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BSC INVESTOR PRESENTATION 2008. The Creation of BSC Resources Ltd –Incorporated in November 2005 –Granted prospecting rights of 39000ha within 6 months.

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2 The Creation of BSC Resources Ltd –Incorporated in November 2005 –Granted prospecting rights of 39000ha within 6 months (Currently have over 77 000ha) –Granted prospecting permit for historic Messina Copper Dumps and Oxide caps (September 2007) –Completed Scoping study on the Musina Copper Dumps and Oxide Caps (January 2008) –Burgesfort prospecting permit granted (Ex-Falconbridge Massive sulphide target) –Raised CAD$ 5million (South Africa, Canada and USA) to date

3 Strategic Overview Our Strategy To build a management team that possesses the ability to successfully convert exploration projects into valuable mining projects. Our primary focus is on Base Metals and Platinum group Metals (PGM’s). Our geographic footprint includes Botswana. The company is actively seeking opportunities that would allow it to capitalise on the 2009 deadline for conversion to New Order Rights under the MPRDA (“use it or lose it”). Our Mission To seek out opportunities where our involvement is crucial and where we can stamp our operational style on the operations, in the process creating a black controlled and managed Junior Mining Company. We intend to duel list BSC on both the Toronto Stock Exchange (‘TSX”) and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (“JSE”).

4 BSC Value Add Identify –Early cash flows (Musina Copper) –Potential for bulking up with step-out exploration (Insizwa Nickel) –Acquisition cost = Application process (Zeranza PGM and Burgesfort) Package –Comprehensive geological work –Involvement of previous owners and management Unlock –Efficient capital raising –Tax efficient structures –Access to global mining majors for blue sky JV’s –Distribute shares in producing assets to shareholders

5 Corporate Overview Share Capital – 2 340 000 Issued (As at May 2008) – 2 500 000 Fully diluted( As at May 2008) – 13 million Rand in treasury ( As at May 2008) Strategic Relationships –Nedbank Corporate – Bankers –PricewaterHouse Coopers – Accountants and Auditors –Adira Capital – North American Investor Communication (Canada & USA ) –Macleod Dixon – Corporate Lawyers ( Canada ) –Geo Mechanics – Drilling Contractors

6 Management Bongani Mtshisi – Chief Executive Officer Bongani is a Mining Engineer who started his career at Anglo Platinum. He subsequently joined De Beers where he rose to Site Manager of the Oaks Mine and later worked for Af Lease/ SXR. He holds a Diploma in Metalliferous Mining and a Certificate in Project Management. Thapelo Mokhathi – Executive Director Thapelo holds a degree in Cost and Management Accounting and Executive Program in Mining and Minerals (Wits). He started his career in the mining industry at Impala Platinum as a Shaft Cost Accountant at Implats 10 Shaft and later at Barplats Division. His responsibilities included Capital Budgets, Forecasts and Management Reports. Thapelo is responsible for the administrative and financial management of BSC. Lazarus Nekhondela – Executive Director Lazarus is a CA (SA) with extensive experience in Treasury and Merchant Banking, having worked and headed finance departments in Eskom, Gensec Bank as well as at ABSA Corporate and Merchant Bank. Lazarus is responsible for deal structuring and BSC’s overall financial strategy. Anton Hugo – Executive Director Anton has a background in institutional fund management, having managed portfolios at Old Mutual, Coronation Holdings, the NUM- linked Mineworkers Investment Company and Blue Bay Fund Managers. He has actively followed mining investments for 20 years. Anton is responsible for BSC’s capital raising and investment strategy. Louis Selekane – Non Executive Chairman Holds a BSc (Hons) in Geology and a Master in Business Leadership (MBL) from Unisa. Louis has extensive experience in the mining industry and amongst others worked as an Exploration Geologist for AngloGold for 10 years. He is the CEO of the South african Diamond Board and while at the DME was closely involved in drafting the new legislation on mining rights. Louis is BSC’s Non- Executive Chairman and oversees the corporate governance and strategic direction of the company. Darryl Levitt – Company Secretary Is a Canadian legal practitioner operating in both Canada and South Africa. He has extensive experience in listing South African exploration assets on the TSE, such as Pelawan (Anooraq) and more recently First Uranium and Homeland Energy. His consultancy emphasizes on mining and Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) as well as Reserve Bank liaison.

7 BSC Highlights Insizwa Nickel – Large (~400 * 400 * 150 m) Induced Polarisation (IP) Anomaly detected at Ndzongiseni. Mapped significant strike length of gossans/sulphides at Horseshoe Lobe. Completed first phase of drilling at lower adit. Intersected deeper sulphide lens from upper adit. Sampled ~ 1500 soil samples to date. Dewatering large decline possibly exposing additional adit. Burgersfort Permit granted on 06/06/2008. Phoenix Project permit granted – adjacent to Norilsk Phoenix Mine – total resource (with Selkirk) of 1.70 Mill tonnes at 0.29% Ni and 0.20% Cu. Drilling started at Musina Cu Project (“CPR” to be released end of Sep08)


9 Insizwa - Work Programme Regional Reconnaissance Work to identify target areas Work Programme – soil sampling, mapping, sampling and reviewing Falconbridge data Target – sulphide showings previously identified by Falconbridge such as at Horseshoe Lobe). Detailed Target Evaluation Work Programme - Ground geophysics (induced polarisation) to identify which targets are worthy of being drill tested Target - Ndzongiseni. Drill Ready Targets Work Programme – Diamond Drilling Target - Waterfall Gorge.

10 Regional Reconnaissance 24 Sulphide Showings Detailed Target Evaluation Ndzongiseni Drill Ready Targets Waterfall Gorge Resource Drilling Insizwa Nickel - Work Programme

11 Regional Programme Highlights Historic Falconbridge trench data identified Ndzongiseni as a target for detailed follow-up. Mapping identified a sulphide vein, gossans and historic adit at Horseshoe Lobe. 1500 soil samples collected to date, assay results will be used to identify new targets.

12 Gabbronorite Karoo Sediments Lherzolite

13 Regional Exploration Karoo Sediments Gabbronorite Lherzolite Diorite Ndzongiseni Falconbridge Trench Data showed showed values of 0.5 g/t to 7.16 g/t Pt; pd and Au over lenghts of 0.5 to 10 m coincident with 0.20 % Ni and Cu in the saprock and up to 6% Ni and Cu in fresh sulphides

14 Detailed Target Evaluation -Ndzongiseni IP Anomaly - 2ms 2 ms Anomaly – 1000 m * 400 * 150 m 1.2 km Footwall Contact Highlight – Large IP Anomaly Identified

15 1300 m X 4 sites = 5200 m Total metres for northern and southern grids = 8050 m Detailed Target Evaluation - Ndzongiseni

16 Drill Ready Targets - Waterfall Gorge Highlights 5 992 m drilled to date from 62 boreholes in the lower adit (plus ~ 500 m from the upper adit). Mineralisation continues at depth. Discovery of decline – dewatering in progress, currently 100 m exposed. “Gap” area in soil sampling completed.

17 Drill Ready Targets - Waterfall Gorge Karoo Sediments Gabbronorite Lherzolite Diorite Waterfall Gorge

18 Drill Ready Targets - Waterfall Gorge


20 0 10 km – To identify several deposits of a few million tonnes each along the eastern margin of the Insizwa Complex (soil sampling and drilling). –To possibly identify the large “missing sulphide” deposit that may be associated with feeder structures (MT (plus drilling?). –To obtain new exploration permits over prospective ground using an extensive dataset covering SE Africa. –To advance projects such that their potential is realised. 2008 OBJECTIVES

21 Exploration Pipeline Highlights Phoenix Project permit granted (Botswana). Musina Project drilling programme started. Burgersfort Project permit granted.

22 Burgersfort Project Locality MD12 –1,42% Ni over 7,62 m MD12B – 0,76% Ni over 10 m 1.5 km EM Conductor from Falconbridge Survey Burgersfort Project 26 784 ha to be granted imminently

23 Musina Estimated Contained Cu FarmTarget Estimated In Suite Tons Estimated Cu grade Tons metal Cu contained Prospecting rights status Uitenpas 2 MTSlimes dam13,095,0000.13% 17,023.50Granted Ptn 40 of 4 MTWaste Rock dumps 1&21,500,0000.23% 3,450.00Granted Vogelenzang 3 MTEsparanza oxide cap2520001.36% 3,427.20Under application Vogelenzang 3 MTHarper mine Oxide cap1500001.30% 1,950.00Under application Antonvilla 7 MTDigby Shaft Oxide cap180,0001.60% 2,880.00Under application Antonvilla 7 MTNo 14 workings oxides30,0001.40% 420.00Under application Antonvilla 7 MTNo 2 Workings oxides120001.30% 156.00Under application Antonvilla 7 MTReggie & Watson lode oxides300001.20% 360.00Under application Antonvilla 7 MTWorkings50,0001.20% 600.00Under application Hereward 203 MSMolly Too Shaft sulphides & oxides200,0001.60% 3,200.00Under application Total 33,466.70

24 Phoenix mine has an inferred resource of 170 Mt @ 0.29% Ni and 0.20% Cu 1400 ha permit granted

25 Contact Details: Bongani Mtshisi Block C LaRocca Office Park 321 Main Road Bryanston 2191 Tel: +27 (0)11 463 4779 Fax: +27 (0)11 463 4792 Contacts

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