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Guide to Internships/Exhibitions Andrew Marcano – Internship Coordinator Personalized Learning Academy 2012-2013.

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1 Guide to Internships/Exhibitions Andrew Marcano – Internship Coordinator Personalized Learning Academy 2012-2013

2 Presentation Goals What mistakes not to make on internship What you be graded on for your exhibition How to breakdown the time of exhibition Example of an exhibition

3 Mistakes Not to Make on Internship Talk to the hand!

4 # 1 – Stay off your Cell Phone!

5 #2 – Watch your words

6 #3 – Be on Time

7 Common Mistakes Be in uniform If you do not have internship, do not leave school Greet your internship mentor and other employees Bad attitude while at internship Ask Questions Address issues with Mr. Marcano

8 How will exhibition be graded?

9 Below [1]Approaching [2]Meets [3]Exceeds [4]Distinguished [5]Total Presentation Lack of intro/ conclusion Poor word choice Spoke too softly, mumbled Back to audience most of time Tense and unsure  Short intro/ conclusion  Decent word choice  Slightly hard to hear at times, mumbled  Back to audience often  Not confident  Intro/Conclusion  Good word choice  Appropriate volume  Body facing audience  Good posture  Good pronunciation/ easy to understand  Engaging intro/conclusion  Professional word choice and clothing  Dynamic volume  Body facing audience  Relaxed posture  Very few pronunciation errors  Extremely engaging intro/conclusion  Impressive wording  Changes in volume  No inappropriate turns from audience  Confident posture  Perfect pronunciation TimeBelow 10 minutes10-20 minutes20-25 minutes 25-30 minutes with every minute filled with appropriate information Over 30 minutes filled appropriately with information Content  Learning Plan not accomplished  No clear explanation of BP 101  Little to no evidence of LTI or WAI work  Content poorly explained  Accomplished most of things set in LP  Explanation of BP 101  Some evidence of LTI and WAI work  Content explained, but struggled through some points  Evidence of everything in the Learning Plan  Good explanation of BP 101  Evidence of LTI and WAI work  Content explained clearly  Accomplished everything in the Learning Plan  Great explanation of all BP 101 tools  Shows a lot of progress in LTI/WAI  Content explained clearly in own words  Went beyond work written in LP  Perfect explanation of all BP 101  Evidence of being farther along in LTI/WAI than required  Explanations faultless Organization/P reparation  No clear agenda  No note cards/not used correctly  Lacking in required materials  No evidence of any practice  Copies of agenda  Note cards present but not always used  All materials needed present  No evidence of appropriate practice  Clear agenda  Note cards used  All materials needed are present and used  Evidence of practice  Clear, informative agenda  Note cards used professionally  Materials present and above expectations  Evidence of practice  Impressive detailed agenda followed flawlessly  Perfect use of cards  More materials than needed  Evidence of multiple practices PLA Exhibition Rubric Student Total: ______________ * A minimum of 12 points is needed to pass.

10 Breaking Down the Exhibition Show your creativity!

11 TIME BREAKDOWN By Category 2 Min. – Introduction 5 Min. – Introduction to your Internship 10 Min. – What do I do at Internship? 5 Min. – What have I learned? 5 Min. – Academic Presentation 3 Min. – Conclusion

12 Introduction “Hello everyone, My name is_____ and I will be presenting my exhibition will be on__________. Thank your audience for being present, especially parents and internship mentors. State what grade you are in and your advisory, and your advisory teacher.

13 Introduction to Internship Name and Address of Internship Site History of Internship Site (i.e. when did the business begin?) Why did it start? Why did you choose this internship? Internship Mentor Profile ◦ Name ◦ Years Working at Job ◦ Why they chose such a field ◦ Educational background

14 What do you do at your internship? If your filing papers, what papers are you filing? If you watch kids, how do you interact with them? How has your relationship changed from the start until now? What project have you been working on?

15 What do you do at your internship? If you shadow someone, what do you watch them do? What have you learned about the field your internship is in?

16 What have you learned at your internship? What has your internship meant to you? Do you want to stay there? How do you like your internship? What struggles have you faced? What would you like to do in the future? What would you do to make your internship better?

17 Academic Presentation Tips: ◦ Feel comfortable about the subject you will speak about ◦ Any academic subject can be a part of the presentation ◦ Examples include science labs, specific math subjects, your favorite History or English stories

18 Conclusion Closing statements Thank your audience for their time “Any Questions?”

19 Be Creative! The more creative, the better Take ownership of the exhibition Be prideful of your work My time frame is a guide…not exactly how yours has to be Practice, practice, practice

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