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Interviews for medicine Dr Fiona Cameron Consultant anaesthetist Ninewells Hospital.

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1 Interviews for medicine Dr Fiona Cameron Consultant anaesthetist Ninewells Hospital

2 Interviews Why interview Who is interviewed Different medical schools Potential probity/ conflict of interest

3 Why interview Achieved minimum academic requirements Assessment of personal attributes Confirm evidence of personal statement Rank applicants Weed out the ‘nutters’

4 What qualities are assessed Evidence of commitment o Probing questions about personal statement o Learning from volunteering etc o Knowledge of medical curriculum/ career o Why medicine/ why this university o Understanding of learning styles

5 What qualities are assessed Knowledge of specific course o Websites/ open days (cross checked by registration) Knowledge of life in chosen career path o As a junior doctor – foundation programs/ professional examinations o Differences between primary/ secondary care Evidence that you have considered why you have the attributes to excel Evidence that you can solve difficult problems Evidence of taking responsibility for your actions and that of others

6 qualities Understanding confidentiality and probity Evidence of team working and team leading

7 Methods of assessment Different for each university Information on the websites o Aberdeen 5 stations o Dundee 7 stations o St Andrews- traditional panel o Glasgow- panel Change or updated annually- i.e will NOT be the same questions as last years applicants and will not be the same each of the weeks No point at all in finding out what your friends got asked as it might actually be detrimental

8 Example questions Websites/ books Obvious questions- why do you want to study in this university What should we offer you a place here What challenges have you encountered to reach this stage Tell me about a difficult situation that you have had to resolve Some universities use role play to assess how you would deal with situations

9 presentation at interview Arrive on time Dress appropriately (medical students have a dress code) Try to look like a medical student/ junior doctor girls o No short skirts/ silly high heels-/ open toes- they don’t impress o Make up discreet o Hair tied back and neat o Nails short and clean o Keep jewelry to a minimum Boys o Clean o Short hair o Suit or jacket and tie

10 Presentation at interview Be confident SMILE Don’t be arrogant Maintain eye contact, no giggling, looking at the floor Speak slowly Don’t use slang Avoid using the phrases you all use- eg ‘like’ between each word PRACTICE SPEAKING IN FRONT OF A MIRROR

11 Presentation at interview Say good morning Shake hands and introduce your self If they make a joke- laugh Don’t be flippant – even if they seem to be If your are not sure what an answer is take a few seconds to think before saying something Often there is no correct answer its how you approach the answer and they are assessing your thought processes based on what you have learned

12 Who would I select and why Well prepared Enthusiastic Clear ideas of why medicine Clear ideas about the course Shows genuine interest Really wants it

13 Essential preparation Know your personal statement well Be able to talk about its contents and what you have learned from each achievement/ experience Know ALL about the course you have applied to Each course is different o Integrated vs traditional o Systems based o Spiral learning o Opportunities for intercalated BMScs o 5 or 6 years- value of St Andrews- future benefits for application for Specialty training o Remote and rural o Mention something very specific to that course

14 What not to say ‘i want to work in anaesthesia in Scotland- its very beautiful which is why I am looking forward to working in Wales’- serious cut and paste issues here I would tell a junior that anaestheisa is an interesting job but even when you are old you still need to get out your bed at night- true but not the right answer Don’t say you you want to be a doctor to earn lots of money (you don’t) Don’t say its because your mum/ dad is one - counts against you

15 MMI Academic ability and intellect Empathy Initiative and resilience Communication skills and problem solving Team work Insight and integrity Effective learning style from St Georges medical school

16 Useful websites www. medical - www. medical - www. medical - interview -questions- medical - school www. medical - interview -questions- medical - school www. medschools 5 www. medschools 5 You tube

17 Remember No guarantee of a place Highly competitive Keep cool and calm



20 Questions QQuestions

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