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Financial Management for the CACFP Sponsoring Organizations.

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1 Financial Management for the CACFP Sponsoring Organizations


3 Financial Viability 7 CFR § 226.6(b)(2)(vii)(A) Have adequate financial resources to –Operate the CACFP on a daily basis –Pay employees and suppliers, even during temporary interruptions in CACFP payments –Pay fiscal claims Document financial viability through audits, financial statements, etc.

4 Administrative Capability 7 CFR § 226.6(b)(2)(vii)(B) “Appropriate and effective management practices must be in effect to ensure that the Program operates in accordance with [the regulations].”

5 Administrative Capability 7 CFR § 226.6(b)(2)(vii)(B) Adequate staff for daily operations Adequate staff for monitoring Policies and procedures in place to assign responsibilities and ensure civil rights compliance

6 Accountability 7 CFR § 226.6(b)(2)(vii)(C) Each “institution must have internal controls and other management systems in effect to ensure fiscal accountability and to ensure that the Program operates in accordance with the requirements of this part. […]”

7 Accountability 7 CFR § 226.6(b)(2)(vii)(C) Integrity and accountability Timely and accurate claims Funds and resources used for CACFP purposes Procedures in place to safeguard funds and prevent fraud or abuse

8 How are you using your CACFP reimbursements?

9 Allowable Costs For all costs: –Is it CACFP-related? –Did I seek prior approval (if needed)? –Did I follow proper procurement procedures? –Did I allocate the cost (if needed)? –Do I have proper documentation?

10 Proper Documentation Procurement documents (if applicable) Itemized receipts or invoices Payroll records –Time and attendance (if applicable) Allocations (if applicable)

11 Good Financial Management Track CACFP food reimbursements Track disbursements Track CACFP admin reimbursements Track CACFP-related expenses

12 Financial Reports Administrative Payment Close-Out Analysis Provider Payment Reconciliation Report Annual Budget

13 Admin Payment Close-Out Determine total documented actual administrative costs for fiscal year Submit close-out analysis and calculation of carry-over by end of December Remit unexpended administrative reimbursement in excess of 10% carryover

14 Provider Payment Reconciliation Compare payments disbursed to payments cleared Report on prior fiscal year due by first Friday in April Cancel un-cashed checks and remit unpaid reimbursements to State Agency (if necessary)

15 Annual Budget Process Develop budget Submit budget by August 30 Receive approval letter by October 1 Maintain financial documentation Track reimbursements and expenses Update budget as needed –Submit amendments / approval requests

16 FY 2014 Budget Budget Spreadsheet –Budget for overall CACFP operations Budget Narrative for administrative budget Supporting Documentation for CACFP- funded items in administrative budget Allocation Plan for multi-state sponsors Advance Funds Request Form

17 Developing the Budget Determine estimated reimbursements –Use projections for anticipated number of homes for coming fiscal year

18 Developing the Budget Determine estimated costs –Base on average costs from current year –Adjust for projected changes in homes –Use Labor Budget Worksheet & Homes Sponsorship Budget

19 Developing the Budget Allowable vs. unallowable costs Prior and specific prior written approval

20 The Budget Spreadsheet

21 Budget Narrative Describe how each line item was determined Include allocation formula if expense covers: –CACFP and non-CACFP activities –Home and facility sponsorship Identify CACFP-funded items with red asterisk (*) and provide justification –You MUST receive specific prior written approval (SPWA) separate from budget approval before charging these costs to CACFP

22 Supporting Documents For all CACFP-funded line items: –Submit documentation to support amount, such as: Payroll records with compensation plan or time- and-attendance Lease agreements Contracts Bills Not required for non-CACFP funded items

23 Allocation Plan Multi-State Sponsors: –Describe how all costs will be allocated Reimbursement percentage or actual time/usage –Must submit for USDA approval

24 Advance Funds Request For operational and/or administrative reimbursements Average reimbursement for October-June Request up to 2 months of advance payment –October –November Repay advance over 4-10 months Submit form with FY 2013 budget documents even if not requesting an advance

25 Questions

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