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Maximizing Your Internship Experience Andy Frassetto.

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1 Maximizing Your Internship Experience Andy Frassetto

2 Potential benefits...

3 Conduct advanced, independent research.

4 Build connections with fellow earth scientists.

5 Receive early exposure to academia.

6 Investigate a potential graduate program.

7 Gain a head start on your thesis/dissertation.

8 Or, this could happen...

9 Potential pitfalls...

10 Lack focus and spiral into tangents. x x? 

11 Neglect the big picture and broader view. 

12 Fall under the spell of programming phobia. 

13 Worry about a “dumb question” and refuse to ask it. 

14 Experience a difficult adjustment to your summer home. 

15 Consider these tips

16 Read the literature and understand the project.

17 Set goals and keep your project simple.

18 Invest in a quality programming manual.

19 Have transportation, and explore.

20 Communicate often and ask for help!

21 The Final Product

22 A memorable talk needs a direct and simple message.

23 A good poster requires clearly explained figures.

24 Why we need you!

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