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Monthly Theme Materials September 2012. 2 August 2012 Monthly Theme – Merchandise Handling Note to LCM: This deck has four segments intended to be shared.

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1 Monthly Theme Materials September 2012

2 2 August 2012 Monthly Theme – Merchandise Handling Note to LCM: This deck has four segments intended to be shared with your delivery teams over four weeks. Week One (Sept 4 th ) – Review Predict Vital Behaviors related to Laundry Week Two (Sept 10 th ) – Laundry Week Three (Sept 17 th ) – Laundry Week Four (Sept 24 th ) – Shift Starter – Building Confidence Review all slides before presenting Review/Gather supporting materials, documentation, and products needed prior to your presentation

3 September 2012 3 September 2012 Monthly Theme – Laundry The purpose of the Monthly Theme is to assist our Delivery teams in gaining a better understanding of the products that they deliver. This also supports the expectations of our customers who want the delivery teams to be subject matter experts on the products they deliver. Suggested Vital Behaviors from the Predict model and a Shift Starter module have been included. Recommendations for a Monthly Theme Presentation: LCMs should meet with MDO Mgrs in advance to review/discuss Provide products as visual aids Print out copies of the slide deck and supporting materials (such as product information) and post in the stand up area for teams to review after your presentation. Use this time to promote improving the customer experience.

4 September 2012 4 Resources Predict Model Video Predict Model Poster Home Delivery “Best Practices Guide” Located on the Carrier Website Laundry related documents & videos Located on the Carrier Website

5 September 2012 5 Laundry & Vital Behaviors Week One September 2012 Monthly Theme

6 September 2012 6 PREDICT Vital Behaviors Overview Every delivery provides us with opportunities to provide our Customers with Legendary Customer Experiences in Home Delivery.

7 September 2012 7 PREDICT Vital Behaviors Overview On the next few slides, let’s review how the following Vital Behaviors relate to Laundry: Explanation Demonstration Information Concerns Addressed

8 September 2012 8 Measure doorways, and explain why doors might need to be removed. Describe any potential for causing damage as well as any existing damage in the customer’s home. Show the new packaged accessory kit and explain how it helps protect the customer. Always walk to path. ------------------------------------------------- Discuss as a Team & Share Best Practices

9 September 2012 9 With the new product now in place in the home, complete the set up and explain to the customer what you are doing as you are testing features of the new product. Encourage the customer to try out certain features of the product. As you level the washer and dryer, explain to the customer what you are doing. ---------------------------- Discuss as a Team and Share Best Practices

10 September 2012 10 Explain new sounds, noises, or smells that are normal for the new appliance. Review the Owner’s Manual with the customer Discuss the use of special products, such as HE detergent Explain water saving features of new washing machine. ------------------------------------- Discuss as a Team and Share Best Practices

11 September 2012 11 Address any concerns that customer might have. Identify any damage that might have occurred during the delivery and explain the steps you will take to fix the damage or resolve the issue to the customer. -------------------------- Discuss as a Team and Share Best Practices

12 September 2012 12 Predict Vital Behaviors In the customer’s mind, how does your delivery of product to their home compare with their expectations for a Legendary Customer Experience?

13 September 2012 13 Laundry – Part 1 Week Two September 2012 Monthly Theme

14 September 2012 14 Laundry has changed for many Customers Much of the information on the next few slides has been provided to Sales Associates. It is also important for Delivery Teams to be familiar with Laundry product operations and features in order to answer Customer questions and concerns. Pay particular attention to the information on the installation of Sound Shields.

15 September 2012 15 Cycle Selection

16 September 2012 16 Cycle Time Factors

17 September 2012 17 Sounds of New Washers

18 September 2012 18 Sound Shield Installation Sound Shield Installation instructions are found as a separate sheet inside with the Literature Package and drain hose box underneath the lid, as shown in the picture above..

19 September 2012 19 Sound Shield Installation With the unit is on its back, install the sound pad into the metal bottom frame. Be sure to follow the location guides printed on the pad (ie. “This side down” – faces the floor, “Front” – faces the front of the machine, etc). When the carton is opened the sound shield will be located on top of the washing machine as shown below. Do not throw it away, as it is to be assembled into the bottom of the unit as shown below.

20 September 2012 20 Frequently Asked Questions

21 September 2012 21 Walk the Path & Check Hook Ups When you get to the final destination for the new product, review the electrical, water, and gas hook ups in the home as required. Before taking any actions, be sure you can safely disconnect existing products, carefully remove them from the home, and correctly hook up the new products. Some unsafe conditions you might run into are: Appliances that are directly wired into the home (no plug or outlet). Gas or water lines that do not have above ground shut off valves. Obstacles that require the delivery team to hoist products overhead. Once you have determined that you can safely and successfully make the delivery, then you should unpack the new appliance, and remove the old one from the home. Review the HDS Truck Manifest closely. Sometimes the customer wants a “brown box” delivery, where the product is not hooked up and stays in it’s original packaging.

22 September 2012 22 Oval Fitting for Dryer Exhaust Some East coast builders are using an oval fitting for dryer exhaust into the wall. Some teams incorrectly bend the flexible ducting to make it fit. The correct way is to use an Oval to Round Venting adapter. Oval to Round Venting Adapters (D/26-49909) are available from the DDC Teams should request oval to round adapters if oval fittings are being used in your local market

23 September 2012 23 Laundry – Part 2 Week Three September 2012 Monthly Theme

24 September 2012 24 The Largest Capacity in the Industry! With an amazing 5.0 cubic ft. capacity, this washer is even larger than the largest top-load washer. It’s not only big on capacity, it’s also big on features, including LG’s revolutionary TurboWash option that uses twin spray nozzles for an impressively fast Normal cycle. The matching dryer features a 9.0 cubic ft. capacity to effectively dry the largest loads with ease while TrueSteam Technology delivers the convenience features customer appreciate. LG Washer – 45852/3 LG Dryer – 8/95852/3

25 September 2012 25 LG TURBOWASH … How does it work? Atomizing Rinse Spray A high-pressure nozzle above the door sprays tiny water particles through the clothes during high spin speeds for quick and effective rinsing. Twin Spray Nozzles Twin spray nozzles in the front of the washer spray a concentrated detergent solution directly onto the clothes, resulting in faster soaking time. Turbo Wash consists of two technologies: The Atomizing Rinse Spray that combines several traditionally different steps into one: rinse water filling, agitation and draining. Twin spray nozzles that provide fast detergent soaking and activation with the water in the drum continuously re-circulating throughout the wash cycle.

26 September 2012 26 New LG Laundry Pair is Bigger! The new LG laundry pair is larger than most. It’s important to ensure a smooth delivery and installation by “walking the path.”

27 September 2012 27 New LG Laundry Pair is Bigger! Aside from making sure the physical size of this pair can be delivered and installed in the customer’s desired location, there are no special considerations.

28 September 2012 28 New Kenmore Washers with Accela-Wash There are three new washers in the Kenmore front-load laundry lineup that uniquely combine speed with cleaning, capacity and efficiency, without compromising performance. The new Accela-Wash feature is available on Kenmore elite washer 41472/2 and Kenmore washer 41372/9. Active Rinse Active Spray Accela-Wash

29 September 2012 29 Samsung Front-Load Laundry Samsung revolutionizes laundry with smartphone operation and a large capacity, along with many other features that make laundry simple and convenient.

30 September 2012 30 Samsung Front-Load Laundry - Washers COMMON FEATURES AND BENEFITS: WASHERS SpeedSpray™ — A cleansing jet shoots water and dissolved detergent directly onto clothes, so cleaning begins faster. A rinsing jet then simultaneously showers laundry with clean water and drains used water. Customers can save up to 90 minutes on their average week-load of laundry. The entire normal wash cycle is shortened by up to 13 minutes on item #46661/2 and up to 15 minutes on items #46946/2 and #46996/2. PowerFoam™ — Creates a powerful, yet gentle foam that easily penetrates through fabrics for a thorough wash. Can even wash large, bulky items like king-size comforters.

31 September 2012 31 Samsung Front-Load Laundry - Washers Steam Wash — Steam powers out stubborn stains, such as grape juice and grease, without pre-treatment. This saves time and helps clothes last longer. VRT™ Technology — Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) makes the washer so quiet, customers will hardly know it’s on. Special sensors keep the drum balanced even at high speeds. Washer can be installed on second floor of home near bedrooms without disturbing noise. Items #46946/2 and #46996/2 have VRT Plus, which adds stabilizers and sensors for king-size capacity machines.

32 September 2012 32 Samsung Front-Load Laundry - Washers Large Capacity — Customers can fit more into the wash so they can do fewer loads. Item #46661/2 has a 4.0 cu. ft. capacity and items #46946/2 and #46996/2 have a 4.5 cu. ft. capacity. PureCycle™ — Using only hot water, this feature helps keep the inside of their washer naturally clean and odor-free. Diamond Drum™ — Diamond-shaped impressions in the drum keep fabrics safe from snags while creating the perfect environment for gentle, yet effective, washing.

33 September 2012 33 Samsung Front-Load Laundry 8" LCD Touch Screen — Laundry pair #46996/2, #8/96996/2 offers a user interface that makes it easy for customers to choose cycles, options, water temperature in the washer and dry time on the dryer. LED Display — Items #46661/2, #8/96661/2 and #46946/2, #8/96946/2 have an LED display for customers to easily see their chosen cycle and operate their machine.

34 September 2012 34 Samsung Front-Load Laundry - Dryers COMMON FEATURES AND BENEFITS: DRYERS Large Capacity — Customers who purchase a large capacity washer are encouraged to purchase the matching dryer. It’s the only way for laundry to properly and efficiently dry. Item #8/96661/2 has a 7.4 cu. ft. capacity and items #8/96946/2 and #8/96996/2 have a 7.5 cu. ft. capacity. Steam Cycles — Steam Refresh helps to remove odors and freshen clothes. Steam Wrinkle Away relaxes wrinkles to reduce ironing. The dryers help customers save time and keep clothes looking great. Sensor Dry — Automatically adjusts drying time by sensing moisture so clothes don’t over-dry or under-dry. This ensures that laundry has ideal drying time and also provides extra energy savings.

35 September 2012 35 Samsung Front-Load Laundry - Dryers VentSensor™ — Provides “alerts” when vent filters need cleaning. Cleaning vents regularly will improve dryer performance. Drying Rack — Used to dry items that are typically not recommended for tumble drying, such as sneakers, sweaters and stuffed animals. Reversible Door — Customers can enjoy more flexibility in laundry room setup. They can choose to have their dryer door open from the left or the right, whichever they prefer. Venting Options — Electric dryers offer four venting options and gas dryers offer three options. Customers are not limited to where they can place their laundry pair.

36 September 2012 36 Samsung Front-Load Laundry - Pairs COMMON FEATURES AND BENEFITS: LAUNDRY PAIRS Smart Control (items #46946/2, #8/96946/2 and #46996/2, #8/96996/2 only) — Innovative smartphone app Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer lets customers remotely start their washer or dryer and select cycles and options from anywhere within a wireless network! Customers will receive a notification when their laundry is done, which means no more constant checking or forgetting to load or unload the dryer. They can monitor their laundry’s progress from the upstairs bedroom, while they’re cooking dinner or even while they’re out running errands.

37 September 2012 37 Samsung Front-Load Laundry - Pairs Smart Care (items #46661/2, #8/9661/2 and #46946/2, #8/96946/2 only) — If there are any problems with the laundry pair, a quick diagnosis and convenient, instant troubleshooting options are available for their washer or dryer on their smartphone. When the error code displays, customers can simply take a picture of the error code with their smartphone and then tap the picture with their finger.

38 September 2012 38 Shift Starter – Building Confidence Week Four September 2012 Monthly Theme

39 September 2012 39 Shift Starter – Building Confidence Use the skills of affirming and assuring to build the customer’s confidence in us by validating a choice the customer has made and by assuring the customer of excellent service.

40 September 2012 40 Shift Starter – Building Confidence Our customers’ satisfaction is directly related to the success of Sears Home Delivery By affirming and assuring customers, we tell them just how much we value them and their business. That makes the drop go smoothly and gets us better survey results. These skills are especially helpful when using the vital behaviors of Demonstration, Information, and Concerns Addressed.

41 September 2012 41 Building Confidence Review Video Clips of Predict Vital Behaviors: Demonstration Information Concerns Addressed


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