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Yukon Overview. Stina Resources Stina Resources is a mineral exploration company based out of Vancouver B.C. that is currently developing four unique.

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1 Yukon Overview

2 Stina Resources Stina Resources is a mineral exploration company based out of Vancouver B.C. that is currently developing four unique and relevant exploration projects. Stina is currently exploring the Dime and Kodiak gold Property’s in the Yukon, a strategic gold property just outside of the township of Searchlight in southern Nevada, and a rare earth element vanadium property in central Nevada. Stina resources remains committed to developing property’s in politically and environmentally stable countries, as well as economically relevant metals that allow shareholders to take advantage of the planets ever changing economic landscape. The board of Stina Resources holds a strong commitment to its shareholders, and in that vein rises to the challenges of conducting low cost exploration, strategic raises that protect shareholders from dilution as well as keeping an open and transparent code of conduct that allows shareholders the ability to keep themselves informed and up to date on their investments as well as the direction Stina Resources takes as it explores all of its strategic properties.

3 Dime Property Originally Shawn Ryan ground, the Dime property hosts a former Teck target and was staked by Shawn Ryan and developed in the traditional Shawn Ryan exploration method used in both the Kaminak and underworld discoveries. Originally, the Dime consisted of 128 claims, however, in 2010 RyanWood exploration staked an additional 180 claims in reaction to the preliminary results of the 2010 exploration season. The Dime Property commenced its first season of work in 2010 with 5,000 soils and 1500 m of trenching. With soil sample highs measuring over 6 grams Au to the tonne, Stina discovered three separate anomaly’s measuring a total strike length of 4.5 KM. Stina followed up this discovery with drilling, hitting mineralization in every target. With roughly 70% of the property left to explore, Stina looks to expand its established anomaly in 2012. Stina enthusiastically looks to the 2012 exploration season to further the work on the Dime property. Using the most recent exploration data, Stina looks to pull additional soil samples, complete more trenching, and develop a comprehensive drill program.

4 Kodiak Property The Kodiak property is original Shawn Ryan ground, and was immediately staked following the success of Underworld’s initial exploration program. Stina has undergone two full seasons of exploration on the Kodiak property, showing encouraging, and consistent results. With an identifiable anomaly emerging, Stina looks toward the 2011 exploration season to further the work program on the Kodiak property. Ryanwood Exploration crews have consistently found success by exploring and focussing on geological structure. Stina is dedicated to continuing that method of exploration on the Kodiak property. The focus for Stina’s Kodiak development is to better define the documented structure extending through the Kinross property continuing into Stina’s Kodiak property, thus making the Kodiak a tie-on property to the White Gold discovery. With additional soil sampling, trenching, and potential drilling, Stina intends to prove the Kodiak property contains the now famous Kinross geological structure.

5 James Corrigan President / CEO Mr. Corrigan has been acting information officer and researcher for Stina Resources over the past several years, and possesses an intimate knowledge of both the vanadium industry and Stina Resources. Mr. Corrigan's extensive background in sales, investor relations and management is a unique skillset which brings leadership and visibility to Stina Resources board of directors. Mr Corrigan is an active investor liason, and works closely with the board of directors in the guidance of Stina. Jim Wall CEO, Secretary and Director Mr. Wall is acting CEO of Stina Resources. As a graduate of UBC in the fields of Commerce and Athletic Administration, Mr Wall has over sixteen years experience managing public companies. Mr Walls strong administrative background and solid organizational and technical skills allow him to oversee the day to day operations of the company. Mr Wall is an active investor liaison, manages information and communication, and works closely with Stina's geology team and consultants in conjunction with Stina's board of directors. Al Doherty VP Exploration and Director Mr. Doherty is the owner of Aurum Geological Consultants Inc. in Whitehorse, YT and a practicing geologist, primarily in the Yukon Territory. His geological experience includes 30 years of mineral exploration and geological mapping in the Yukon, and was project geologist during the discovery and definition of the Mount Skukum ore body in 1981/ 82 Edward Gresko Vice President Mr. Gresko is acting VP of finance and brings a great deal of experience and contacts to Stina, particularly in eastern Canada and the United States with respect to corporate identity, investor relations and capital fundraising. As a former stock broker, Mr. Gresko's strong background in publicly traded companies, particularly in the mineral exploration and resource industry is an invaluable resource to Stina. As senior director, Mr. Gresko provides necessary guidance and direction within the stock market. Sidney Mann Treasurer / Director Mr. Mann is acting CFO and is a chartered accountant in England. Mr Mann has over 25 years experience with public companies, both in North America and Europe. As chairman of the audit committee, Mr. Mann oversees the financial and operational infrastructures of the company, monitors day to day expenses and is instrumental in reviewing exploration budgets and overall spending. Stina Directors and Officers

6 Shawn Ryan, Yukon Jean Pautler, P. Geo, Yukon Mike Muzylowski, P. Eng., British Columbia Ed Ulmer, P. Geologist, Colorado Dennis LaPrairie, P. Engineer, Nevada Stina Mineral Exploration Consultants

7 Total Shares Issued & Outstanding: 26,637,499 Fully Diluted: 30,321,928 Estimated Float: 13.5 Million Employee Options: 825,000 @ $0.46, expiring Aug 6, 2015 375,000 @ $0.30, expiring Nov 3, 2014 200,000 @ $0.33, expiring Mar 16, 2016 Warrants: 200,000 expiring Sep 24, 2012 @0.73 1,305,143 expiring Sept. 28, 2012 @0.85 729,286 expiring Oct. 20, 2012 @0.85 Cash: $1M (Dec 2011) Stina Resources

8 Safe Harbor

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