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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency OSDBU Direct Procurement Program Overview.

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1 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency OSDBU Direct Procurement Program Overview

2 DIRECT PROCUREMENT PROGRAM The OSDBU Direct Procurement Program is responsible for the following programmatic activities :  Developing policy and procedures impacting socioeconomic businesses  Establishing and monitoring direct procurement and subcontracting goals for: including Small Business, Small Disadvantaged Business 8(a), Minority 8(a) Business, Women-Owned Businesses, Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, Veteran-Owned Small Business, HUBZone Business,  Compiling, collecting and assembling statistical data on socioeconomic programs  Performing Subcontracting Reviews and Approvals,  Conducting Outreach Efforts (Economic Development Programs for Selected Urban Centers)  Providing Educational Training Programs through Co-sponsorship of Workshops, Seminars and Trade Fairs

3 Direct Procurement Program SmallBusiness 8(a) SDB SDVOSB HUBZ WOSB Small Business Sectors

4 1. Acquisition Plans 2. Market Research 4. 1900-37 Forms 5. Sources Sought 6. Solicitations 7. Amendments 8. Subcontracting Plans 3. Forecast Database 9. Contract Awards 10. Modifications 11. 294 Forms 12. 295 Forms 13. Subcontract Plans 14. Closeout 15. FPDS-NG (18-24 Mon t hs )

5 Estimated ObligationsNegotiated DirectDollar ValueGoal Small Businesses$432M36.0% 8(a) Businesses$90 M*7.5% Non 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Businesses$36 M*3.0% Women-Owned Small Businesses$66 M5.5% HUBZone Businesses$36 M3.0% Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses $36 M3.0% SubcontractDollar ValueGoal Small Businesses$100 M50.0% Small Disadvantaged Businesses$40 M20.0% Women-Owned Businesses$15 M7.5% HUBZone Businesses$6 M3.0% Services Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses $6 M3.0% NOTE: Subcontracting goals are subject to increase in individual solicitations in an effort to meet overall Agency goals. *Since 8(a)s are SDBs, EPA, in essence, has an SDB goal of 10.5%. Small Business Goals by Percentages Based on estimated contract obligations of $1.2 Billion for Direct and $200 Million for Subcontract Fiscal Years 2006/2007

6 EPA Acquisition web-sites Use the multitude of available research tools and resources that are available including: A. Web sites: Research the EPA Office of Small Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) and EPA Office of Acquisition (OAM) web sites to focus your marketing efforts, paying special attention to the following: OSDBU Homepage – Regional Contacts - Contracting Opportunities - Grant Opportunities - Procurement Forecast - The Katrina Hurricane Response –

7 Teree Henderson Program Analyst (202) 566-2222 Thank you for your Support Lamont O. Norwood Team Leader (202) 566-2933

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