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The EU Ecolabel for Cleaners Andreas Scherlofsky Riga, 7 June 2011.

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1 The EU Ecolabel for Cleaners Andreas Scherlofsky Riga, 7 June 2011

2 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 OVERVIEW Statistics Criteria Marketing Application

3 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 LD Consumption of laundry detergents Consumption of laundry detergents in EU in 2008 estimated at 4,000,000 tonnes/year 14,243 million Euro (almost 50% of total soap, detergent and maintenance industry 1 ) regional differences of the approx. average consumption 4-5 kg/p/y in northern Scandinavia 2 8 kg/p/y in Germany 3 12-13 kg/p/y in Southern Europe 4 Decrease in Northern Europe (in tonnes) due to the use of compact and super-compact powders 1 AISE 2008 2 Nordic Ecolabelling 2008, CSTEE 2003 3 Umweltsbundesamt 2008 4 Dansk Kemi 2005, CSTEE 2003 )

4 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 All purpose and sanitary cleaners Dishwashing detergents (machine) Hand dishwashing detergents Laundry detergents Soaps and shampoos (Tissue paper) In the pipeline: Laundry detergents and detergents for diswashers (professional use) EU Ecolabel product groups in the field of cleaning

5 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 First Information Consumer brochures (kitchen, cleaning up) Fact sheets (by product group)

6 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Products by product group

7 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Development by PG Dec. 05Sep.06Dec. 07Dec. 08Dec. 10Mar. 11 Dishwashing Detergents791288160174 Laundry detergents111219 21 All-purpose & sanitary cleaners2531322625 Hand dishwashing detergents151660517880 Soaps and shampoos73339 Cleaners total5868123191317339 Number of licences by cleaner's product groups until 31/3/2011

8 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Cleaners by country

9 Criteria

10 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 The Flower Guarantees 1.Reduction/prevention of risks for environment & health (hazardous substances) 2.Limited use of substances harmful to the aquatic environment 3.Increased biodegradability 4.Reduction of packaging waste 5.Consumer information

11 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 The multi-criteria approach From cradle to grave; LCA = Life Cycle Assessment

12 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Washing performance Safety & ingredients Consumer information Limitation of quantity of detergents Waste reduction, packaging, recycling Criteria for Cleaning products Limitation of the use of substances harmful for aquatic environment

13 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Safety of product 1.Limitations of VOCs 2.No use of substances with specific risk phrases (R50-53, etc.) or classified as "corrosive", "harmful" 3.Requirements regarding fragrances, enzymes, preservatives, additives etc.

14 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Washing performance.. satisfactory performance according to the standard tests specified

15 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Limitation of the use of substances harmful for the aquatic environment 1.Critical Dilution Volume (CDV) 2.Biodegradability of organics 3.Excluded or limited substances or mixtures 4.etc.

16 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Waste redution.. Plastics marked according to Directive 94/62/EC Refills Recycled packaging labelled in conformity with ISO 14021 Limits for primary packaging max. 3,7g/wash for tables, etc. (LD) Cardboard packaging: 80% recycled at least (LD)

17 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Consumer Information Usage recommendation (dosage, temperature,..) Safety advice ("keep away from children, do not mix different cleaners, do not inhale..") Contacts for further information On the Ecolabel: "This product helps to reduce water pollution and resource consumption" (LD)

18 Examples for best practice in Marketing

19 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Licence holders showing their Ecolabel  On product and packaging

20 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 e.g. Werner & Mertz Sustainability report Recycling initiative Green certificates dialogue

21 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Continuously awareness raising by private and corporate consumers Green Public Procurement includes more Ecolabel criteria in tenders Turn over increases constantly Influencing factors

22 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Company activities Initiative was taken by product development in 2002 First application in close co-operation with CB Ingredients and contents to be updated continuously Tests to be performed in-house

23 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 EU Ecolabel Communication Award 2010 for the SANEX Campaign

24 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Price considerations in GPP Source: Commission study Study on costs/benefits of Green public procurement in Europe, Öko-Institut & ICLEI 2007, available at Differences in cleaner prices have minimal impact on overall cleaning budget (92-97% of cleaning money for staff costs) Nordic countries: developed green market > smaller prices! Also reconsiderung der cleaning frequency can help saving costs

25 Application steps

26 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Application steps Who can apply? - Every company producing or selling products, or campsites or tourist accommodation services Step 1 – Set up Select your product group, check the criteria, contact your CB (necessary documents, forms & tests) Step 2 – Technical and marketing check Compliance with criteria, assessemnt of costs and benefits. Decide yes / later / not Step 3 – Build up your dossier Use the EU Ecolabel application checklist to manage your dossier. Product testing (ISO 17025 or equivalent certified laboratory, accepted by your Competent Body, required information to CB) Application approval: Assessment of ecological and performance criteria, ev. control visit of manufacturing facility by CB Step 4 – Awarding contract and use Use of the logo and green marketing, payment of fee, continuous compliance with criteria, test documentation, reporting of deviations to CB

27 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 For application Website overview of all documentsWebsite Decision (1 general + 1 per pg)Decision Business fact sheet (1 per pg) Application pack (not for DD) DID list listDID list Calculation scheme excel sheet (LD) FAQs list (APC-CSF)FAQsAPC-CSF List of testing institutes (contact CB) performance test (APC-CSF, HDD, LD)APC-CSFHDDLD Later on Marketing Guide with checklist manual for logo use Helpful documents

28 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Links Produc t group First decision Current criteria Valid untilstatusHelpful informationapplication APC CSFJune 200123/3/200530/6/2011Under revision, (entry into force 6/11) WebsiteWebsite, Decision, DID list, FAQs, performance test (for background report, performance test and current draft of criteria see the final dossier)DecisionDID listFAQsfinal dossier app pack app pack (57p) HDDJuly 200123/3/200530/6/2011Under revision WebsiteWebsite, Decision, DID list,DecisionDID list (background report, performance test and draft of criteria in the final dossier)final dossier app pack app pack (55p) DDJuly 199928/4/201128/4/2015valid WebsiteWebsite, Decision, DID list,DecisionDID list (no app pack) LDJuly 199928/4/201128/4/2015validWebsiteWebsite, Decision, report 2011, calculation scheme, performance test, DID list,Decisionreport 2011calculation scheme performance test DID list user manualuser manual, LD/DD prof. use (2012)...In development (target for entry into force: 4/2012) WebsiteWebsite, Preliminary report,Preliminary report LDp technical reportLDp technical report, LDp draft criteria;LDp draft criteria DDp technical reportDDp technical report, DDp draft criteria.DDp draft criteria S&SJune 200721/6/200731/12/2011Under revision (target: mid 2012) WebsiteWebsite, Decision, DID list,DecisionDID list app pack

29 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Available information Brochures for consumers For producers: basic info and application tools Business fact sheets By product group Flower news Online news alert GPP Application packs List of certifying institutes and labs DID list Test sheets... Criteria (1 general + for each product group) GPP flyer, website and tool-kit Newsletters in all EU languages on the EEL website -EU Ecolabel in general -„Cleaning up“ (cleaners only)Cleaning up -"In the kitchen“ (also tissue paper and cleaning appliances)In the kitchen

30 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Where to get the information EEL catalogue with all products, hotels and camping sites EU Eco-label website of the European Commission National eco-label websites with EEL information Ecoporio

31 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 ? Innovative agreement for the Detergent sector in BelgiumThe EU Ecolabel in Belgium may be at an important stage of its development. On 6 April 2011, the DETIC, the leading Belgian and Luxembourgian association of detergent manufacturers and distributors, signed with Paul Magnette, Belgian Minister of Climate and Energy, andaconsumerassociationand representatives of the business sector, a sectoral agreement which aims at increasing the share of environmentally friendly detergents on the Belgian market. The deal guarantees that, in the future, the market will be more respectful of the environment.Butthisambitious agreement is setting higher targets. The shareofenvironmentallyfriendly detergents on the Belgian market is expected to exceed 60% by 2019. In 2008, EU ecolabelled laundry and householdmaintenanceproducts accounted for only 2% of the retailingoffer. According to statistics from the e- catalogue there are currently only 4 licences awarded by the Belgian CB for Detergents products sold in the Belgian market. With this agreement, the share of EU ecolabelled Detergent products should exceed 10% by 2019. Another positive impact is that these changes will encourage more and more companies to apply for the EU Ecolabel in the Detergents product categories.Withthisinitiative,theBelgian government is the first public authority in Europe to set up a legal mechanism aiming to directly shift the retailing offer. “We hope that these kinds of agreements will stimulate similar initiatives in Europe, and thereby reinforce the environmentallyfriendlyproducts market,” said Mr Magnette.Read more about this with the full press release. Agreement for detergent sector in Belgium

32 EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011 Reasons for Applying 1.Guarantees a high level of transparency, reliability and scientific credibility 2.Increases the visibility of your product 3.Certifies your product is among the most environmentally-friendly in its class 4.Represents a growing international market with a logo recognised throughout Europe by millions of consumers 5.Supports you through marketing activities (CB, EC; e.g. European Ecolabel website and Green Store with thousands of hits per month)

33 Thank you for the attention Riga 7 June 2011

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