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Dr Iain Cameron Head of Research Careers Tel: 01793 444038 Fax: 01793 444562

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2 Dr Iain Cameron Head of Research Careers Tel: 01793 444038 Fax: 01793 444562

3 The Concordat consists of: A set of principles for the future support and management of research careers and, under each principle, an explanation of how it may best be embedded into institutional practice; A clear statement of the signatories’ collective expectations for the support and management of researchers. A section emphasising the responsibility of researchers to take control of their career and to further it through informed decisions.

4 Contents A.Recruitment and Selection B.Recognition and Value C.Support and Career Development D.Researchers Responsibilities E.Diversity and Equality F.Implementation and Review

5 Implementation progress

6 Implementation Raise awareness/maintain visibility: co-ordinator Promote and support HEI implementation oBuild on existing institutional events – staff conferences etc. oEnsure coverage of key research –led institutions Redeveloped CROS to support the Concordat Ensure links to the EU Charter and Code implementation Continue practice sharing: DoP, forums, workshops Incorporate CST: Pathways to the future agenda

7 Governance Strategy Group Terms of Reference (amongst other things): ooversee benchmarking study oensure implementation aligns UK with EU C&C oreport to UK Research Base Funders’ Forum Executive group

8 Benchmarking Six Projects Understanding the research staff cohort Exploring the experiences of research staff through CROS (Mar-May 2009) HEI approaches to embedding career development for researchers in HEI strategies Reviewing the use of fixed term contracts Views and perceptions of principal investigators Funders response to the Concordat

9 RCUK response Collective and individual External funding and institutes Linking career development to the grants process? Expectations/messages for PIs Central role of Vitae

10 Messages from CROS 2009 The overall picture from CROS is positive oRecruitment processes are generally transparent; omost researchers feel valued; oinstitutions appear to recognise the importance of supporting career development Nevertheless there are variations and there are concerns. oInstitutions should identify areas of good practice and share these with the rest of the sector through the CROS and Vitae networks. Exchange of ideas will help researchers themselves and enhance their contribution to the UK’s research agenda.

11 Thank you for your attention!

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