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CHAPTER 23…”An Era of Social Change” Identifications.

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1 CHAPTER 23…”An Era of Social Change” Identifications

2 175. UFWOC-1962…created from merger of National Farm Workers Association and Filipino agricultural union…to bargain for better pay La Raza Unida-Mexican-Americans United…an independent political movement organized in 1970…ran Mexican-American candidates in five states and won races for mayor, school boards and city councils.

3 177. American Indian Movement (AIM)-began in 1968 as a self-defense group it soon became an often militant Indian rights organization…demanded land, fishing/hunting rights be restored + respect for their culture feminism-the belief that women should have economic, political and social equality with men…spurred by political activism of the 1960’s…book, The Feminine Mystique, captured the discontent of the women.

4 179. NOW-aided by Civil Rights Act of 1964 (prohibited discrimination and created Equal Employment Opportunity Commission )…some argued wasn’t addressing women’s grievances…28 women, including Betty Friedan, created NOW to pursue women’s goals…wanted childcare facilities (during jobs and education), ban on discrimination in hiring.

5 180. Gloria Steinem-journalist, political activist and women’s libber…’72 created Ms., magazine to look at contemporary issues from feminist perspective…questioned gender-based distinctions…girls on football teams, “Ms” instead of Miss or Mrs. and refusing to adopt husband’s last name in marriage.

6 181. Roe vs. Wade-1973, U.S. Supreme Court ruled that women have the right to choose an abortion during the 1 st three months of pregnancy…STILL AN ISSUE TODAY!! 182. ERA-U.S. Congress passed in 1972…then needed to ratification by 38 states to become part of U.S. Constitution.

7 183. Phyllis Schlafly-conservative, feared that ERA would lead to parade of horribles-drafting women into the military, end of laws protecting homemakers, end of husband’s responsibility to provide for his family and same-sex marriages…said that feminists “hate men, marriage and children”.

8 184. counterculture-mid ’60’s movement made up mostly of white, middle-class college youths who had grown disillusioned with Vietnam War…instead of challenge, they turned their backs on traditional America, trying to establish new society based on peace and love…

9 185. Haight-Ashbury-in San Francisco, hippie capital, mainly because California did not outlaw hallucinogenic drugs until 1966…members of counterculture or “hippies”---”tune in, turn on, drop out” of Timothy Leary---outrageous clothing, sexual license and illegal drugs…especially, marijuana and LSD (acid)…communes.

10 186. the Beatles-British band arrived in U.S. in 1964…by their breakup in 1970, inspired countless bands and propelled rock music into mainstream America Woodstock-August, 1969, on a farm in upstate New York…400,000 people attended free music festival…for 3 days, Jimmie Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Joe cocker, Grateful Dead & Jefferson Airplane and other groups entertained.

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