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CHAPTER 23…”An Era of Social Change”

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1 CHAPTER 23…”An Era of Social Change”

2 175. UFWOC-1962…created from merger of National Farm Workers Association and Filipino agricultural union…to bargain for better pay. 176. La Raza Unida-Mexican-Americans United…an independent political movement organized in 1970…ran Mexican-American candidates in five states and won races for mayor, school boards and city councils.

3 177. American Indian Movement (AIM)-began in 1968 as a self-defense group it soon became an often militant Indian rights organization…demanded land, fishing/hunting rights be restored + respect for their culture. 178. feminism-the belief that women should have economic, political and social equality with men…spurred by political activism of the 1960’s…book, The Feminine Mystique, captured the discontent of the women.

4 179. NOW-aided by Civil Rights Act of 1964 (prohibited discrimination and created Equal Employment Opportunity Commission<EEOC>)…some argued wasn’t addressing women’s grievances…28 women, including Betty Friedan, created NOW to pursue women’s goals…wanted childcare facilities (during jobs and education), ban on discrimination in hiring.

5 180. Gloria Steinem-journalist, political activist and women’s libber…’72 created Ms., magazine to look at contemporary issues from feminist perspective…questioned gender-based distinctions…girls on football teams, “Ms” instead of Miss or Mrs. and refusing to adopt husband’s last name in marriage.

6 181. Roe vs. Wade-1973, U.S. Supreme Court ruled that women have the right to choose an abortion during the 1st three months of pregnancy…STILL AN ISSUE TODAY!! 182. ERA-U.S. Congress passed in 1972…then needed to ratification by 38 states to become part of U.S. Constitution.

7 183. Phyllis Schlafly-conservative, feared that ERA would lead to parade of horribles-drafting women into the military, end of laws protecting homemakers, end of husband’s responsibility to provide for his family and same-sex marriages…said that feminists “hate men, marriage and children”.

8 184. counterculture-mid ’60’s movement made up mostly of white, middle-class college youths who had grown disillusioned with Vietnam War…instead of challenge, they turned their backs on traditional America, trying to establish new society based on peace and love…

9 185. Haight-Ashbury-in San Francisco, hippie capital, mainly because California did not outlaw hallucinogenic drugs until 1966…members of counterculture or “hippies”---”tune in, turn on, drop out” of Timothy Leary---outrageous clothing, sexual license and illegal drugs…especially, marijuana and LSD (acid)…communes.

10 186. the Beatles-British band arrived in U. S
186. the Beatles-British band arrived in U.S. in 1964…by their breakup in 1970, inspired countless bands and propelled rock music into mainstream America. 187. Woodstock-August, 1969, on a farm in upstate New York…400,000 people attended free music festival…for 3 days, Jimmie Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Joe cocker, Grateful Dead & Jefferson Airplane and other groups entertained.

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