Begin ironing the collar.  Start at the back.  When ironing the collar front, go from edges slowly to avoid creasing.  Unroll cuffs and iron inside first.

44 Bachelor 44 Ironing Ironing a Shirt  Smooth sleeves with clean hands.  Iron sleeve backs first, then fronts.  Collar end on narrow end of board, start with one front panel, iron from collar to shirt bottom.  Rotate shirt to back, repeat ironing from collar to tail, then other front panel.

45 Bachelor 45 Ironing Ironing a Shirt  Immediately hang the shirt on a hanger.  Button it to the second button from the top.  Pants and other items are ironed in a similar fashion.  Requirement 6: Under adult supervision, iron a shirt, pair of pants, and one other item.

46 Bachelor 46 Lesson Five - Objectives 1.You will be able to sew on a button.

47 Bachelor 47 Sewing Threading the Needle  18” thread.  Moisten end and thread the needle.  Pull thread through until ends are equal.  Tight overhand knot, then second overhand knot on top of the first.

48 Bachelor 48 Sewing Sewing the Button  Place the button on the material and push the needle up through a buttonhole from underneath.  Pull thread all the way through until the knot is firmly pulled into the material.  Push needle down through another hole, pulling thread tight.

49 Bachelor 49 Sewing Sewing the Button  Go through the first hole again and repeat three times.  Come up through the third hole and down the fourth.  Repeat three times.

50 Bachelor 50 Sewing Tying Off  On the backside, push the needle through the threads on the button and then through the loop, tying an overhand knot.  Repeat above procedure.  Cut thread near the button.

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