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LIS - 630 Assignment 1 Presentation Davey Beauchamp.

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1 LIS - 630 Assignment 1 Presentation Davey Beauchamp

2 Interview With a Technology Coordinator

3 Hello, my name is Davey Beauchamp

4 And I interviewed One part of a Technology Administration Team

5 Whom I will call the Technology Coordinator

6 Job Responsibilities Statistics on Tech usagePurchasing of TechTrouble ShootingDealing with County ITComputer UpdatesBack Up of ServersWebinarsTechnology Plan

7 View of Technology and Libraries Libraries in this area are some people’s only source of technology especially when it comes to computers and the internet.

8 Libraries, the Public, and Tech  Job Searching  Writing Resumes  Online Classes  School Work  Finding Coupons  E-Mail  Social Networking

9 New Technologies being added to the Libraries

10 How they Keep Up To Date

11 Tech They Use

12 Most Used Tech Skills  They agreed mostly with Table 0-1 in Neal- Schuman Library Technology Companion  But thought Trouble Shooting should have been higher on the list  And didn’t use such as the Instant Messaging, Blogging, Graphic Design or Network Management in their job.  And was surprised when Reports and Tech Surveys weren’t on the List

13 Skills They Wish They Were Better At:  Hardware Knowledge aka “More Techie”  Wanted to know the ILS System better

14 Biggest Tech Impacts on The Library Hands down Computers

15 Questions

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