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Drive Fast & Safe Zero Tolerance For Safety. Preparation: Documents: 1.Passport 2.Exit Permit 3.Car Registration Card (if your car is registered on QP/Company.

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1 Drive Fast & Safe Zero Tolerance For Safety

2 Preparation: Documents: 1.Passport 2.Exit Permit 3.Car Registration Card (if your car is registered on QP/Company name, you need to have ‘Car Release Letter’ from company) 4.Print out hotel reservation from internet 5.Married Certificate 6.Car Manual 7.Others? Beside the original documents, it’s recommended to have at least 1 copy for each documents.

3 Preparation: Car: 1.Conduct general check for your car: lubricant, tire, coolant, battery, wiper water (it’s absolutely needed during traveling). 2.It’s highly recommended to replace your tire air with Nitrogen & check tire pressure including spare tire. 3.Check what maximum speed limit & load of your tire. We can adjust speed range for group. 4.Check standard equipment: jack & supporting equipment. 5.Cover front side of your car with mud to protect car paint 6.Refuel: full the tank! 7.Others? P-O-W-D-E-R: Petrol-Oil-Water-Damage-Electric-Rubber

4 Preparation: Tool & Others: 1.Hydraulic Jack 2.Jumper Cable 3.Compass & GPS 4.Screw driver 5.Survival kits: knife, matchbox, rope 6.Emergency Light 7.Glass Cleaner 8.Liquid Hand Washer 9.Mobile Phone: QTel & Indonesia card 10.Car phone charger/DC to AC Converter 11.Maps: Saudi Arabia, Makkah & Madinah 12.First Aid Kit & Medicine 13.Cool Box (for fruits & drink) + Food 14.Saudi Riyal (cash): for paying insurance at the border & refueling the car. Note: you don’t need to have all tools,especially for no 1-3. I have all of the equipment.

5 Safe Convoy & Radar Check: Safe Convoy: 1.Keep distance about 2 second between car 2.Speed range: 120-160 km/h (need more speed for Doha- Thaif/Makkah) 3.Maintain your fuel no less than ¼ of tank capacity 4.Give the sign for any problem by flashing your light & send sms/call using mobile phone/HT (refueling, rest room, etc) 5.Maintain diagonal formation 2-3-2-3 (lane no) between Riyadh- Thaif/Makkah and Makkah/Jeddah-Madinah 6.Keep an eye on Radar Sign, Police Patrol & Bridge. The first car will give the sign by pressing Break Pedal & turn the hazard sign on while entering Radar Range Area (Max Radar Coverage: 300 m in clear weather) ABS Break: Not to shorten breaking distance, but to allow driver controlling vehicle during emergency breaking/stop

6 Safe Convoy & Radar Check: Average Breaking Distance: ABS, Good Condition Car & Road, Dry Road 1.Speed: 80 km/h : 36 m 2.Speed 120 km/h: 196 m 3.Speed 140 km/h: ? We can’t improve road condition, neither car condition. The only one we can control to safe our live is the way we drive Adjust load & speed based on information shown on tire & set to the minimum one

7 Tire Safety

8 Studies of tire safety show that maintaining proper tire pressure, observing tire and vehicle load limits,and inspecting tires for cuts, slashes, and other irregularities are the most important things you can do to avoid tire failure, such as tread separation or blowout and flat tires. These actions, along with other care and maintenance activities, can also: - Improve vehicle handling - Help protect you and others from avoidable breakdowns and accidents - Improve fuel economy - Increase the life of your tires. Tire Safety

9 Temperature Resistance Traction Tread wear Max. Load Capacity /tire Speed Symbol Manufacturing Date What Information’s you must know about your Car Tires

10 Where you can find these information ?

11 Temperature Resistance SymbolArea AHot Area BNormal Weather Area CCold Area These letters indicates a tire's resistance to heat. From highest to lowest, a tire's resistance to heat is graded as "A", "B", or "C".

12 Treadwear Number This number indicates the tire's wear rate. The higher the treadwear number is, the longer it should take for the tread to wear down. For example, a tire graded 400 should last twice as long as a tire graded 200.

13 Traction This letter indicates a tire's ability to stop on wet pavement. A higher graded tire should allow you to stop your car on wet roads in a shorter distance than a tire with a lower grade. Traction is graded from highest to lowest as "AA","A", "B", and "C".

14 Max. Load Capacity & tire Speed Symbol Number indicates the max. load that can be carried by the tire. Symbol indicates the max. Speed at which a tire is designed to be driven for extended periods of time.

15 Manufacturing Date 37 05 Week No. 37Year 2005 This Tire has been made in Week 37 from year 2005

16 Steps for Maintaining Proper Tire Condition




20 Reduces irregular wear



23 Radar Sign: white/bright yellow background with Black/Blue word Traffic & Direction Signboard: Blue Background with White word If you see signboard with WHITE/YELLOW background, reduce speed lock at max 120 KM/h before that signboard!

24 If you see a bridge at the front, reduce your speed & make it 120 KM/h. Sometime police patrol with Radar Gun standby right under that bridge OR

25 Keep in eye for the signs of Police Patrols coming from both side: same way or opposite way of us. Police usually use SUV (Land Cruiser/Pathfinder) and Sedan with White-Blue color. OTHER

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