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I can… -review for The Breadwinner Regular JeopardyFinal Jeopardy.

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2 I can… -review for The Breadwinner

3 Regular JeopardyFinal Jeopardy

4 Character Identification Vocabulary Kabul Life Breadwinner BONUS MYSTERY 10 Point 20 Points 30 Points 40 Points 50 Points 10 Point A 60 Point 20 Points20 Points B 60 Points 30 Points 40 Points 50 Points 30 Points C 60 Points 40 Points D 60 Points 50 Points E 60 Points Taliban Rule

5 Which character was killed at age 14 by a landmine?

6 Hossain

7 What word means ridicule; mockery?

8 derision

9 Why does Parvana’s family not live in their mansion?

10 A bomb destroyed the home.

11 What is the setting location of The Breadwinner?

12 Kabul, Afghanistan

13 Father is ‘the breadwinner’ at the beginning of the story. How did he provide for his family?

14 Father read and wrote (translated) letters or notes in the market.

15 Which character was a writer and was part of the Women’s Union?

16 Mother

17 The dog brusquely played with its toy. Define brusquely

18 roughly

19 What reasoning did the Taliban have for taking father to prison?

20 Father had a foreign education from England.

21 Parvana’s mother did not want to leave Afghanistan when they had the chance, but father said Afghanistan was not their home.

22 False

23 What is Parvana’s first role in becoming the new “breadwinner” of the family? What does she have to do to become the breadwinner?

24 Parvana needs to translate letters and notes in the market to become the new breadwinner for her family. She successfully completes this by transforming herself into a boy.

25 At the end of the novel, which character migrates with Homa to Pakistan?

26 Mrs. Weera

27 At the flea market, the peddlers hawked their goods as they tried to make a deal. Define hawked

28 advertise

29 Parvana ventured into the market place after father was in prison. What occurred while she was alone in the market?

30 She was hit with a stick for not being appropriately dressed.

31 What is Parvana’s reasoning for staying at home for a few days after being at the stadium?

32 She needs to think about positive things after she saw the amputation of the convicted thieves’ hands.

33 What is Parvana’s second task as she attempts to become “the breadwinner” for her family?

34 Parvana and Shauzia dig bones in a graveyard to make more money for their families.

35 This character is an amputee and is forced to prison due to a foreign education.

36 Father

37 orphan is to ______ as fleeing person is to refugee

38 nomad

39 Under Taliban rule, women were to complete the task of shopping in the market. True or False

40 False

41 Why was Parvana upset with the news Homa shared about the Taliban in Mazar?

42 Her family went there for Nooria’s wedding and she fears they may be dead.

43 Parvana has attempted to save money to purchase a tray. What things does she sell in her tray?

44 gum cigarettes

45 A young women who engages in a marriage and teaches children.

46 Nooria

47 The nurse used a _______ on the child’s cut.

48 poultice

49 Explain what occurred when Parvana and Shauzia realized they weren’t watching a soccer game.

50 They witnessed accused thieves having their hands amputated by the Taliban.

51 When Parvana returned home one day from work, she surprise did she find from the Taliban?

52 The Taliban had released father.

53 Mother and Mrs. Weera make an attempt to assist with the family’s income. What do they plan on doing to make some extra money?

54 They attempted to write a magazine and smuggle stories into Pakistan for printing.

55 Which character wants to leave France and chooses to not get married?

56 Shauzia

57 The Taliban will ______ the citizens of Afghanistan and limit their rights.

58 decreed

59 How did the Taliban rule change the lives of women in Afghanistan? (provide 3 reasons)

60 1.Women weren’t allowed out without a male figure 2.Women must wear burqas or chadors 3. Women needed to order food in the market by yelling in the order 4. Women were not allowed to work

61 Father shares a story with Parvana about Malali. Why does he refer to Parvana as Malali as he is being dragged out of this house by the Taliban?

62 Father wants Parvana to be brave and strong and remember what Malali fought for. He wants her to do the same for their family while he is gone.

63 Parvana and Nooria argue and tease one another many times in the novel. However, their relationship grows closer together. What two examples support that the girls have grown closer?

64 1.Parvana handed Nooria a present for her wedding 2.Nooria supported Parvana’s desire to dig bones in the graveyard

65 100 points

66 What is a breadwinner?

67 A person who provides for him/herself and their family.

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