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Chiton Pinned at the top.. Chiton Picture shows how fabric was folded and pinned (left) and how it was belted (right).

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Presentation on theme: "Chiton Pinned at the top.. Chiton Picture shows how fabric was folded and pinned (left) and how it was belted (right)."— Presentation transcript:

1 Chiton Pinned at the top.

2 Chiton Picture shows how fabric was folded and pinned (left) and how it was belted (right).

3 Female Chiton Pinned once on each side. Belted below the breast.

4 Male Chiton Usually older men and wealthier men wore long Chitons.

5 Male Chiton Shorter length worn by working class men, and younger, more active men.

6 Himation Over RIGHT shoulder. This picture is mirror image.

7 Himation LONG rectangle of fabric.

8 Female Himation Same rectangle of fabric just used differently. May not be able to do this with mask.

9 Male Himation Can get tucked into belt before wrapping to keep it in place.

10 Chlamys Pinned at LEFT shoulder. This picture is mirror image.

11 Chlamys Used by soldiers, working class, and younger men

12 Cothurnis No pictures/dipictions of the platform shoes, probably because they were only used as costume pieces. Attach platform to typical shoe from the period.

13 Cothurnis Platforms can be made from wood, styrofoam, cardboard, etc.

14 Complete Costume This image seems to be a mirror image of the appropriate way to wear the himation and clamys. Clamys = LEFT shoulder Himation = RIGHT shoulder

15 Complete Costume Homemade. Himation on correct shoulder.

16 Armor Depended on financial status: Upper class had metal breastplates, lower class had multiple layers of linen that were glued together.

17 Helmets If you could afford one. Helmet can be worked into the mask as an onkus.

18 Military Men Do not plan on javelins or shields because you will need to use you hands to gesture. Swords slung over the shoulder are okay.

19 Women’s Hairsyles Can be worked into the mask as an onkus.

20 Its your turn. Bring in 1 picture on flash drive of: How to make a piece of the Greek Costume OR a really excellent depiction of 1 piece of Greek clothing or headwear.

21 It will be added to this slide show. The slide show will be put on the web page for reference during the project. Be sure to copy the URL in case I need to double-check the source.

22 Emiko Haga Period 3

23 Paulina Choi & Michelle Lim Period 3, Stephanie Lo period 4

24 Felix Jen Period 3

25 Devin Ton Period 3, Alina Lee period 4, Patricia Bao period 5, Nadia Dabzadeh period 5

26 Yvette Williams period 4

27 Jessica Lo period 4

28 Jessica Lo period 4, Jerry Zheng period 5 Annie Leung Period 3

29 Jessica Lo period 4, Christina Nunez period 4,

30 Hyunji Kim period 3, Rosalyn Doan period 3, Paula Choi period 2, Jasmine Them period 4, Sharon Chang period 2, Thomas Lee period 2, Jaren Gallardo period 2, Jane Kim period 2, Arshmah Majid period 4, Norbert Ung period 3, Serena Nguyen period 5, Alfred Sangalang period 4, Jeeo Lee period 5, Rebekah Paerels period 5, Julie Ha period 4, Kevin Theanthong period 5, Alice Kim period 3

31 Jessie Chan period 5, Roger Wu period 5, Jared Tan period 4

32 William Mo Period 3, Janeane Chagolla period 5, Rosalyn Doan period 3, Caitlin Steig period 2 Anita Huang Period 3, Blaze Lim period 3, Darian Ung period 2

33 Alyssa Godina period 5, Ryan Fitch period 4

34 Amy Zhang period 3

35 Sarah Jung period 2

36 Min Yi Wu period 2

37 Liseth Solis period 2

38 Arielle Cassillas period 2, Lynelle Tisoy period 3, Sophia Choi period 4, Jacksonn Liu period 2, Bridget Bane period 5

39 Sarah Jung period 2, Jaiden Muniz period 4

40 Daniella Gomez period 2 Edwin Wu Period 3

41 Andrew Kourk Period 3

42 Jason Gong Period 3

43 Roman not Greek but it’s the closest thing we found Vishal Gupta Period 3

44 Zoe Gant Period 3, Vivian Liu period 4, Rosamond Chen period 5

45 Kenneth Livingword period 4

46 Victoria Cabanillas period 4

47 Sabrina Chang period 4

48 Alejandra Villegas period 5

49 Michael Cortez period 5


51 Fidel Avila period 5

52 Winney Yu period 3

53 Eileen Lee period 3

54 Syenna Jimenez period 2

55 Kassandra Ruiz period 2

56 Scott Ng period 4

57 Lee Chu period 5

58 Kristi Chan period 5

59 Lyna Ma period 4

60 Miexue Tang period 4

61 Daphne Tran period 5

62 Jacky Chang period 4


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