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By Tory H. Davenport William 'MakePeace' Thackeray.

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1 By Tory H. Davenport William 'MakePeace' Thackeray

2 Early Years........ Born in Calcutta, India, on July 11 th, 1811 Father died when he was 4 years old Mother Remarried shortly after his fathers death went to england at 6 to be enrolled in a boarding school where he felt isolated and was bullied At nine William had a sense of independence and a large imagination

3 Various Schools...... William attended various schools all his early life, some of which included: Charter House(england), which he nicknamed “Slaughter House” Attended Various Schools in South Hampton (england)‏ Went to Trinity College in Cambridge.

4 His Gambling Problem.... On several occasions he lost money in gambling which leads me to believe he developed a gambling problem During his stay at Trinity, he lost 1500 pounds in a card game. While he was in Germany, he inherited a large amount of money, most of it was reported lost to gambling.

5 Thackeray's Tour Of Europe.... William first went to Wiemar, Germany Then to Paris to study the arts, which upset his parents because they wanted him to take interest in law. In Paris William showed skill in drawing caricatures.


7 Met and Married....... William Met and Married and Irish girl named Isabella, in Paris, France Thackeray was enchanted by her singing Had three kids together, one died at birth She went insane shortly after the birth of the third child and although she outlived her husband by almost 30 years she never recovered.

8 EXTRA EXTRA! In 1837 William worked on staff with Frasier Magazine From 184-1851 he worked on a newspaper called Punch, which is when he wrote VANITY FAIR

9 Vanity Fair Main characters are Amelia Sadly and Rebecca Sharp. His wife was inspiration for the character Amelia. Vanity Fair is a satirical novel about social class and the search for wealth Amelia belongs to a good family and does not consider wealth to be important in life.

10 Vanity Fair Rebecca is an orphan and feels that gaining wealth and power is ones purpose in life They both get married to different people but it dosent work out for either because Rebecca is shallow and cares about money while Amelia gave up her life of wealth. They both end up giving birth to children and basically live opposite lives in the fictional place of Vanity Fair untill............

11 ...Well, you'll have to read the book and find out on you're own =]=]=]

12 Interesting Facts William's mother was planning on marrying a man other than Richmond Thackeray, but her parents somehow faked his death and introduced her to Richmond, but she found out after Richmond's death and remarried the other guy, William was an only child, and it is believed that he stood about 6 feet 3 inches At age five William saw Napoleon Bonaparte in prison on his way to england.

13 ANY QUESTIONS?????????????

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