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1 Presented by: Fairborn Fire Department Platoon 3

2 1. Fire discovery 2. Determine size 3. Determine the type of fire 4. Determine location 5. Initiate actions 6. Attempt to extinguish 7. Evacuate/shelter in place There are seven steps to take in the event of a fire. They are:

3  Fires may be hidden from view by walls, furniture, doors or other obstacles  Indications of a fire might include heat, smoke, smell, alarms, or even system failures (lights, HVAC, computers)  Early discovery is key  DON’T PANIC!  Proceed to next step

4  Is it small, medium, or big?  Is it in a waste basket?  Is it small enough I feel confident extinguishing it?  Is it half the room, most of a wall, or the whole room?  Does this make me want to run? If you answered yes to the last question, then contact 911, start the evacuation procedures, and follow your instincts!

5 Type? – what is burning and what is causing it to burn  Is it wood or paper?  Is it a combustible or flammable gas or liquid like gasoline or hydrogen?  Is it energized or electrical?  Is it a flammable metal like lithium, titanium, or magnesium?  Is this a cooking oil fire?


7  Is it in a room that can be contained? Can I close the door on it to contain it?  Is this at an exit or will it interfere with exiting the building?  Is it in a wastebasket, computer, or furniture?  Is this in an electrical closet or light fixture?

8 1. Call 911!!!! – All fires (even out fires) must be reported 2. Initiate evacuation plans 3. Get a fire extinguisher – only if you feel relatively comfortable attempting to put this fire out! All three steps may be assigned to additional persons during the discovery phase of the fire and, if possible, completed simultaneously.

9 Match the type of extinguisher needed to the type of fire discovered. Type A Type C Type B Type D Type K

10 P- Pull the tamper seal and the pin A – aim the extinguisher at the base or seat of the fire S – Squeeze the handle S – sweep slowly back and forth at the base of the fire

11  Put yourself between the fire and an exit!  Never corner yourself or close yourself in with a fire while attempting to extinguish.  Ensure your escape route  Ensure you can continue to breathe during extinguishment  Do not be a hero! If the fire won’t go out- LEAVE

12 Ensure the activation of the fire alarm system if it is not already in alarm mode. Because of the nature of the business, many patients may not be able to exit the building due to disabilities or because they are undergoing or performing procedures. These people will have to be accounted for and sheltered in place..

13 It is imperative that this information is forwarded to the dispatch and communicated to responding units so that appropriate suppression activities will ensure their the safety or eventual evacuation of these personnel. This information is crucial to the incident commander and may result in additional alarms for additional suppression, evacuation, and rescue needs.

14 Congratulations! You are successful in your training and you have performed a crucial task while in a high risk activity. Please do not call off the response!

15 Let the first due responding units and the Incident Commander make that determination. Additional activities may be require to ensure there is no rekindle or extension of the fire

16 All fires require a fire investigation mandated by the State Of Ohio Fire Marshall to determine it’s cause and origin. This is done to determine future fire prevention training in needs and not to place blame.

17 The number one mission of our fire department is fire prevention. It is the best way to save lives, conserve property, and prevent financial hardship on our business and citizens!

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