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Destruction of the rainforest By Cameron Pringle.

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1 Destruction of the rainforest By Cameron Pringle

2 Rainforests Tropical rainforests grow in regions near the equator in South America, Africa Asia and Australasia.

3 Rainforests Rainforests provide us with oxygen, medicine, food and fuel. Rainforests are sometimes called the lungs of the planet as they take in huge amounts of carbon dioxide and in return give out oxygen and chemical potential energy through photosynthesis.

4 Rainforests This influences the climate of the whole earth by giving us air to breathe. The rainforests are very bio diverse due to the fact they are wet, warm and have bright sunlight during the day.

5 Rainforests Since 1945 over 50% of the worlds rainforests have been destroyed. Thousands of species of animals and plants are now extinct. An area of forest the size of a football pitch is destroyed every second. The main threats are logging, to use the land as farms or ranches or to mine for metals and oil.

6 Effects on humans The destruction of the rainforest or deforestation has many terrible effects on human life such as animals not having a place to live and then going on to farmers land and eating their crops or even other animals, this in turn effects not only the farmer but the community that he/she feeds.

7 Effects on animals The effects on animals can be devastating they can lose their homes, their source of food and eventually their life. This can be saved if more trees are planted than are being cut down. It is a huge ask but if this happened we may be able to save the planet.

8 Conclusion So in theory we may be able to save the planet but we have to do it fast otherwise thousands of people and animals could die.

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