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AASHTO RAC/TRB Meeting Burlington, Vermont July 25, 2012.

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1 AASHTO RAC/TRB Meeting Burlington, Vermont July 25, 2012

2  New $50M facility in 2001 Modeled after Georgia’s facility  State of Art for Winter Olympics Advanced ITS technology Fiber optic communication Incident management services On site meteorologist 911 dispatch

3  Components and Software Centralized signal software Video wall (rear projection)  Procedures Security Dispatch Media  New Director Expectations

4  Update software  Install new components  Buy state of the art devices  Introduce new procedures  Use more efficient practices  Add additional services

5  What exactly do we buy, install, update, add or change?

6  Research Workshop – May 2011 100 attendees: DOT, Universities and Consultants 5 Subject Areas  High Competition 45 submitted Problem Statements  Numerous Traffic Related Statements 3 of 15 selected for funding

7  Survey the states and visit select TMCs Visit new TMCs Meet recently updated TMCs Discuss software: custom vs off-the-shelf Discover new services Learn from others’ achievements (or mistakes)

8  International scan procedures Report Facilitator/Travel Advisor Amplifying Questions  Low cost contract $16,000 plus travel  Shared expenses 25/75 split between Research and TMC Travelers pay own way

9  4 day scan in June Minnesota Pittsburgh Columbus Northern VA (Fairfax Co)  3 day scan in July Sacramento (Caltrans plus County) Oakland Kansas City (KS and MO DOT)

10 Delcan Hard Shoulder Running Incident Certifications Advertising 511 vs Apps HOT Lanes Fiber vs 4G I2 Replacement TELVENT Ramp Metering Operator Retention Reversible Lanes PEMs Weather Triggers UPS ITS Lifecycle CENTRACS ScanWeb RISC Access vs Security OpenTMS MIST Video Wall Equipment Signal Coordination Variable Speed Limits TranSuite Contract Employment Fog Control Media Outlets Data Storage GIS Mapping Inter-Agency Coordination Dispatch Services Toll Collection Service …

11  Look for Symptoms  Use a Standard Process  High Benefit-Low Cost solutions

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