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A mid-tier explorer and developer concentrating on Southern and central Africa. TransAfrican Minerals Limited.

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1 A mid-tier explorer and developer concentrating on Southern and central Africa. TransAfrican Minerals Limited

2 Who We Are TransAfrican Minerals Limited (TransAfrican) is an emerging exploration and mining development company with exclusive rights and joint venture agreements to explore and develop more than 435.000 ha (combined) located in diverse mineral rich areas of Tanzania, Mozambique, Namibia, Madagascar, Peru, Indonesia, Malawi, Canada, Australia, Mongolia, Zambia and the DRC.

3 Objectives Immediate Raise Capital (US$15m) Hiring management team Create Liquidity in the Shares of the Company Medium Complete Drill Program on 7 Properties Commence Production on two properties Long-term Establish sustainable joint ventures with other companies own state- of-the art mining infrastructure develop the business into a world class emerging junior mining company

4 Intellectual Capital Strong network of contacts with African Governments Seeking new opportunities in specific metals Ability to identify good mineral properties FOCUS Creating new opportunities Adding value to existing investments

5 Strategy TransAfrican Minerals is seeking capital to exercise its options and to commence extensive geological exploration and resource delineation and assessment of the entire portfolio of its properties.

6 Country Focus TransAfrican's main focus is in countries where we have strong relationships with industry leaders and relevant, senior government departments (i.e. Namibia, Madagascar, DRC, Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia). these countries (other than Malawi and Mozambique) have a long history of base metal minerals and gemstone mining - discovered on properties owned or optioned to TransAfrican Minerals. while our focus is currently directed on these countries, TransAfrican Minerals Limited also has options to acquire properties in Canada, Australia, Peru, Mongolia, Argentina, Papua New Guinea, Mali and Brazil. we maintain a global watch to identify new opportunities that fit the company’s business plan.

7 The Team TransAfrican Minerals Limited believes in a success driven culture to achieve a ‘world class’ reputation within the industry. In pursuit of this policy, the company has identified a number of highly skilled professionals who bring more than 200 years of combined experience in project and mine management.

8 Board and Management Team Board Members Robert S. Stewart Director and Chief Executive Officer Mohamed Matongo Director, Founder and President Terence Badenhorst Senior Geologist Gregory De Loop Metallurgist Charles Aldridge Finance Manager James Horgan Business Development Manager Elena van der Grijp GIS Manager

9 Technical Team Terence Badenhorst Senior Geologist Gregory De Loop Metallurgist Elena van der Grijp GIS Manager Consultants Watts, Griffis McQuat Dr J.A (Hamish) McGregor Dr G. Bonaccorsi

10 Corporate Highlights valuable and undervalued properties for base and precious metals have been identified to commence and complete full geological surveys and drilling on 7 properties, including: testing methods: –airborne and ground based –systematic, mapping, drilling, delineation, sampling of resources on key properties to commence determine commercial viability of each property with 23 licenses (6 advanced mineral properties) we have the to acquire or merge with a public company

11 Investment Strategy Minimize risk and maximize long term returns Acquisition of advanced exploration projects Development of a large acreage of early stage exploration properties

12 Opportunity Characteristics Potential investment opportunities must exhibit the following characteristics: –Under exploited assets, –Sustainable growth prospects, –Strong position in the market, –Valuation representing a discount to net cash or asset value, –Yields more than average return on investment.

13 Project Pipeline Advanced Kabwe Copper Project – Zambia Copper, Zinc tailings Kamanjab Properties-Namibia Copper, Gold and Zinc Avellino – Canada Copper, Lead, Zinc, Gold and Platinum Mainstay- RSA Gold

14 Project Pipeline Early Stage Kipushi Project – DRC Copper, Cobalt and Gold BM&K Copper - Zambia Gold, Nickel and Copper Cerroblanco – Argentina Gold, Nickel and Copper Kalimantan – Indonesia Coal Kaalgoora – Australia Uranium, Copper, Gold, Silica and Diamonds Mawi – Mozambique Coal and Gold Gashuuni Obbo – Mongolia Copper, Coal, Gold, Lead

15 Acquisition Strategy early stage exploration with historical data or/and near to production proven or indicated resource NB: our strategy allows for a well managed and balanced risk / reward profile

16 Path to Future Success focus acquisition of good and large properties aggressive exploration Program ability to advance exploration projects into early production JV opportunities with other parties continuous acquisition of advanced properties diversification and consolidation of portfolio of assets ability to manage and mitigate exploration risk

17 Development Strategy 2008-2010 spend exploration capital of up to US$8m within a two year period - 2008/2010 take projects to bankable feasibility study commence production within two years

18 Financing Sources and use of Funds Sources US$ Use of Funds Shareholder Loans & Equity US$ 8.0m Working Capital Private Placement US$15.5m Acquisition of Mining properties Initial Public Offering $65.7m Exploration and Acquisitions Secured Debentures/Debt Issue + US$100.800m Mine Development and Production Capital via a secured Convertible Debenture that can be converted to private or public equity shares on an equity basis to be directly negotiated with potential investors. The funds will be used to conduct extensive airborne and ground based geological survey work on all the properties. They will also be used to obtain appropriate mining engineering assessments and metallurgical sample testing reports needed for the preparation of AusIMM JORC and/or Canadian NI 43-101 compliance reports, that will meet the requirements of the local and international public market listing rules. The primary focus will be to confirm additional indicative mineral deposits while at the same time establishing the presence of other base metal mineral deposits on the properties and advancement of projects to Bankable Feasibility Studies (BFS), and finally bring projects to production.

19 Opportunity low entry level greater upside potentially good assets

20 Mission Statement be internationally competitive and efficient early mover in potentially fast growing market own and manage producing mines and processing plants. world-class, successful, explorer, miner, operator and producer that delivers better than average returns for its shareholders

21 Summary selectively acquire mining properties that have potential for world class assets generate strong upside and the perfect vehicle for early-stage investors offering investors an opportune and compelling investment case

22 Contact details: TransAfrican Minerals Limited Unit 15,71 a West Road South Morningside 2146 PO Box 785832, Sandton,2196 Johannesburg, South Africa T (2711) 883-0284 F (2711) 883-1410 Email:

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