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EXCURSION TO THE HARMONY Sustainability Research And Education Via Interdisciplinariness And Harmony Prof. Marija S. Todorović, Ph.D.Sci. lic. mech. eng.

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1 EXCURSION TO THE HARMONY Sustainability Research And Education Via Interdisciplinariness And Harmony Prof. Marija S. Todorović, Ph.D.Sci. lic. mech. eng. SouthEast University, Nanjing, China American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Airconditioning Engineers, RAL Vice-Chair Editorial Board Member of Int. J. Energy and Building Building Performance Simulation & Global Warming University of Belgrade Member of Serbian Academy of Engineering Sciences Director VEA – INVI. Ltd. Virtual Engineering & Art – Investment Vision Belgrade, Serbia Belgrade 37th CIMUSET Conference - Serbia 2009

2 Global warming IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel Climate Change

3 By the Weather Turbulence Caused Catastrophes Canicula EU project - 2003 more than 35000 people died in the heat wave in Europe

4 Eastern USA if the Arctic and the Antarctic ice caps melt

5 Distribution of Nonrenewable Energy and Raw Materials Resources around the world, is characterized by the nonuniformity, Resources availability by the nonequableness and nonequableness and Their exploitation by the irreversibility of waste processing and noncontroled squandering of nonrenewable energy's and raw material's resources, without which the human civilization survival is impossible.

6 Some " water conflicts " are active or latent for hundreds and thousands of years Freshwater in the world's lakes and rivers makes up about 1 part in 10,000 of all the water on Earth. A vulnerable global heritage on the Earth in the past, today became under siege and progressive degradation 70 trouble spots in the world linked with water, from the Middle East to the Sahel, from arid zones of Latin America to the Indian sub-continent. Serious water shortage is predicted in 10-30 years Life Support Resources Climate, Oxygen and Water are at Risk

7 Certain answers might be found straight within the lines of energy sources map presented at the ASHRAE conference in 1994 by Ralph Lewis, a retired vice president of the Golf-Oil company clear marking oil and gas fields, water resources and precious metals, ores and minerals. These lines stretch from Bosnia over the Balkans to the southern borders of former USSR and end in the Near and Far East. It is difficult to believe that warfare in the regions within energy sources lines are a mere coincidence. What are real Cause for the Aggressions and Wars World - wide?

8 The Earth and Humankind at a Critical Point Searching Sustainability Needed: Energy efficiency, clean energy and environmental technologies to minimize pollutants and recycle wastes, at the site of waste production and even better within process internally, Contrary to the: current rapid growth of resources exhaustion as a consequence of immoderate and non - harmoneus technical & technological development*as well as a result of wars and other destructive terroristic activities conducted around the world. * some technologies are developed for the sole purpose of corporate profit * some technologies are developed for the sole purpose of corporate profit without any regard to their environmental impacts and the effects they may without any regard to their environmental impacts and the effects they may have on human health, have on human health,

9 As the ethical principle has been found in number of ancient writing - based on the religious believes express the responsibility and duties toward the nature and Earth. The Old Testimony in which the story of creation is told is a fundamental basis for Christian and Hebrew doctrine of the environment. In the world of Islam, nature is the basis for human consciousness. The most widely accepted "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs"- was formulated by the World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987 in its report Our Common Future. Sustainability Definitions

10 The most important to delay fossil energy resources exhaustion and to reduce pollution controlling climate change are: Low-carbon energy technologies combined with improvements in end-use efficiencies/Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources Solar energy (thermal, PV and photo-thermal conversion) Solar energy (thermal, PV and photo-thermal conversion) Bio-fuels and Biomass energy Bio-fuels and Biomass energy Geothermal and Wind energy Geothermal and Wind energy Wave and OTEC energy Wave and OTEC energy Fuel cells and Hydrogen, produced using RES Fuel cells and Hydrogen, produced using RES To Turn Irreversibility to Sustainability Energy Efficiency and RES Technologies






16 The environmental damage caused by the use of energy coupled with advances in technology has led to a change in the view of the building as an energy system. Technologies such as PV facades, fuel cells, ducted wind turbines and cogeneration allow a building to produce clean energy for own needs – heating/cooling/electricity. Raised best performance related issues, matching demand and supplied heat and power, optimization (design & control) of the interaction of the EG (DEG) with HVAC/technical systems in transient conditions. The answer to most of these questions requires some form of integrated building design and systems simulation. The Built Environment Major Consumer of Heat And Electricity

17 BUILDINGS TECHNICAL ENERGY SYSTEM OUTPUT AT THE END OF THE EXPLOATATION AND CLOSE DOWN OF THE SYSTEM MACHINERY, CONSTRUCTION, IMPROVEMENT & RECONSTRUCTION EXPLOATATION OUTPUT EXPLOATATION INPUT INCLUDING SERVICE ISO scheme of the elementary model analysis of the building energy system RES and En-Efficiency are inextricable linked Buildings consume materials, energy and produce wastes

18 Employing a high percentage of renewable energy supplies shall adopt innovative and improved technical and socio-economic approaches to CHP-RES based “ green electricity ”, clean heating, cooling or both and integrated energy distribution networks, including combinations with conventional large scale energy distribution. Sustainable Urban and Rural Communities

19 Building Envelope & Structure with the Building Envelope & Structure with the Environment and Indoor Environment Environment and Indoor Environment Quality - IEQ Quality - IEQ Building and Service Technical Systems Building and Service Technical Systems Building purpose – users/HVAC and IAQ Building purpose – users/HVAC and IAQ Building Water Supply/ Sewage/Waste Building Water Supply/ Sewage/Waste Systems and Outside Environment Systems and Outside Environment Building’s Energy Supply/Production Building’s Energy Supply/Production Renewable Energy and Material Sources Renewable Energy and Material Sources Harmonization in all Aspects

20 Modeling And Simulation Building Performance Simulation – modeling tools assist in the design and assessment of building performance, particularly in: - low energy building (passive solar) design - modeling/design of active solar systems - modeling natural ventilation systems - daylighting and effects of saving measures/technologies - modeling of modern, building integrated heat and power sources such as PV, PV/T, photovoltaics, geothermal and fuel cells.

21 BPS Multimodel & Cosimulation Approach for Sustainable IBD & SIBR (Energy Efficiency Optimisation) Whole Building Simulators Completely Modular Completely Modular Systems and Systems and Real-Time Controls Real-Time Controls GenOpt - generic GenOpt - generic multi-parameter multi-parameter Optimization program Optimization program Cosimulation of two Cosimulation of two or more BPS programs or more BPS programs Cosimulation BPS & CFD Cosimulation BPS & CFD TMYTypicalMeteorological Year for IBD & IBR

22 BPS - Buildings Performance Prediction & Energy Efficiency Optimization Describe Buil. dynamics Physically - construction, energy conversion & transport processes Mathematically - loads, daylighting & lighting, HVAC and energy supply & production Co-simulation development method & programs –Whole building & RES component-based modular programs & CFD Input data, Interpretation and Results use

23 Success Stories in BPS and Energy Efficiency Optimization Heating Energy 60% & Cooling Energy 75% Reduction

24 Façade’s Energy Efficiency Optimization USCE Tower Building in New Belgrade

25 RES Integrated Building Design From the very early moment at the architectural conceptual design level deep communication needed between Urban Master Planners and Architects, HVAC and other engineering fields experts - Mechanical and Electrical, Electronics Technologists, Informatics, Professionals for lighting, Water supply and environment protection, Technical systems in industrial buildings and other relevant planners Investors and users Result – Sustainable Museum My Dream




29 Hyatt Regency And Intercontinetal Hotel Belgrade 1983




33 Bahrain Arabian Golf Countries Cooperation Council Potential of Alternatives

34 34 Cultural Heritage Conservation and Sustainability

35 35

36 36

37 Cultural and Natural Heritage, Heritage Conservation and Sustainability Heritage conservation is contributing strongly to the goals of sustainable development. Heritage conservation is enabling society to recognize today, and to pass on to future generations, cultural values expressed through heritage items. Sustainable development is associated with the protection of natural environment,...sustainable buildings. The principles of sustainability have, in practice, always been central to heritage conservation and management. Managing heritage assets to ensure they can be enjoyed by all, including future generations means - putting sustainability into practice.

38 Decision making for Sustainable Development Requires decision making that recognizes the connection between human actions and their effects on the environment, economy and society. Sustainability refers to the three pillars of politics/power, participation and partnerships. To achieve equity and quality of life, sustainable development requires participation and reflection in decision-making processes by the individuals and organizations that are most affected. Participation has the potential to build individual’s capacity for the re-distribution of inequitable power structures.

39 Integrality - Inextricable Linkage For Buildings Sustainability – My Dream Building’s Indoor and Outdoor Environment Building’s Env/structure, HVAC/B S Systems En-Efficiency, RES, REM - Whole Building Performance All level of Education, Engineering Experience (Designing, Construction, L C Commissioning/Adaptability and Operation) Cost effectiveness/harmonization of - Dynamics of final energy user’s loads - Dynamics of technically available RES fluxes Most current knowledge and technologies and Creativity Mental awareness/Ethics of Sustainability

40 Current definition problems People tend to define sustainability in the ways that suit their particular application. Not properly recognised that within complex hierarchical systems sustainability in a certain level may be in conflict with sustainability of systems in higher hierarchical levels. Sustainability has become more of a political issue than the scientifically supported concept. In the scientific analysis it is either redundant, or ambiguous and some authors are inclined to talk about the paradox of sustainability.

41 The world today Is primarily distinguished by the loss of integrality in all thought, functional and social actions. The repudiation of integrality is reflected in the most diverse ways, primarily in turning the means into the purpose. The question of purpose which for Man, is the basic condition of survival, has been substituted by the perfection of the means. The world as a whole has been reduced to a means and the question of purpose has been abandoned as unnecessary. Aleksandar Petrovic, 1998

42 The consequences Man can`t establish a relationship with the world in finding points of convergence with it. The thousands of plants have been reduced to three cultivated crops and spiritual nourishment to one global language followed by dying out of thousands of languages and their millennial heritage. The proliferation of information and the perfection of communication most clearly testify that the whole is lost because only a world divided to its very core can have such a great need for communication. Unless we find the whole concealed behind the veils of reduced information, we shall lose the world and annihilate ourselves.

43 Create New Culture of Ethics of Sustainability Excursion to the Harmony Studying harmony, surveying tradition in a new way, to acquire an awareness through the science of harmony, that opens other horizons in the broadening of knowledge. The study of harmony today does not have the significance of a separate discipline, but to establish an accord of experience in the spiritual space of the present, past and future times, an accord of different sciences, seemingly separate phenomena and apparently unconnected events.

44 Sustainability education philosophy Sustainable development has to be founded, its merits, constrains and limits recognized, criteria and indicators defined and exercised. Importance of interdisciplinary knowledge on the interdependent issues of the environment and sustainability, hence related indicators, criteria and merits. Sustainable development, health security, environment and social sustainability and RES development and implementation are inextricably linked. It is impossible to reach sustainability without balance between materiality and spirituality, as well as between technology development and cultural and other human values improvement.

45 Development of a community, village, of a town, region, country, land, and generally the worldwide development, shall be nonpathological, when everything within it is devoted to the benefit of people and to the praise of humanness. Nonpathological development is development which respects all Man's and Women's needs as personalities - material and spiritual, emotional; a freedom of their own will, their right to live, to work, to dress, to have home; their needs for goodness, love, cordiality, their sense and striving for beauty, mercy, aspiration to creativity. There is no hierarchy of priorities among these series of needs and cruciality of these needs is equal, and without either one of numbered above, we can not find the harmony.

46 Renewable Energy Sources, ICTechnologies, Harmony and Ethics to Reach Sustainability Renewable Energy Sources, ICTechnologies, Harmony and Ethics to Reach Sustainability 12 th Education and Training Workshop, October 23-27 th 2009 in Belgrade 12 th Education and Training Workshop, October 23-27 th 2009 in Belgrade Organizations in Charge: IAAS – International Association of Agricultural Students, Belgrade, and DERES – Division for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade UNESCO Program Education for All by 2015

47 Topics Global sustainability resources and risks - Environmental technologies versus pathological development: energy resources/production/utilization - environmental consequences. Sustainable energy management. Sustainability definitions, indicators and criteria -generally and intrinsic to different sectors and fields: Renewable energy and materials resources and RES technologies (solar thermal, PV, geothermal, wind, micro-hydro etc). Excursion to the Harmony – Cultural Heritage and Art as the Sustainability Resources. Spirituality and Materiality in new Era; A Philosophy of Sustainability; I C Technologies – Ethical Knowledge Management and Ethics of Sustainability; Agriculture and Forestry - Integral rural and urban sustainability; Biomass and Waste for Energy and Industry incl. Chemicals; Biofuels; Industrial sustainability - refrigeration and food chain sustainability. Energy economics and sociology - centralized/distributed energy; Energy Efficient & Sustainable Buildings/HVAC/energy supply systems, IEQ/IAQ ; Health sustainability - functional food, risks of genetically modified crops and anabolic use in meat production.


49 Students in Belgrade at the LTT and on Sava and Danube River Delta


51 Music Festival Exit Event Site




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