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Dr Iain Cameron Head of Research Careers Tel: 01793 444038 Fax: 01793 444562

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1 Dr Iain Cameron Head of Research Careers Tel: 01793 444038 Fax: 01793 444562

2 Research Careers and the UK 44,000 researchers in HEIs One quarter non-UK 80% on fixed term contracts

3 Open recruitment and portability of grants Concordat Principle 1, employment law, ESF Money follows researcher Social security, pensions and mobility Ongoing discussion Attractive working conditionsConcordat principle 2 10 year investment framework SET for Success (Roberts Report) Employment law Enhancing the training skills and experience of researchers Concordat Principle 3 and 4 SET for Success (Roberts Report) Research Careers Strategy Issues from the EPRUK perspectives Summary of UK response to EPR

4 Science and the Downturn “Some say that now is not the time to invest, but the bottom line is that the downturn is no time to slow down our investment in science but to build more vigorously for the future. And so we will not allow science to become a victim of the recession - but rather focus on developing it as a key element of our path to recovery.” Gordon Brown (UK Prime Minister)

5 The Roberts Agenda: People supply, skills and quality 1997-2002 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009-???? HE Debate Career Path Studies

6 The Research Councils’ Strategy has three main aims: >Attract the most creative minds into research. >Encourage researchers to get the training they need. >Help research organisations manage their staff and develop their careers.

7 The Research Councils also aim to: >Encourage people from all groups of society to take up research careers. >Enhance the international reputation of UK research training.

8 QAA: Code of Practice - 2004 Code of practice for the assurance of academic quality and standards in higher education Section 1: Postgraduate research programmes - September 2004 Code incorporates Research Councils Joint Skills Statement

9 RCUK Joint Skills Statement Seven 7 categories – 35 topics: –Research skills and techniques(6 topics) –Research Environment (7 topics) –Research Management (3 topics) –Personal effectiveness (7 topics) –Communication skills (5 topics) –Networking and teamworking (3 topics) –Career management (4 topics) Published in QAA Code of Practice: Postgraduate Research Programmes


11 Contents A.Recruitment and Selection B.Recognition and Value C.Support and Career Development D.Researchers Responsibilities E.Diversity and Equality F.Implementation and Review

12 Vitae the programme dedicated to realising the potential of researchers, funded by the Research Councils, will play a major role in innovating, sharing practice and enhancing the capability of the sector. F.Implementation and Review

13 Vision and aims For the UK to be world-class in supporting the professional development of researchers and researcher careers Championing the development and implementation of effective policy Enhancing higher education provision through sharing practice and resource Providing access to development opportunities and resources Building an evidence base to support the researcher development agenda

14 Roberts Money £22M Framework The Concordat Roberts Recommendations QAA Code of Practice Capacity building Practice sharing Policy Forums Regional hubs Reports and feedback A virtuous circle for researcher training

15 Future directions and issues Pensions Skills and Employability

16 The pensions discussion National dialogue established USS*: Arrangements may encourage inflow and discourage outflow Research: Pension issues don’t reduce mobility but mobility can affect pensions USS - 85% take-up (lower for researchers) UK mobility high to US lower to EU Pensions Information a key issue *USS = University Superannuation Scheme (pensions scheme)

17 Employability and skills of researchers Key issue in RCUK strategy (funding and policy) Progress involves true partnership between Government, Funders, HE sector organisations and Research Organisations UK strong in providing research, transferable (employability) and career development skills Increasing focus on enterprise, outreach and policy skills UK ready to share its experience and learn from other countries

18 Thank you for your attention!

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