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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING (SNAP E&T) FFY 2014 RFP REVIEW.

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1 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING (SNAP E&T) FFY 2014 RFP REVIEW

2 SNAP E&T Purpose is to provide SNAP recipients, who are not receiving TANF, with a variety of skills that increase their chances of gaining employment, becoming more self sufficient, and reducing their dependence on SNAP benefits Program of Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), USDA

3 History of RI Program States are required to operate a SNAP E&T program Rhode Island’s program was established in 2011 DHS contracted with LISC to develop and manage a SNAP E&T program Since 2011, the program has been developed and piloted

4 FFY 2014 Program Year Program expanded statewide LISC will subcontract with selected, qualified agencies to deliver SNAP E&T services October 1, 2013-September 30, 2014

5 Funding Available: 50% Reimbursement Subcontractors commit and spend 100% of the cost of eligible training and employment services in non-federal, unmatched funds and are reimbursed fifty cents on the dollar Two types of 50% Funds: Administrative and Participant Reimbursements LISC retains 5% of the reimbursement for program management Subcontractors must reinvest at least 10% of their reimbursement in workforce training services

6 Non Federal Funds Applicants must have nonfederal funds identified to cover 100% of the cost of proposed program Must certify that funds are nonfederal to the source and unmatched Must carefully track all expenditures against these funds

7 Administrative Funds Cover the cost of operating the program and providing services Costs are itemized in component budgets Operating costs (salaries, space costs, supplies, etc) Direct participant costs (books, tools, certifications, etc) A separate budget is required for each component TA will be provided to successful applicants

8 Direct Participant Costs Allowable if: Integral to the component and necessary for participation Examples: Books Certificates Tools Build these costs into component budget

9 Participant Reimbursements Direct out-of-pocket expenses incurred by enrollees that are necessary for participation in training and services Allowable only while an individual is enrolled in SNAP E&T FFY2014 Dependent care costs capped at $225/wk/dependent Transportation (gas cards and bus passes) capped at $67.50/mo./ participant for 3 mo. ($202.05)

10 Allowable Components for FFY2014 Job Readiness Vocational Training Job Retention Adult Education (ABE, GED, ESL)

11 ‘Support’ Services Create a package of services that supports successful employment and training outcomes Job Readiness Job Search Case Management Financial Coaching Build into component budget

12 Enrollment Process Participant Agreement RI DHS 511 SNAP E&T Eligibility Verification –Reverse Referrals Assessment Placement Attendance Tracking

13 Component Budget Calculate SNAP E&T budget items as the proportionate share of the total cost of a training or service based on the number of SNAP E&T participants Component cost per participant is the total administrative and direct participant costs divided by the number of participants Cost per training hour is the total component cost per participant divided by the number of hours a component runs. Hours will be tracked and reported based on attendance “Total For This Component” is the total administrative and direct participant costs plus participant reimbursements. All costs must be equivalent to those for services to non-SNAP participants

14 Budgets Example Component: Culinary Arts Training together with Job Search and Case Management Services 1.Total anticipated enrollment = 20 2.Total cost to deliver these services to 20 people = $40,000 3.Component cost per participant = $2,000 ($40,000/20) 4.Estimated number of clients eligible for SNAP E&T = 10 (50% of class) 5.SNAP E&T component budget = $40,000x.50 = $20,000 or ($2,000 x 10 = $20,000) 6.Participant reimbursements = $1,350 (10 students, bus passes for 2 months) 7.Component budget + participant reimbursements = ($20,000 + $1,350) = $21,350 8.SNAP E&T reimbursement = $10,141.25 or ($21,350/2) – (.05 x $10,675) or ($21,350 x 50%) x.05 100% Nonfederal Funds Required = $21,350

15 Billing and Attendance Bill based on the total number of training hours delivered for each component in a quarter: Bill for absences up to the allowable number as per your attendance policy Provide the attendance policy to all participants at the beginning of a component Bill for hours dropouts or those dismissed attended May not bill for: Absences beyond the number stated in attendance policy Participants who have dropped out/been dismissed Participants who loose their SNAP benefit, even if it is mid- component

16 Backup Documentation Charge only for costs approved in the detailed component budgets Keep complete backup of all nonfederal expenditures: Signed time sheets showing time and effort spent on the SNAP E&T program Receipts, invoices, cancelled checks, etc. Records accounting for participant reimbursements Although you are spending nonfederal funds, more stringent tracking requirements exist because you are earning federal dollars

17 Required Documentation As a SNAP E&T subcontractor you are required to maintain the following: Complete Financial Backup for Nonfederal Funds Expended Attendance Sheets! Participation Agreements RI DHS 511, Work Registration Forms Reverse Referral Spreadsheet(s) Student Attendance Policy LISC will conduct annual site reviews to ensure compliance with SNAP E&T program rules and contract requirements

18 Reporting Quarterly Report Package a. Financial Report b. Reimbursement Log c. Data Report d. Program Narrative that includes Outcomes Table Data tracking and reporting is substantial for this program Late reports may disqualify you in FFY 2015


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