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1 16/June/2003 Washing Machine Division 27˝ Front Loader (Columbus Combo)

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1 1 16/June/2003 Washing Machine Division 27˝ Front Loader (Columbus Combo)

2 2 Variety Capacity of Condensing Combo Washing Capacity Drying Capacity 5kg 2.5kg 6.5kg 3kg 7kg 3.5kg 8kg 4kg 10kg 5kg Washing Capacity Drying Capacity 5kg 2.5kg 6.5kg 3kg 7kg 3.5kg 8kg 4kg 10kg 5kg Width24˝(600mm) ?( developing ) 27˝(686mm) Optimum Senseclean™ washing (Fuzzy Logic Control system) Quiet washing Biggest Wash&Dry Capacity Foam Removal system(Suds-free) Water Circulation system Direct Drive system Brushless Motor system Powerful RollerJets(w/ Washing-Ball) Condensing Drying system

3 3 1. Design Look & Spec. Design LookSpec. Columbus Ⅱ WM : Front loading Washer 36 : 1200 rpm, Combo 32 : Columbus Ⅱ (Wave Panel) H : Heater W : White

4 4 1. Product Differentiation Dry Heater(W) Quietline Water(ℓ) *test condition : dry time-90min., dehydration-57%, load –8 lbs. **efficiency : moisture / energy(kwh) *Dry Performance(%) Columbus Combo Equator WD-3243RHD Performance **Energy Use(%) Dry Capacity 1200 Tub Material PlasticStainless Dry(ℓb) [ kg ] 6 [ 3.0] 5 [ 2.5]11 [ 5] Stainless

5 5 LG recently adopt new advanced technology so called “Direct drive” system to its new washer and wash & dry combo unit. Without belt and belt pulley, motor itself is connected to the drum tub. It results a great improvement in reducing noise and improving energy efficiency. 2. Direct Drive system

6 6 Not like conventional washer that using brush DC motor, LG washer use Brushless DC motor in it so that the durability, quietness and efficiency is greatly improved. Brush Rotor (Magnetized by current) Stator (Magnetized by current) Brush delivers electric signals to rotate the coiled rotor. ● Brush makes frictional sound. ● Coiled rotor needs electricity. ● Brush abrades and needs replacement. Rotor is a permanent magnet. Multi-coiled stator is big and powerful enough to replace the pulley. ★ Powerful & Reliable control ★ Minimum vibration & noise ★ Optimum energy consumption (brushless)(with brush) Coil Conventional Motor ( Universal motor) LG’s New Motor (Direct Drive) Rotor (permanent- magnet) Stator (Magnetized by current) Coil Rotating Shaft 2. Brushless Motor system

7 7 Unique no brush and no belt Direct Drive Front Loader Low and No Friction Noise Stable Balancing System Washing : 53dB, Spinning : 67 dB 2. Quiet Washing Lowest Noise & Vibration Level (*Sound Power Pressure) Columbus DD system Conventional system 75 18% Low noises by removing brush and belt, Low vibration by more stable balancing system ConventionalDirect Drive Low Vibration More stable Balancing system by moving Motor to the center of system Low Noises Quiet and durable motor by removing Brush that makes unpleasant noises

8 8 To get the best washing performance, optimal time is determined by the water temperature, the selected washing temperature, and the size of the load. 2. Optimum Senseclean™ washing

9 9 2. Control Process : Mechanical vs. Fuzzy Logic Load detection Balance Check Balancing High Spin rpm Balancing Balance Check 100 max Feed-Back System rpm 100 max Too much Vibration Fixed Spin Time Not enough High Spin Time Not reached Max Spin rpm. Gap of actual Performance of Spin Automatic control of the Spin Time Spin at 70dB (normally) Spin at 60dB Mechanically controlled washers LG Fuzzy Logic control Low Spin Performance 8/28

10 10 2. Auto-Balancing Feed Back System Sensor detects and makes clothes balanced so as to achieve lower noise level. Large load rpm Small load Time ref rpm Load detection Unbalance detection Balancing High Spin Feed-Back System

11 11 2. Unbalance Sensing theory rpm * During spin cycle, if total amount of rpm changing (speed changing) is over the allowed level which is set in the Micom, the washing machine starts an untangling cycle. ( i.e, if the Micom decides that the load is out of balanced, the washing machine starts the untangling course.) * If the total amount of rpm changing ( Δspeed changing) is still incorrect after the untangling course has been carried out the required times, it displays the “ UE” error message. 100 rpm 50 rpm 1.Rinsing finish /Spinning start 2.Untangling 3.Period getting the eccentricity Data Sensing period 4.Spinning start 12sec. 5sec.10sec.5sec. O.K

12 12 2. Suds-Free System Improve “wash/rinse” and “spin” performance by detecting and removing excessive suds in the drum

13 13 2. Suds sensing function During Washing cycle Suds sensing during washing cycle is done by water level change regardless of motor operation. If frequency is lower than 23.3KHz, the machine decides it as a suds problems. In Perm press, Delicates, Wool/Silk, or Hand wash cycle, it does not work. Sensing and removing Suds during Washing cycle Washing Process Lower than 23.3KHz Draining for 1minute Breaking for 2minute Fill in water for 1minute Finish 3times Total Required time : about 12minutes

14 14 2. Suds sensing function During Spinning cycle The micom recognizes it as suds problem when: 1) the spinning speed does not reach 270rpm in 10 sec. 2) the water pressure is lower than 24.0kHz during intermittent spin. 3) the water pressure is lower than 24.4kHz during high speed spin. When suds is detected, spinning is stopped and the Suds remove program is started. And then the Water supplying and draining are proceeded until suds is not detected. Sensing and removing Suds during Spin cycle Spinning Process Suds sensed Fill in water for 1 minute Breaking for 2minute Drain for 2 minute Finish 3times

15 15 RollerJets Circulation System It is Circulation Shower System that sprays water from the top down decreasing water, detergent and energy consumption while at the same time increasing washing power. The washing balls increase cleaning power by shooting out water this decreases laundry rubbing together and thus reduces damage to your laundry. Hole ▶ Shower Fn. (At peak point) Ball ▶ Bearing Fn. (Decrease rubbing) Heavy Lifter ▶ Powerfully lift a bulky laundry Inside of the drum Shower Connector 2. High Cleaning Performance

16 16 Largest washer with dryer 10kg washer with dryer is first in the world. Performance Use less condensing water than any other washer with dryer. High dry performance High energy efficiency 2-step safety equipment 2. Condensing Dry system A condensing dryer takes the moist air released from your laundry and mixes it with cool air. This process returns the moisture to water, which is pumped away to a drain line. The some of steam is away througth the dispense and vent :dry duct 2:tub 3:fan 4:condensing duct

17 17 ● Working Description 1) During Wash cycle: 0~3 min - Pump On 3~10 min - 20 sec On 10 sec Off 2) During Rinse cycle: always On 3) Start operation after water is supplied Drain PumpCirculation Pump ● Feature 1) Spray detergent solution and water onto the load over and over. 2) Clothes are soaked more quickly and thoroughly during wash cycle. 3) The detergent suds can be removed more easily by the water shower during rinse cycle. 4) Uses both water and detergent more efficiently. 5) Is used to wash inside of the door window. Shower Connector Inside of the drum 3. Water Circulation

18 18 3. Door Lock Switch Unlock ② Lock ① Lock ● Working Description 1) Stop →Operation: 1 pulse applied to Lock 2) Operation →Stop: 2 pulses applied to Unlock * Power failure during operation: lock for 5 min ● Feature 1) Normally be unlocked, so that the washer can be opened by hand even if the washer has no power supply. 2) Instantaneous locking/ unlocking. 3) Enable to open from inside for safety. ● The door cannot be unlocked if: 1) The drum is moving. 2) The water temperature exceed 45 degrees C. 3) The water level exceed a certain point.

19 19 3. Ball Sensor Ball Sensor ● Working Description 1) Senses within 60~300 rpm during spin. 2) If the tub hits the ball sensor then drum stops rotating and rebalance the load. 3) Sensor detects out-of-balance and makes loads balanced to achieve lower noise and vibration. ● Feature 1) Detects unbalanced load. 2) Prevents a striking/walking. 3) Drum stops if excessive vibration occurred and then tub hits the ball sensor.


21 21 5. Test Operation * BEFORE PERFORMING SERVICE 1. Be careful of electric shock when disconnecting parts for while troubleshooting. 2. The voltage of each terminal is 120V AC and DC when the unit is plugged in. 3. First of all, check the connection of each electrical terminal with the wiring diagram. ① Preparation for washing Connect the power plug to the outlet. Connect the inlet hose. ② Press the POWER button In case of NORMAL program. ③ Press the START/PAUSE button Check if water is suppied through the detergent dispenser. ④ Check the water supply ⑤ Check automatic reverse turn ⑥ Check the water heating Check if the drum rotates clockwise and counterclockwise. Press the POWER button twice the restart. Press the SPIN SPEED button. Press the Start/Pause button. ⑦ Check drain and spin Listen for clicking sounds to determine if the door has unlocking. ⑧ Press the START/PAUSE button If SVC is needed during check, remove the remaining water by pulling out the hose cap. ⑧ Power off and open the door Listen for clicking sounds to determine if the door has locked. Press the WASH/RINSE button and the present temperature will be displayed.

22 22 Fan motor 6. Wiring Diagram

23 23 7. QC Test Mode * The washer must be empty and the controls must be in the off state. ** Even if you press the button to check inlet valve, inlet valve does not operate until the drum completely stop from spinning.

24 24 8. Error Display

25 25 8. Error Display

26 26 8. Error Display

27 27 9. Troubleshooting

28 28 9. Troubleshooting

29 29 9. Troubleshooting

30 30 9. Troubleshooting

31 Disassembly instruction

32 Disassembly instruction

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