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Courage- Focus Question1

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1 Courage- Focus Question1
Please write a paragraph giving examples on how Parvana and her family are courageous and brave. Please explain why you think these things they have done are brave or courageous. (At least five sentences)

2 Quick Write Why would Parvana’s plan, to make her look like a boy, be risky in Parvana’s society? Write for 5 minutes all you can think of to answer the question.

3 Focus Question 2 Why is education so important to girls in Afghanistan? How do I answer this question? 1.) Begin by describing what school was like for the children in the news video. 2.) List some causes why literacy rate in Afghanistan might be so low. How have some of these reasons affected Parvana’s education? 3.) Why do you think Parvana’s mother and Mrs. Weera want to start a school for girls only? Do you feel it is worth risking their lives to start a school? 4.) Describe how many students in America view school and education. 5.) Conclude by comparing/contrasting how important the students in America and Afghanistan feel about education.

4 Focus Question 3 How has Parvana courageously dealt with desperate times out of loyalty to her family? How has her life changed. How to answer this question Begin by defining the word desperate. Describe some of the dangers Parvana faces under the control of the Taliban. If anyone found out Parvana was a girl, not a boy, she and her family could be in serious danger. Tell why this is a desperate move Parvana knew she had to do. If Parvana would not normally dig up human bones to sell, describe why you think she and Shauzia were willing to do this horrible job.

5 Focus Question #4 Compare how Parvana has changed from the beginning of the book to the end. How to answer the question Begin by describing Parvana’s feelings about herself and her situation at the beginning of the book. Describe some of the difficulties Parvana faced during the story. Next, describe how Parvana feels by the very end of the story. End by describing how you think Parvana is different, how she has changed.

6 Cross-text Paper Sometimes circumstances in life force people to be courageous. Is this true courage? Think about the children in the video, “Faces of Hope,” Parvana in the Breadwinner, Anwar in “From Afganistan to America,” and people in the other articles you have read. They have all shown courage. Do you agree? Yes or No? Chose a character/person from each of 2 of 4 selections. Use specific details and examples from 2 of the selections to support your position.

7 How Your Paper Should Look
Paragraph one (Introduction) What is your position? Describe in two sentences what you selected (without saying in your paper, “the two selections I chose were…”) and tell me why they are or are not courageous. Paragraph 2 (Body) Write about your first selection. Give specific examples from the selection explaining why it is or is not courage. Paragraph 3 (Body) Write about your second selection Paragraph 4 (Conclusion) Show how the characters are connected or alike Summarize what paragraph 2 and 3 say (in two to three sentences)

8 Example The two selections, “From Afghanistan to America” and The Breadwinner, are examples of courage. In the selection “From Afghanistan to America” Parwin Anwar was courageous when she left her home and traveled by foot the long, treacherous journey to Pakistan. Parvana showed courage in the Breadwinners when she pretended to be a boy so she could provide for her family.

9 My Paper 2nd paragraph will talk about specific examples of why Parwin’s journey was courageous. 3rd will talk about specific examples why Parvana was brave when she pretended to be a boy Conclusion- Parwin and Parvana were both courageous for their family. Parwin took the journey across Afghanistan to save her family from the Russian soldiers. Parvana made the sacrifice to become a boy to provide money for her family.

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