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Assembly Instructions Additional documents needed for Assembly: GA Drawings on all Units Header Platform GA Drawings Motor Deck Platform GA Drawing Packing.

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1 Assembly Instructions Additional documents needed for Assembly: GA Drawings on all Units Header Platform GA Drawings Motor Deck Platform GA Drawing Packing List Grating Distribution Drawing Bundle Distribution Drawing

2 This section covers the Units that have the same configuration as modules, meaning they do not have extension motor platforms next to it. This units are: 109/209, 103A/BC, 203A/B/C, 106A/B/C, 206A/B/C. First Tip: You would know which is the front part Of the module when you see the motors On the unit on your right hand side Second Tip: The front part of the module faces West on its final place, except for Unit C111 and C211

3 Tube Bundles where packed as showed on the picture, there are several things you should know before installation. 1)The supporting legs have to be removed before placing the into the wind box. 2)You should save the bolts removed as spares for installation. 3)You should not removed wood covering, nitrogen purge and header feet until units are completely installed. Third tip: You would recognize the right and left tube bundles on a units with 2 tube bundles, by looking underneath the tube bundle and finding The motor removal beam with its lifting lug. To match the exactly tube bundle for each unit you should refer to Drawing Named Tube Bundle distribution.

4 1)Find the matching tube Bundle and place it on the side of its corresponding wind box module 2) Each tube bundle will need 12 Bolts, Nuts and Washer, 5/8” x 2” ( This bolts were used for shipping, They are not in the packing list. They are being sent separately into the refinery) 3) Lift the bundle and removed the legs (Save the Bolts)

5 Use guide rods the help you match the wind box holes against the tube bundles. Removed the guides and place the bolts. Do not tight down bolts until you have both bundles in place and aligned. After placing the 2 tube bundles on top and you have all bolts in position, you can hoist each tube bundle separately forward and Backwards to match the distance between center of nozzles and column legs. ( Refer to each unit GA Drawing)


7 After installing the bundles you have to place the wind seal between tube bundles 2 Wind seal plates are provided with units with double bundles. The wind seals are located loose inside each wind box For this assembly you will need 16 Bolts,Nuts and washers 5/8” x 2” per each wind seal. This assembly is done once the tube bundles are on top of the unit and before the final alingment. To do this operation you would have to remove the fan guard access to the wind box and get inside. Wind Seals

8 Motor Removal Beam.

9 Now Proceed with the final alignment, hoisting back and forward. Tip: Do not used cranes for this operation, movement need to be controlled for exact distances.

10 You need to place the for clips between tube bundles as showed on the picture. This clips are already bolted to one of the tube bundles, Could either one right or left. the clip should be moved perpendicular to the side frame and bolted onto the nest tube bundle. For this operation you will need 4 Bolts, Nuts and washers 5/8” x 2” ( They are provide in the box send directly to the refinery)

11 The Holes in the plywood are provided so that the operation can be done without removing it.

12 Lose the bolting that attaches the upper columns to the platform modules, They should be bolts of ¾” ( Save them to Bolt the Bottom columns Upper columns) Lift the complete unit and place it on the side.

13 1)Remove from the platform the packed columns ( Each unit has its own columns packed with steel straps and they are attached to the platform) 2) Remove 24 Bolts, Nuts, Washers and Pressure washers 7/8” x3” packed on a wooden box attached to the platform) 3) All the columns are marked like this: Tag# BFRC Tag# BCRC Tag# BRRC Tag # BFLC Tag # BCLC Tag# BRLC

14 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Each module of the standard modules are have an extension to the Left that is supported by 7 Little Beams, the are packed strapped on top of The platform module, the are marked, 1,2,3,4,5,6,and 7 respectively. They are bolted using two bolts of ¾” x 2-1/4” per each beam, a total of 28 Bolts are needed for the 7 beams and they are packed in the wooden box attached to the platform. Front Part ( Inlet/Outlet Header Side)

15 Module ready to be Lifted to its final place on the Rack. You should leave the rest of the packed stuff attached to the module because you are going to need it for final Installation.

16 Place the Platform on the rack, Bolts for this operation are not part of Caltuca’s Scope of supply.

17 You should repeat the steps shown up to now for the next contiguous unit so that you have working floor for installing the coolers on its final Position. Bolt the two platforms against each other, use the same ¾ x 2-1/4” bolts that attaches the little beams.

18 Place the cooler in position, Matched the markings on each column and bolts them together using the saved ¾” bolts when removing the unit From the platform.

19 Braces Marked tag# FMB Front, Midlle and Back Braces Side braces Remove the yellow shipping Braces. There are 12 Column braces Attached to the Platform, 6 Front Middle and Back Marked FMB and 6 Side Braces Marked SB. Each are attached using 4 Bolts, Nuts and Washers 5/8” x 1-3/4” and they are located in the wood boxed attached to the platform. Tip: The Middle side brace should be attached leaning towards the Heaviest Header. Tip: Always Position the brace to the inside of the clips attached to the wind box. Tip: For slotted holes use flat washers.

20 There are 2 Pieces of grating Packed in each Platform, they are equally in sizes, for installation you should matched the holes on the gratings Towards the east and west side of the platform. There are 14 G-Clips packed in Unit which means you will be using 7 per section. Located them So that the Grating will be held bay the lower little beams. Paked grating Position to be placed

21 This is how it looks when finished. Continue this procedure for the rest: 109/209, 103A/BC, 203A/B/C, 106A/B/C, 206A/B/C.

22 This part of the procedure cover the assembly of units 103D/203D attached to the central platform and then to Units 106A/106B

23 Follow instructions as Showed in Slide 1-4



26 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10,11,12 The beams are attached to Platforms of 103D/203D, there are 11. The bolts are also on a wooden box attached to the platform, the bolts Needed for this assembly are ¾” x 2-1/2”

27 Lift the unit into its final position and bolted against the rack ( Bolting of this section is not part of Caltuca’s Scope)

28 Module 103D/203D Module 106A/206A Hand rail Packed on unit 103D/203D Use 5/8” x 1-3/4” Bolting Packed on Wooden Box attacehd to Platform Hand rail Packed on unit 103D/203D


30 Gratin Packed on Platform 103/103D For distribution see Grating Distribution Drawing 32 G Clips are Provided in the wooden box attaced to the platform Extra G Clips Packed on Wooden Box in Flat Rack No.9

31 This section Covers Units 111/211 and 106D/206D 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 On unit 111 there are 11 pieces to attach ( located in Flat rack No 9) Marked 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. On unit 106 the pieces are identical in shape, ( Located in Flat rack No.9) Marked 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 and longer in size Bolting is located on wooden box attached to the platform and the size are ¾ x 2-1/4”

32 This channel is strap on to the W21 spanning beam at the side of the Platform Bolting for this beam located on wooden box attached to Platform Bolt size ¾” x 2-1/2” Good for Units 111/211, 106D,206D

33 Follow This step For Units 111/211 Only, 106D and 206D do not have this extension

34 This Handrails are located in Flat rack No 9 This handrails are Packed on Each units Platform Good For Units 111,211,106D,206D


36 Each Hand Rail Attaches together with 3 Bolts 5/8” x 1-3/4” Provided for each unit also on the wood box For grating distribution see the drawing named grating Distribution Look for Noth extension on Unit 106D/206D and South extension for 111/211



39 1.Take the matching platform out of the Flat rack. They should be identify as: TAG# ___ Inlet Header Platform and TAG#____ Return Header Platform 2. the 4 Braces are Attached to Motor platform on each unit Identify as : TAG#___ PB. The 4 braces are equal in size. 3. Bolt each top extreme of The braces to the clip located Underneath the Platform. Use 5/8” x 2” Bolts with 5/8” Nut and 1 pressure washer and 1 Flat washer TOTAL TOTAL MATERIAL FOR THIS ASSEMBLYSEMBLY 1 Inlet Header Platform 1 Return Header Platform 4 Platform Braces 8 Bolts 5/8” x 2” 8 Nuts 5/8” 4 Pressure Washers 4 Plane Washers

40 Take the previous assembly and bolt it To the air cooler top column clip, use ¾” x 2-1/2” Bolts with ¾” nuts and Pressure Washers. Total needed for unit assembly 16 Bolts ¾” x 2-1/2” 16 Nuts ¾” 16 Pressure washers


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