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TenizService LLP Company Overview (for Western Kazakhstan Investment Forum: expanding production and development) Aktau, 2012.

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1 TenizService LLP Company Overview (for Western Kazakhstan Investment Forum: expanding production and development) Aktau, 2012

2  TenizService LLP is subsidiary company of KazMunaiGas NC JSC, established in 2003 with the aim to develop coastal infrastructure as its indicated in the State Program of oilDevelopment of Kazakhstan Sector of Caspian Sea (Decree of RoK President # )  Main activities of the company are related to construction and exploitation of offshore operations support infrastructure Kashagan Kalamkas Bautino Aktau Kuryk  TenizService established number of infrastructure facilities in Bautino.  Results of TS activity were highly rated by the President of the State during his visit in TENIZSERVICE LLP

3 TENIZSERVICE’s ACTIVITIES Currently TenizService LLP (TS) is stable growing company with well established and proven reputation.  Construction of Offshore Operations Support Base,  Rock Loading Jetty,  Marine Fueling Station,  Fabrication Site,  Waste Management Facility for Industrial and Drilling Wastes,  Power Line,  Hotel in Bautino,  Establishment of “Kaz M-I”, a first high-technology joint venture, with MI SWACO, a leading drilling mud company, etc.  HSE Report hours no accidents in TenizService is an owner of 627 hectares of costal land line in Bautino for existing facility, and 725 hectares of coastal land line in Kuryk for future development. Since its establishment in 2003, TS, based by the recognized international quality and safety standards, has successfully implemented a number of onshore infrastructure development projects, including, such projects as:

4 NATIONAL WELFARE FUND SAMRUK-KAZYNA COMPANIES GROUP Gas transportation and marketing Refining, petrochemistry and marketing Oil and gas upstream Oil transportation Services projects TenizService LLP Above 500 affiliated companies Share of National Welfare Fund "Samruk Kazyna“ GDP is 56% out of total KZ GDP. The share of NC "KMG“ GDP is 11% out of total KZ GDP.

5 single source * PSA (State body) KPO TCO * Single source is an option of “bid free” procurement inside of KMG group companies in accordance to procurement rules of KMG. KMG group company (over 50% of KMG shares) KMG group company (over 25% of KMG shares) NO BID Authorities of PSA:  Approval of Shortlists;  Approval of ITT;  Approval of bid results. All Contracts above $20 mln. should be approved by PSA, otherwise costs are not subject to reimbursement. KEY FACTORS:  TenizService is a key company in Service Division of KMG;  TenizService’s activity is strongly supported by KMG, PSA and relevant State Authorities;  TenizService has already implemented a number of projects and nowadays successfully operates a different coastal infrastructure. TCONCPOC ADVANTAGES OF TS AS PART OF KMG

6 THE ROLE OF LOCAL CONTENT IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF SERVICE BUSINESS IN THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY The possibility of exposure by purchasing services and works from a single source The possibility of obtaining long-term contract in the KMG group of companies for a period of 3-5 years. Conditional price drop for Kazakhstan provider of 0.1% for every 1% of local content in group of KMG companies, max 20% Form of appropriation Conditional discount There is no possibility of obtaining a contract from a single source If company wins the tender, the implementation of the contract maximum 1 year The absence of any benefits when participating in tenders Contract Conditional discount Form of appropriation Contract Inclusion of projects in the State. FIID program, receiving government support and funding from fund DAMU on conditional discount Lack of incentives and government support, when attracting financing Obtaining contract under the auspices of the local content Obtaining contracts based on market conditions Path1: On the auspices of the local content Path2: Overall market conditions REGULATORY LEGAL BASIS (Rules of procurement of Samruk- Kazyna, KMG, Development Programme Local Content)

7 OffshoreCoastal infrastructure Onshore Subsea SUBSEA: Well heads Preventers Drilling Pipelines JACK-UP DRILLING RIG: Assembly Operation MARINE CONSTRUCTION: Dredging Artificial islands COASTAL INFRUSTRUCTURE: Ship repair/building Fabrication yard Waste management OCTG and drilling pipelines Base management REFINERY PLANTS: Design Construction Maintenance KAZ M-I Mud plant Drilling, completion & drill- In fluids Solids Control equipment Full range of waste management technologies Well productivity tools (downhole cleaning tools) Production chemicals DRILLING: Stimulation of production Well heading Preventers Drilling Well repair Bits OTHER: Training Consulting TenizSer vice BUSINESS AREAS INTERESTING FOR TENIZSERVICE  TS`s areas of interests for JV creation  Activities covered by Joint Venture

8 “KAZ M-I” JOINT VENTURE On 19 November 2008 TenizService established a Joint Venture with M-I Drilling Fluids International B.V. (MI SWACO) – «Kaz M-I» LLP. JV Purpose - Provision of pioneering technologies in:  Drilling, Completion & Drill-In fluids  Solids Control equipment  Full range of Waste Management technologies  Well Productivity tools (Downhole Cleaning tools)  Production chemicals Liquid Mud Plant In October 2009 MI SWACO began construction of the Liquid Mud Plant on the territory of TenizService Support Base. Productive capacity of drilling mud production tons/year. End of construction – 1 quarter of Project cost – $ 15 mln.

9 AUTOMATED TANK CLEANING Advantages of automated Tank Cleaning system:  Safety (ATEX)  Efficiency  Cost effective  Less time TS provides the following services:  Automated Tank cleaning using remote control equipment and tank sweeps  Use of specialized sludge guns with hot or cold tap capacity  Separation, transportation and utilization of sludge  Oil recovery of needed. Current situation:  TS is cleaning KazTransOil’s m3 reservoir in Aktau, the following step is signing long-term contract.  Negotiations are held with KPO, TCO, MMG, etc.  TS will create JV with partner.  TS participating in KPO tender

10 OFFSHORE WASTE MANAGEMENT EQUIPMENT TS is the one of few companies in Kazakhstan, which provides equipment for offshore waste management (offhore skips, drilling cutting boxes - DCB, offshore cargo baskets, minicontainers, iso tanks, etc). TenzService DCBSpecificationOther DCB 3.55Volume (m3) Max. Payload (kg) Tare (kg) Gross Weight (kg) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)1370 Volume of TS DCB - 13% more than Other DCB, Therefore 13% less lifting operations and logistics Current situation:  TS has contract with Zhambyl Petroleum  TS has mobilized equipment from Baku and UK to Bautino.  TS has intention to provide equipment for all offshore operators,.

11 PROVISION OF DRILL BITS, CENTRALIZERS Joint Venture Project Managing  Technology,  Training,  Know-how  Investment TERCEL Personnel and local content Workshop in Special Economic Zone Aktau Sea port for assembling of products:  Tax references – 0 %,  Custom references – 0%, TENIZSERICE Administration and cooperation with state bodies TenizServiceTercel Oil and gas companies Current situation:  TS provided 2 Roller Cone bits to AktauNefteService for testing in Zhetybau oilfield. Technical Results of testing are very successful.  TS and Tercel are making marketing research.  TS and Tercel are preparing documents to approve creation of JV in KMG.

12 WASTE MANAGEMENT SERVICES ReasonsTS advantages  no any complete waste recycling, treatment units in Mangystau region  increasing of offshore oil operations  current wrong WM in region  waste management law strengthening  TS existing Polygon - 40 hectares  Additional 40 ha reserved for Polygon extension  TS Base –Polygon road do not cross village, settlements  Experience in waste management  Direct knowledge of situation on waste management in Mangystau  TS has Designed Project for WM units One of the main perspective projects to be realized by TenizService is waste management services for all type of waste coming form oilfields. segregation transportation management incinerationrecyclingtreatment

13 FABRICATION YARD Joint Venture Project Managing Technology, training, know-how TECHNIP Personnel and local content Administration and cooperation with state bodies TENIZSERICE Developed Infrastructure in Bautino - 51% (Fabrication site) PARTNER At this moment TS is holding negotiations with potential partners - Technip, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Heerema, etc Oil and gas companies Fabrication Site  Fabrication Site is a reclaimed land plot on the Eastern coast of Tupkaragan Bay.  Total area: 20 hectares;  Quay wall length: 667 m;  Preliminary dates of yard construction are  Initially yard capacity will be 6000 tons/year, with a subsequent increase up to tons/year.

14 Main facilities:  Berth and mooring pond;  Buildings for OSR equipment storage;  Buildings and structures for Air-Cushion Ships Maintenance (ACSM);  Building of the Fauna Rehabilitation Center;  Building of the Ecological and Meteorological Monitoring Center;  Auxiliary Buildings and Structures;  Flight deck. NORTH CASPIAN ENVIRONMENTAL OIL SPILL RESPONSE BASE Project: North Caspian Environmental Oil Spill Response Base Purpose of the project: Provision of services for emergency oil spill response within the Northern part of the Kazakhstani Sector of the Caspian sea. Location: Atyrau Oblast, Primorsky Channel, south of Damba Village. Implementation period: 2009 – Project value: ~85 mln. USD (final value is to be defined on the basis of the design and estimation documentation). Finance source: KazMunaiGas and/or loans.

15 OIL SPILL RESPONSE SERVICES TS is implementing project North Caspian Environmental Oil Spill Response Base in Atyrau region. All construction-and-assembling operations are being make with advanced pace and project will be done in time. TS – one of few offshore base management companies Own several offshore infrastructure objects Experience in base management Own high-trained local personnel High international standards TS has experience in provision of OSR services in partnership with MEKE Kazakhstan OSR tier-1,2 OSR modeling Oil spill sensitive mapping IMO standard trained local personnel Previous contracts: N Operating Company, TenizBurgylau. 3 oil spills were responded during N project drilling OSR exercises were held with NOC and state authorities TS – company with high abilities to provide full cycle of OSR services.

16 Existing facilities: 1.ERSAI Fabrication yard. Facilities depending on commencement of Kashagan Phase II. 2.Pipe coating plant. 3.Oil loading terminal. 4.Ship building yard. 5.Fabrication yard. Facilities depending on commencement of oil production in the South Caspian 6.Dredging base. 7.Living camp. 8.Vaporizer pond 9.Environmental monitoring center 10.Water-desalinating plant. 11.Fleet supporting base. 12.Offshore operations support base. 13.Industrial logistics base. 14.Waste management facility 15.Helipad. 16.Compressor station. 17.Oil and gas preparation station 18.Emergency response base. 19.Liquefied gas station. KURYK: PERSPECTIVE FACILITIES OVERVIEW In the future, when the main hubs of coastal infrastructure such as Atyrau, Bautino, and Aktau will reach their capacity, TenizService intends to develop subsequent projects aimed to increase coastal infrastructure in the Kuryk area.

17 Thank you for your attention!

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