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MSESP Grantee Webinar April 4, 2012. Agenda Record Webinar Welcome Administrative Updates Getting to know you….  Grantee Presentation: SW MN Private.

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1 MSESP Grantee Webinar April 4, 2012

2 Agenda Record Webinar Welcome Administrative Updates Getting to know you….  Grantee Presentation: SW MN Private Industry Council Participant/Outcome Projection Updates Getting to know you….  Grantee Presentation: Daikin Learning Institute Sustainability Request Getting to know you…  Grantee Presentation: BlueGreen Alliance Foundation Other Updates – RAD, etc. Other Grantee Updates Next Meeting

3 Administrative Updates DOL Evaluation Visit RFP Update Internal External Quarterly Reports Due 4/16 Reminder: CC Carol on Financial Reports/Requests

4 Outcome Summary Table Total Planned Actual To Date ANumber of participants beginning education/training activities BNumber of participants receiving basic education services CNumber of participants receiving grant-funded support services DNumber of participants completing completed education/training activities E Number of participants completing completed education/training activities who receive a degree/certificate F Number of participants that complete education/training activities that are placed in unsubsidized employment* G Number of participants completing completed education/training activities that are placed in training-related unsubsidized employment* H Number of participants placed in unsubsidized employment who retain an employed status in the first and second quarters following initial placement I Number of incumbent workers who have completed training, but have NOT entered a new position of employment (explain in activity summary above) JOther – Identify *ETA’s definition of Entered Employment includes individuals who are employed when they begin training and enter a new position of employment after program completion, even if the new position is with the same employer, as long as the individuals utilize the competency or competencies they acquired through grant-funded education/job training in their new position. Total Planned – Original numbers from your proposal (this column will always be the same) Actual to Date – Total in each activity to Date

5 Grantee Presentation Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council – Sara Karbo

6 Industrial Maintenance Southwest Minnesota Southwest MN Private Industry Council

7 With nearly 70% of Minnesota’s ethanol production facilities located in the Southwest region, the primary goal of this project is to train Minnesotans to fill entry-level maintenance positions in the biofuels industry. The following partners have indicated a continual need for individuals with the fundamental skills to effectively fill industrial maintenance positions within the biofuels industry: Granite Falls Ethanol (Granite Falls), POET Biorefining (Bingham Lake), and ADM (Marshall). Goal: goal of the Industrial Maintenance certification program is to create a pathway for low-wage, low- skilled adults who are either unemployed or under-employed to enhance basic academic abilities and obtain high-demand job skills in the renewable energy industries. By integrating basic English, math and computer skills (SW ABE) with vocational skill training ( MN WEST), participants will gain skills leading to living wage jobs and a viable Partners: Minnesota West Community and Technical College Customized Training and SW Adult Basic Education along with the WorkForce Centers in SW MN.

8 Fundamental Courses include: * Mechanical Power Transmission (online) 24 hours * Industrial Safety (online) 24 hours * Electrical Controls 80 hours * Programmable Logic Controls 40 hours * Fluid Power 42 hours * Welding 40 hours * Boiler Engineering 8 hours

9 Industrial Maintenance Classes have been held in Marshall, Worthington, Granite Falls and Benson. Served approximately 70 participants Over half of participants found jobs in the industry. Average starting wage $13.00

10 Contact Information Sara Karbo 507-537-6236

11 Participant Update PlanProjected 3/31/12 Actual 4/4/12 Participants Enrolled 149510001001 Participants Placed897300184 # Receiving Credentials 1076600571

12 Grantee Presentation Daikin Learning Institute – Heidi Bubar

13 Daikin McQuay Learning Institute Graduate Engineer Training Program Heidi Bubar Training Administrator

14 Company Background Daikin McQuay, as part of Daikin Industries, a Fortune 1000 company, is the second largest air conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration company in the world. Daikin McQuay is an original equipment manufacturer of energy efficient HVAC systems, with global headquarters in Plymouth, MN which is the site of our $55 million Advanced Development Center (ADC) Daikin McQuay operates three OEM plants in southern Minnesota (Faribault and Owatonna).

15 Project Background Daikin McQuay’s leadership in innovative energy efficient HVAC products and systems has resulted in substantial growth in market share. To sell, design and install these energy efficient HVAC products, Daikin McQuay as well as our reps must hire and train energy, sales and applications engineers, versed in the most current industry trends, technologies and standards. New graduate engineers take 3-4 years to be fully productive Goal is to reduce development time by 1-2 years by providing a comprehensive training program for new college graduates

16 Project Definition - Graduate Engineer Training (GET) Program 15 week extended term training program for recent college graduates that have been hired as Sales Engineers, National Account Managers, Sales Service Engineers or Sales Application Engineers. 2012 Classes: February 13 - May 25; July 9 – October 19 Curriculum includes daily lessons, workshops, guest speakers, homework, exams Curriculum focuses on energy-efficient buildings and construction The goal of the GET program is to provide technical training for building and energy engineers in the proper operation of advanced energy efficient HVAC equipment and systems. Curriculum covers: Fundamentals HVAC Systems Psychometrics Load Calcs Duct Design Acoustics Electrical Fund. Control Theory Refrigeration Thermodynamics Refrigeration Cycles Centrifugal Chillers Piping Air Systems Constant Volume VAV Energy Recovery DOAS Air System Control Theory Chiller Plants Piping Design Pumps System Design Variable Flow Energy Recovery Thermal Storage Mech Room Safety Decentralized WSHPs Geothermal Unit Ventilators VRV Theory Product Training Chillers Applied Air Handlers Applied Terminal Sys DACA Solutions Energy Modeling Office Bldgs Schools Health Care Data Centers High Performance Bldgs LEED

17 Text books written by training staff ○ Three 200-300 page comprehensive training manuals ○ All printed and being used in the class First Class successfully underway Second class announced for July 19 th start ○ Currently recruiting engineering graduates at University of Minnesota and University of St. Thomas ○ Anticipate 15 -20 participants Results to Date

18 Smaller then expected attendance in February (first) class due to: ○ Lack of engineers graduating in December ○ Slow economy limiting positions available within McQuay and partnering rep firms Second class added to coincide with “graduation” cycle Opportunities and Challenges

19 Contact Information Heidi Bubar Training Administrator 763-553-5324

20 Sustainability Information Request Sustainability Plan for DOL What components of your project will be sustained? For example: Curriculum Training Partnerships Etc. How will they be sustained? Send summary by end of month

21 Grantee Presentation BlueGreen Alliance Foundation – Jerome Balsimo Contact Information: 612-466-4515

22 Anoka Green!

23 Business Partners Initial Project E.J. Ajax & Sons, Inc. Pentair Technical Products Dayton Rogers Juno, Inc. Project Expansion Olympic Steel Bermo Inc. Firestone Micron Metal Works Creative Metal Works Du Fresne Manufacturing

24 Project Components Goals Increase workers’ skills to the level needed to find employment Provide workers the skills Anoka’s greening manufacturing base demands

25 Project Components Training 84 hours of precision sheet metal training conducted by Anoka Technical College instructors 48 hours of GreenPOWER training conducted by BGAF green manufacturing specialist instructors 10 hours of OSHA training conducted by authorized OSHA instructors 11 hours of job search and resume writing training Above training enables graduates to obtain certification for: SME Green Manufacturing Specialist OSHA 10

26 Project Components Outcomes Train 48 Minnesotans with 85% training retention rate (4 classes, 12/class) Project expansion added 27 participants with 100% training retention rate (15 unemployed veterans, 12 incumbents) All participant graduates will receive certificates or credentials from SME and/or OSHA 90% of participants will retain jobs after six months of employment

27 Project Results To Date Completed 2 classes with 23/24 graduating Class 3 started March 23 rd with 12 enrolled 29 participants unemployed, 6 incumbents 19 participants placed in training related positions Class 4 starts May 11 th Class 5 starts September 2012

28 Questions?

29 Other Updates RAD Update o Make sure that all participants are updated in RAD o Enrollments o Training Activities o Credentials o Placements o Supportive Services/Other Activities o Remember to do your 1 st Qtr/2 nd Qtr Follow-ups!

30 Other Grantee Updates Let us know what is happening with your MSESP project

31 Next Grantee Webinar Tuesday, May 1 10:00 AM Presenters: Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College IUOE Local 49 Training Center

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