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+ Youth Empowerment Middle School, High School & College Internship: Kraig McHardy- Director Get FitStay Fit.

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1 + Youth Empowerment Middle School, High School & College Internship: Kraig McHardy- Director Get FitStay Fit

2 + Our Mission, Vision and Commitment Mission: Who Got Game, Inc. (WGG) is a 501 C3 non-profit corporation designed to enhance communities by providing quality programs for our youth while allowing them the opportunity to develop physically, academically, and mentally. Vision: To provide free obesity prevention curriculum and programs to all schools in the nation so that all youth can be equipped with enough information to live a healthy lifestyle. Commitment: To work relentlessly to collaborate with schools, after school programs, businesses and communities to help lead the fight against the devastating obesity epidemic that is destroying the lives of our youth!

3 + WGG internship? Perhaps you have been wondering what career path to take. Maybe you are still feeling your way through your major and hope that an internship will help you discover what you like and dislike. Have you wondered how an internship may help you after graduation? Regardless of your situation, your participation in an internship can benefit you in a number of significant ways – if you do your part. “An unpaid ( sales interns are paid) job opportunity that offers you experience in your business field of interest. Purpose of our internship is to provide you with a learning experience while you are in school to help you make more informed decisions about your future health and career. Interning will also help you confirm your career choice. Some students even change their majors because of their internship experience. Interning is one of the best ways to discover what professionals do on a daily basis.

4 + Requirements for Internship Application form and Resume Overall GPA 2.0(For all college, middle and high school students wanting to be a journalist or reporter) Any student can be a member of the WGG Street Team Students will submit application by email to along with a copy of most recent report card along with a 2x2 photo. Students can also fill out an online application. Must be a full face photo front view and open eyes Take the photo in a plain white or off-white background Avoid shadows on the face or background Face in photo should have a natural expression (closed mouth) Photos should not include sunglasses or hats The contrast and lighting in the photo should be normal

5 + Major Benefits of our Internship Provides space to reflect on career and academic goals & interests Helps enhance writing skills and health knowledge because of healthy writing content. Increases competitive edge in job searching (resume, application, interview, network & reference) Creates a competitive academic transcript for graduate school Develops essential skills and on-the-job experience An internship provides the KEY to a more meaningful education and a brighter future.

6 + Benefits to Employers Offer a true career-related experience that enhances academic learning. Interns bring fresh ideas, talent, and skills to an organization. Enhance business, industry, and university relationships and encourage more practical training in the education process. Build a solid future for the local and regional community.

7 + Internship/Mentor Facts Students will be recruited within your youth program A program liaison/representative from your organization will be assigned as our point of contact. Once applicant submits an application, we will notify your organization liaison If your organization assigns a mentor please forward this information to WGG for record. We suggest a 1:8 ratio but dependent upon the availability of mentors. We will leave it up to your discretion. Intern will be given weekly assignments via email with deadlines. Middle school students will be seen once/week. Assignments will be emailed to the intern and mentor or organization representative. At the end of the 6 month internship the intern will be recommended for a supervisory position for the next 6 months, to continue in their current position or not recommended for another 6 months(recommendation made by WGG and mentor ). This is for college students only. Middle and High school interns can intern until they graduate high school as long as they meet the requirements. Awards and incentives will be given to those interns that show outstanding performance.

8 + Internship Facts You represent yourself and WGG and the Program Partner or School you attend. You will receive a WGG Polo-Shirt and WGG Badge. Internships are Professional opportunities. Learn how you can build career specific experience without adding more to your plate The development of an intern’s professional skills should be treated as an integrated process, not a series of isolated activities. Interns should be active planners, coordinators, and shapers of their internship experience. Adhere to all established regulations and/or guidelines. Take ownership of the project and its responsibilities. Be as creative as possible!

9 + Exposure to the “Full Spectrum of WGG” Increasingly versatile role of interns Quick turnaround with work Opportunity to make funds as well Qualification for future employment Not possible to do everything Should be linked to you and WGG’s goals Nationwide Should be accomplishable Why it’s ImportantConsiderations

10 + Responsibilities of a WGG intern: Developing effective time management strategies Maintaining physical wellness and healthy eating Spending time out in your community spreading the word about Obesity Prevention Maintaining a personal-professional life balance Maintaining self-awareness of our programs and upcoming events Seeking support when needed Have Fun!

11 + Competence Understand/complete tasks consistent with expectations for qualified professional Critical thinking/analysis Professional judgment in decision making Adaptability/flexibility Developmental Competencies are the building blocks of competence What does it mean to be a competent intern?

12 + Being a Proactive Intern Proactive behavior means taking self-directed and future- focused action to bring about change (in yourself or within the environment) Proactive behavior is a function of personality and contextual variables Interns should be active planners, coordinators, and shapers of their internship experience. Understand the purpose of our programs Be honest Prepare for by thinking in advance about questions and issues to discuss Seek out information Seek out opportunities to assist in your position for WGG Be a proactive WGG-advocate rather than passive recipient

13 + Having a Proactive Attitude Be Knowledgeable Be strategic in seeking out opportunities based on WGG needs and interests Be a WGG-advocate for Obesity Prevention We encourage interns to think about their proactive behaviors Challenge Interns to advance Let the interns take the lead Intern Qualities: Qualities to Promote Proactive Attitude:

14 + It Starts with Pre-Planning: Before choosing an intern position with us you should reflect on your goals, needs and strengths Proactively research our internship positions to find those that match your interests and needs Your Major Occupations and Careers Skills or experiences you may need to enter your field What the Intern Can Do: Think About:

15 + Intern Projects Graphic Design Marketing/Sales Photography Culinary Content development Cover Events, Interviews, Photos Please see our website for available positions

16 + Intern Skills Product development Project management User interface design Program architecture Product marketing Email Photography Networking Not limited to those above

17 + Sales of Ads and Subscriptions Fundraiser Always try to use personal contacts! Adhere to agreed-upon scheduling and/or expectations Contact schools/companies directly Small/mid-sized call directly Large co. look on website View WGG Fundraiser Presentation

18 + Intern Positions

19 + Being a Proactive Intern does not mean that the intern should fly solo, completing the internship without any supervision. "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I will learn." Benjamin Franklin

20 + Being a Successful Intern: Remember that you are not only representing yourself, but you are also representing WGG. People will remember a sloppy or unfinished project. Great things can result from both successes and failures. Recognize the efforts of all involved (that includes those being served!) in making the project a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Share reflections with one another. Have fun! Celebrate! You've done something great!

21 + Goals of a Mentor Foster growth and development through teaching Protect the welfare of clients Monitor intern performance Empower interns with the capacity to self- supervise in the future Provide emotional support to interns to prevent or mitigate burnout

22 + Mentor & Intern Relationship Trust Clear expectations Commitment to professional growth and emotional support of the Director Non-judgmental Constructive feedback

23 + Performance Evaluation -Productivity Volume of Work Quality of Work Attention to Detail Organizing Efficiently Knowledge of Work Interest in Work Purpose is to determine to what degree goals have been achieved FormativeSummative

24 + Performance Evaluation- Business Techniques Meeting People Techniques Follow Instruction Accepting Criticism Oral Communication Written Communication Listening Relationship with staff Relationship with partners FormativeSummative

25 + Performance Evaluation- Personal Appearance / Dress Initiative Tact Accuracy Judgment Patience Creativity Self -Confidence Cooperation Flexibility Dependability Leadership Motivation Tolerance for Stress Independence Willingness to Work FormativeSummative

26 + WGGIP Alumni Association Upon completion of the program, interns become members of the WGGIP Alumni Association, a close-knit family of WGGIP graduates that fosters the development of future WGGIP interns as well as the professional development of the program’s alumni.

27 + Final Thoughts: Moving Beyond the Internship and working for WGG

28 + Extending the Big Ideas: From Internship to Early Career Professional practice is also dynamic, formative, and integrated Half-life of training means we must stay in touch with changes, and adapt Ongoing formative assessment of our own strengths/weaknesses, needs of clients, and systems Seek out targeted professional development Make changes in professional practices Move beyond our own comfort zones Be proactive throughout your career “Be the change you want to see in the world” -Gandhi

29 + "I strongly believe in Wholistic Growth for Generations Intern Program because it is a great way to actively engage students both in and out of the classroom, and allows for an intense connection to be made between Students and our Community and real-world issues and problems. It builds people and communication skills that classroom learning doesn’t develop. Most importantly, it gets the students out into the community to network. Employers want to see applicants that are active in other activities. Most employers, I’d say around 90%, are looking for that hands-on experience.”Without vision there is no need for direction because there is no place that you are trying to go.” Kraig McHardy, CEO/Founder

30 + The WGG-Internship- Mentor Do you have what it takes to be an intern or a mentor for an intern?

31 + Questions, Comments, Insights? Have Any Questions? Contact WGG. We will help you in anyway we can. www. Kraig McHardy –Director Main Office: 2137 SW Newport Isles Blvd Port Saint Lucie, FL 34953 Phone: 772-201-2238 Fax: 772-264-0103 E-mail:

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