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The Amazon The Amazon rainforest is the biggest rainforest in the world. © ZIG KOCH / WWF-UK.

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2 The Amazon The Amazon rainforest is the biggest rainforest in the world. © ZIG KOCH / WWF-UK

3 The Amazon It spans eight countries (and one overseas territory) in South America including Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. © GREG ARMFIELD / WWF UK

4 The Amazon One in ten of the known species on Earth can be found in the Amazon. © ZIG KOCH / WWF-UK

5 The Amazon This includes more than 3,000 different species of freshwater fish…

6 The Amazon Over 700 species of reptiles…

7 The Amazon And over 40,000 species of plant. © GREG ARMFIELD / WWF UK

8 The Amazon Some of the species which are found in the Amazon can’t be found anywhere else in the world. For example the pink river dolphin… © NATUREPL.COM/LUIZ CLAUDIO MARIGO / WWF

9 The Amazon The pirarucu…

10 The Amazon And the black spider monkey.

11 The Amazon The Amazon is a unique and important ecosystem but it faces serious threats. © ROGER LEGUEN / WWF-CANON

12 The Amazon An area of rainforest the size of three football pitches is cleared every 60 seconds.

13 The Amazon About 20 percent of the rainforest has already been lost to deforestation. © GREG ARMFIELD / WWF-UK

14 The Amazon Forest is cleared in order to make space for cattle ranches…

15 The Amazon To mine for gold and oil...

16 The Amazon To cut down timber for paper and furniture…

17 The Amazon And to develop roads and dams which are used to create electricity. © GREG ARMFIELD / WWF UK

18 The Amazon As one of the largest forests in the world, the Amazon is crucial to maintaining the health of the planet. © ZIG KOCH / WWF-UK

19 The Amazon The trees in the Amazon absorb and store huge amounts of carbon dioxide, which, if released can accelerate climate change. © GREG ARMFIELD / WWF UK

20 The Amazon The huge numbers of different species which rely on the forest are also put in danger by its destruction. Many have already become extinct. © ZIG KOCH / WWF-UK

21 What’s the number? Look at the following numbers and decide which statistic they are linked to on your worksheet…

22 What’s the number? 3 million 6.7 million 40,000 10 80 3 1.38 million
1 billion

23 What’s the number? 80 per cent of deforestation/forest loss is caused by cattle ranching? 1.38 square kilometres of Amazon rainforest have been cut down since 1970. An area of Amazon rainforest the size of 3 football pitches is cut down every minute. Sky and WWF are trying to protect 1 billion through the Sky Rainforest Rescue campaign.

24 What’s the number? One in 10 of the world’s species can be found in the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon rainforest covers 6.7 million square kilometres. 40,000 plant species have been discovered in the rainforest. 3 million indigenous people living in the Amazon rainforest.

25 Rescuing the rainforest
One of the most serious problems facing the Amazon rainforest is the destruction of its trees. This is called deforestation and it can add to climate change. It also destroys the homes of many animals so can lead to them becoming extinct.

26 Rescuing the rainforest
We are going to tell each other about some of the problems which people in the Amazon face and match them to the solutions which Sky and WWF are trying to find to these problems. © SIMON RAWLES / WWF-UK

27 Rescuing the rainforest
The trees and plants of the Amazon hold many nutrients. Farmers cut and burn forest to grow crops. But without the trees, the soil in the Amazon quickly becomes poor. The farmers burn more forest so that they have fresh, fertile land to farm.

28 Rescuing the rainforest
Sky and WWF are helping farmers to plan how they use their lands so they can improve the soil, grow more food and make more money without clearing forests for new land.

29 Thumbometer We are going to look at some statements about the Amazon rainforest and I want you all to use your thumbs to show whether you agree or disagree… © GREG ARMFIELD / WWF-UK

30 Thumbometer Thumbs up if you agree Thumbs down if you disagree
In the middle if you aren’t sure

31 Thumbometer The Amazon is an amazing place. © ZIG KOCH / WWF

32 Thumbometer There are so many different species in the Amazon that it doesn’t matter if one or two become extinct.

33 Thumbometer It is important to give people alternatives to clearing more rainforest. © PER ANDERS PETTERSSON

34 Thumbometer The only people who can make a difference to how the Amazon rainforest is used are the people that live there. © SIMON RAWLES / WWF-UK

35 Thumbometer The people that live in the Amazon do not own the land so the government should be able to take it off them whenever they want. © R.ISOTTI, A.CAMBONE - HOMO AMBIENS - WWF-CANON

36 Thumbometer It is more important to grow cheap food for people and farm animals than it is to preserve the trees in the Amazon rainforest. © SIMON RAWLES / WWF-UK

37 Thumbometer It is important that we protect the homes of indigenous tribes who have lived in the Amazon for thousands of years. © ZIG KOCH / WWF

38 Thumbometer Preventing climate change in the future by keeping trees standing is more important than making money by cutting them down now. © GREG ARMFIELD / WWF-UK

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