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U.S. General Services Administration Tony L. Gregg Business Specialist Greater Southwest Region An Overview of the Federal Government’s Small Business.

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1 U.S. General Services Administration Tony L. Gregg Business Specialist Greater Southwest Region An Overview of the Federal Government’s Small Business Programs June 2009 Office of Small Business Utilization

2 U.S. General Services Administration 2 Small Business Program  Passed in 1953, the Small Business Act (SBA) established the Small Business Administration to "encourage" and "develop" small business growth, and to aid minorities and other disadvantaged peoples in securing loans and learning management techniques.

3 U.S. General Services Administration 3 Small Business Concern  Manufacturing500 Employees  Wholesale Trade100 Employees  General & Heavy Construction$33.5 million  Business & Personal Services$7 million  Retail Trade$7 million  Architectural & Engineering$4.5 million  Travel Agencies$3.5 million  Agriculture$750,000

4 U.S. General Services Administration 4 Statutory government-wide procurement goals  23% of an agency’s prime contracts for small businesses  5% for small disadvantage businesses (prime & subcontracts)  5% for women-owned small businesses (prime & subcontracts)  3% for HUBZone businesses (prime and subcontracts)  3% for service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses (SDVOSBs) (prime & subcontracts)

5 U.S. General Services Administration 5 Small Disadvantaged Business  8(a) Business Development Program  Assistance to socially and economically disadvantaged firms  SDB Program  Bidding benefits in federal procurement  Subcontracting opportunities  8(a) businesses automatically qualify

6 U.S. General Services Administration 6 Woman-Owned Small Business  51% owned and controlled on a day-to-day basis by one or more women.  State certification ensures verifiable and credible reporting of dollars spent by entities on WOSB  Subcontracting opportunities on Federal contracts

7 U.S. General Services Administration 7 HUBZone Small Business  Stimulates economic development and creates jobs in urban and rural communities.  51% Owned/controlled by U.S. citizens, Community Development Corporation, agricultural cooperative or Indian tribe. 35% of employees must live in a HUBZone.  Prime and subcontracting opportunities and benefits

8 U.S. General Services Administration 8 Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned  Vets Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Act of 1999 for vets disabled during active service in the armed forces.  Vets Benefit Act of 2003 restricts competition to SDVOSBs and allows certain prime contract awards when requirements are met.  SDV Executive Order of 2004 directs Federal agencies to develop strategies to include vets in contracting activities.  Vets Technology Services (VETS) GWAC set-aside for small SDVO technology firms from 2007 to 2012.

9 U.S. General Services Administration 9 Federal Contracting Dollars FY 2008  Total Contracting Dollars  $453.6 Billion  Total Small Business Contracting Actions  5.9 Million  Total Small Business Dollars  $93.7 Billion

10 U.S. General Services Administration 10 Top 10* Federal Spenders (Billions)  Defense$63.0  Veterans Affairs$4.9  Homeland Security$4.4  Health and Human Services$2.9  Agriculture$2.8  NASA$2.3  GSA$1.8  Justice$1.7  Interior$1.5  Energy$1.4 *$86.7 of $93.7 Billion

11 U.S. General Services Administration 11 Subcontracting Opportunities  Prime contracts exceeding $1 million for construction or $550,000 for other than construction, must contain subcontracting plans to include SBCs, SDBs, HUBZone SBs, WOSBs, and SDVOSB.  Subcontracting Plans must detail how prime contractors will assure that SBEs have the opportunity to compete for subcontracts.  Subcontracting Plans must be submitted by prime contractors prior to contract award. Failure, results in lost dollars or contract termination.

12 U.S. General Services Administration 12 Subcontracting Opportunities (cont.)  SBA SUB-Net   GSA Subcontracting Directory 

13 U.S. General Services Administration 13 Register Your Company  The primary database for Federal agencies to learn about prospective vendors is the Central Contractor Registry (CCR).   Federal Business Opportunities (fedbizopps) is the single government point-of-entry for Federal government procurement opportunities over $25,000.   Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA) replaced the paper based Representations and Certifications process. 

14 U.S. General Services Administration 14 Assistance & Counseling  The Office of Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) provide management assistance to current and prospective small business owners.   Small Business Administration District Offices provide counseling, training and business development specialists providing free and low-cost services in your area. 

15 U.S. General Services Administration 15 GSA Office of Small Business Utilization (OSBU) The OSBU promotes One GSA by facilitating programs and initiatives that provide “Access to Opportunity” to small business owners in GSA contracting activities.

16 U.S. General Services Administration 16 Networking Events Workshops Outreach Events Strategic Alliances Publications GSA - OSBU (cont.)

17 U.S. General Services Administration 17 GSA - OSBU (cont.)  OSBU Procurement Focal Points  GSA Schedule Contracts –  GSA Small Business Government-wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) for IT Solutions –

18 U.S. General Services Administration 18 Regional Small Business Center Office of Small Business Utilization Greater Southwest Region 819 Taylor Street, Suite 1E13A Fort Worth, TX 76102 (817) 978-0800 Mr. Albert J. Garza, Director

19 U.S. General Services Administration 19 Tony L. Gregg Office of Small Business Utilization Greater Southwest Region – Fort Worth, TX (817) 978-0800 THANK YOU!

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