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Project Wisdom Sharing your goal or idea with others.

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1 Project Wisdom Sharing your goal or idea with others

2 What is it you want to do (your purpose)? Who is it attractive to (your target)? Why is it important (benefits)? How would you get it done (plan)? Describe your Idea: Develop a Profile and Communicate it.

3 Sharing The Information Develop your plan well Think about things you like about it Share these things with others who can benefit, or can help you Develop a profile and communicate it

4 Gather right information about the people you want to attract (Who they are and what motivates them ) Find out who can help you to share this information ( agencies, professionals, other groups….) Find the best way to share this information (posters, flyers, advertisement, finding champions, piggy backing,….) Information you need SHRC

5 Basics of Promoting your idea


7 Self-Help Resource Centre Introduction (identify yourself, what is your connection for the audience, what is the purpose of this communication; Focus on one thing at a time; Ask questions which raise interest and clarifies ambiguities Close your message with a summary Prepare your message

8 Flyers Ask yourself these Questions when preparing your Flyer Why are you preparing this Flyer? Who is this message for? What is the theme of your flyer?

9 Heading: The part that grabs readers’ attention- Be short, clear, interesting, use drawing and picture here; Connection: The part that let the readers know what the flyer is about- Share the benefits, share the incentives, make the readers to go on read the rest; Body: The part that make the readers realize they need what you offer- Be specific, give credibility to what you are offering, give the details they need to know; Closing: The part that motivate the reader to act- Repeat the theme, give deadline, give the contact information Your Flyer should include these

10 Qualities for your success Self-awareness Openness and flexibility Sincere interest in others Willingness to move from me to us Willingness to give and receive Willingness to learn and practice new skills Commitment to see things through Willingness to give up for the interest of the all

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