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ASSET-for-ALL® Alumni meeting 18 Dec 2011, Hyderabad, AP - India అన్న దానం మహా దానం - విద్యా దానం మహత్తరం అన్నేన క్షనికా తృప్తి - యావజీవంతు విద్యయా Feeding.

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Presentation on theme: "ASSET-for-ALL® Alumni meeting 18 Dec 2011, Hyderabad, AP - India అన్న దానం మహా దానం - విద్యా దానం మహత్తరం అన్నేన క్షనికా తృప్తి - యావజీవంతు విద్యయా Feeding."— Presentation transcript:

1 ASSET-for-ALL® Alumni meeting 18 Dec 2011, Hyderabad, AP - India అన్న దానం మహా దానం - విద్యా దానం మహత్తరం అన్నేన క్షనికా తృప్తి - యావజీవంతు విద్యయా Feeding a person with food is the greatest donation that a man can do. Feeding the same person by transferring the knowledge is far more better thing because knowledge lasts for lifetime Raja Sekhar Dontapati ® Regd. No.362/2010 - Andhra Pradesh, India - Societies Registration Act 35/2001

2 Our Team… ASSET-for-ALL Executive Committee PRESIDENTD. Raja Sekhar VICE PRESIDENTT. Chaithanya GENERAL SECRETARYG. Sridevi JOINT SECRETARYK. Naga Raju TREASURERS. Naveen Kumar EXECUTIVE MEMBERV. Shiva Kumar EXECUTIVE MEMBERP. Lavanya Non-Executive Committee PATRONChakradhar Sreeramoju ADVISORY PANEL We are working with eminent individuals across different industries and social segments with similar vision & interest

3 Mission  An association formed by the alumni of Sri Saraswathi Shishu Mandir, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA, is to enable poor and talented students to pursue education. The Society provides financial support to the students, who are below poverty line. ASSET-for-ALL Vision  The Vision is to venture in to the needs of students in all the aspects of their education to all levels. The vision also includes expanding the charity to national level with the support of national / international funding agencies (Government and private) and corporate agencies.

4 AIMS & OBJECTIVES  It shall wholly devote in academic activities to the promotion, practice and advancement in the education.  The society shall initiate necessary steps to introduce to improve the percentage of literacy.  It shall deal with all academic matters, formulate procedures and make suitable recommendations to the sponsoring agencies.  The society shall collect outstanding works of academic interest, prepare teaching aids and make them available to the students at nominal fees. The same may also be made available to non-member at a premium considered fit by the governing Council of the Society. ASSET-for-ALL

5 ASSET in news… ASSET-for-ALL

6 Our News Letter…  To disseminate and publish journals, reports, monographs pamphlets, books, research papers, manuals, compendia, etc., in furtherance of the objectives of the Society.  It shall also keep itself appraised of the academic activities of other international Bodies / Societies, and keep the member posted about recent advances through its news letter named “AKSHARA SAHAYA”.  To sponsor, conduct / organize teaching and training programs, and other activities on subjects of relevance, to the Society either alone or in partnership with other organizations.  It shall organize meetings, awareness camps, workshops in different parts of the country. ASSET-for-ALL

7 Beneficiary selection  The society shall confer Scholarship to the selected students based on the recommendation of the Executive Committee. This includes tuition fee at the first stage and in the later stage, depending upon the financial committee report on the budget available for the current year, books and stationery expenses may be taken in to consideration for reimbursement.  The Society shall institute Awards and Medals for students in an effort to augment the training programs. It shall also invite innovative and research studies from members of the Society for suitable award and certificates ASSET-for-ALL

8 Fund Raising & Fund Management  The society shall, in collaboration with sponsoring agencies (Govt. /Non Govt. / International Bodies), explore the possibility of extending the services to national level.  To engage in any other lawful activities as the Society may deem fit or incidental for the furtherance and attainment of its objectives.  To maintain close contacts with other institutions having similar or allied objectives by way of payment of subscription, enrolment as a member thereof, fiscal or other sort of assistance, collaboration, cooperation and in any other manner as the society may deem necessary.  To initiate, establish and participate in collaborative activities with other organizations within and outside the country.  To suggest policy formulations, rules and regulations, laws etc. that may be necessary to further the use of electronic transactions in all sectors of the economy. ASSET-for-ALL

9 Funds for the society  The funds for the Society shall be derived from the following sources  Subscription from the members, Fellow (annual/life)  Donation from members, Industrial firms or Charitable Institutions  Any other form of donation meant for the academic up-liftment of the Society.  The ASSET will pay the required amount to meet the initial expenditure of the society.  The treasurer and one more member of the Governing Council from the same town/station will look after account of the society jointly in consolation with the President. In Case none of the member of the Governing Council is from the same station as the treasurer, the President shall nominate a member or fellow of the society for this purpose. ASSET-for-ALL

10 Fund management  The Board shall annually approve a budget, research and other programs of the Society. The Treasurer shall prepare and submit to the Board proposals for these purposes.  The Board shall sanction expenditures and investments of the funds of the Society and shall have the powers to delegate sanction of the expenditure and investment of funds.  The Board shall have the powers to make, alter or rescind rules of procedure as it may find necessary for the management of the affairs of the Society. ASSET-for-ALL

11 Development of procedures & Book Keeping  The Society shall continue to maintain such books of account and other books in relation of its accounts in such form and in such manner as may, in consultation with the auditors of the Society, be prescribed.  The financial year of the Society shall be from the 1st of April of each year to the 31st of March of the next year.  The Society shall, as soon as may be, after closing the annual accounts, prepare a statement of accounts in such form as the Board may, in consultation with the auditors of the Society, determine.  The accounts of the Society shall be audited by such qualifies auditors as the Board may appoint.  A copy of each of the annual accounts of the Society, together with the auditor’s report there to and the report of the proceedings of all work undertaken during the year shall be furnished to the Board. ASSET-for-ALL

12 Thank you ASSET-for-ALL

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