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Feminism – ”the missing dimension in an old political landscape”, our independent ideological point of departure.

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2 Feminism – ”the missing dimension in an old political landscape”, our independent ideological point of departure.

3  Feminism today: a growing and vibrant movement. The end of the backlash?  Issues, strategies and successes of second and third wave feminism 1965-2000.  Women’s shelter movement  Developments in Academia  Activism: Cyber feminism and art  State Feminism: Claiming political power  Our allies  Conclusion and discussion

4 No sign of a ’sterialized’ feminist ’movement without movement’ – quite the opposite: Every day, truly feminist articles are published in newspapers and online magazines Every week, a number of manifestations, seminars and conferences Feminist issues are highlighted in public and private theatres and museums, comics, music, performance art etc

5 The ”unhappy marriage” of marxism and feminism: critique of one dimensional class analysis Radical feminism: domestic and sexual violence on the agenda Childcare Abortion and contraceptives From 1975: the women’s shelter movement From 1980: political backlash but academic progress Strategies: Consciosness rising groups: ”The personal is political” Demonstrations in the streeets Separatism and emphasis on ”sisterhood”

6 Swedish second wave feminists claiming day care for all children and women’s liberation to be recognized as equally important to class struggle

7 A response to a decrease in female political representation Debates on the challenges of diversity: ”identity politics”, queer and lesbian critique of ”sisterhood” Feminst became a hip identity Feminist self defence, hotlines and empowerment centers for young girls: demands on bodily integrity Rise of state feminism: large governmental inquiries informed by feminist research Gender mainstreaming – and backlash Several important reforms: ”Daddy’s months” – towards equal parental responsibilities A new crime: gross violation of women’s integrity Criminalization of buying sex Consensus in Parliament on gender equality as political goal

8 Fittstim – an influential collection of angry, sad and funny testimonies from young Swedish feminists of the 1990-ies.

9  Equal representation in private, public and civil sector  Economic equality throughout the life course  Equal distribution of unpaid domestic and care work  Ending of men’s violence against women

10  Cyber feminism: Young activists engage in debates online, share articles, films and images. Feminist page ”Supersnippan” has 36 000 likes on facebook - more than any political party.  Increased awareness of intersection sexism-racism-class oppression  Racialized feminists taking initiatives  Humour is an effective weapon

11 Activists dress August Strindberg in pink, as a protest against marginalization of female writers and artists.

12 Unions – especially for nurses, teachers and others working in female dominated and underpaid public sector Ecologists/Green movement Women’s shelter movement Anti-military/Peace movement Anti-racist organizations and Asylum right movement Children’s rights movement Organizations lobbying for rights of disabled people LGHBTQ-rights organizations

13 Pride parade in Stockholm 2012

14 Stockholm, October 2013: On our way to the Parliament, to deliver 13 political demands.

15  State feminism has been succesful in many respects – now is the time to step forward  We are not demanding the right to exploit others and the planet like men do – we are questioning that norm and order  Feminism is needed in Academia, civil society, arts as well as in political assemblies  Demanding gender equality and social justice implies taking ourselves seriosly, using the rights and scope for action we have – thanks to our forerunners  We owe it to our children


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