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Target Groups O Tourists O many tourists in the Central Moravia O visiting science museums is nowadays popular worldwide O General.

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13 Target Groups O Tourists O many tourists in the Central Moravia O visiting science museums is nowadays popular worldwide O General public O history, tradition and culture of the region, meeting point for families, friends O exhibitions, lectures, concerts, shows etc.

14 Target Groups O Schools O pupils and students O cooperation with all types of schools O spend a pleasant day in the Stronghold

15 Stronghold of Knowledge O video

16 Experiment II O Teaser O all of you get one teaser and your task is to sort it out O each piece is different, unique so you should work on your own :-)

17 Academia Film Olomouc AFO O International Festival of Science Documentary Films O the oldest festival in Central Europe O one of the top European festivals focusing on science documentaries O brings together natural sciences, social sciences, humanities O „Watch and Know“

18 Academia Film Olomouc O founded in 1966 O joint project of Short Film Prague, Palacky University in Olomouc and the Czechoslovak Academy of Science O today the main organizer is Palacky University

19 Academia Film Olomouc O promotes science in general public O presents both Czech and world science cinema O combines competition screenings with lectures, debates and presentations of prominent scientists O outdoor screenings, screenings for children, concerts, readings etc.

20 Academia Film Olomouc O video

21 AFO in numbers O 6 days O 6 venues O 2700 accredited visitors O 10 000 visitors in total O 90 festival guests O 120 screenings, lectures and presentations

22 Said about AFO O „Of several film festivals in which I have taken part as speaker, panelist, judge, or simple observer, the one in Olomouc was the most intellectually stimulating and intense.“ (Robert Rosenstone) O „I had a wonderful time at the Olomouc film festival; the films were engaging, the town was beautiful, and most importantly, the people were inspiring and stimulating. " (Jeff Liebermann) O „A great occasion to meet deserving people, and experience one of the most relevant events on the field.“ (Antonella Testa)

23 AFO Visions - 4Science O Project 4Science O ESF project, 2012 – 2014 O is a separate activity that will form one part of the AFO Festival O the main aim is to create a network between partner institutions popularizing science through audiovisual O about 70 students and academic staff will travel on short-term placements to institutions that have experience in production and distribution of the above mentioned popularizing audiovisual outputs

24 AFO Visions - 4Science O special website O online selected films from the AFO Festival O ten workshops led by international experts will be organized O good practice in the field of theatrical training, moderation, financing and distribution of popular science programs O the AFO festival will be an "industry meeting" designed for the professional community, representatives of the film industry and academia

25 Experiment III O Paper Cube O each of you receive a piece of paper O your task is to put the cube together O each number can be seen just once OR O you can help yourself with the logo O The fastest wins

26 Olomouc Region and Innovation O OK4Inovace O interest association of legal entities O Olomouc Region is the founding member O founded to fulfill the Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS) of the Olomouc Region O the main objective is to ensure the implementation and subsequent support for the process of innovation in the Olomouc Region

27 Tools O internships for students O competition for high school students O support for clusters O trade missions O business magazine O promotion of positive experiences

28 Future tools O innovation vouchers O special scholarships for students O development of new interdisciplinary study programs O Science Point O Business Point O coaching O scouting

29 Human Resources O Oslo Agenda for Entrepreneurship Education O a list of proposals O all responsible actors can pick actions at the appropriate level O adapt them to the local situation

30 Human Resources O Key statements O entrepreneurship education makes a difference O teachers should take on a new role in the classroom (as "facilitators" of learning) O use innovative and entrepreneurial methods of teaching O help young people to develop entrepreneurial skills

31 Implementation O situation in the Olomouc Region O discussions held with all local partners O e. g. universities, chamber of commerce, CzechInvest

32 Metal whistle O Metal whistle O the shorter part will create an aperture O then bend the longer part down O then shape the body of the whistle O you can help yourself by using round pen or marker O close edges with your thumb and forefinger and whistle

33 MUCO O Moravian University College Olomouc O small, dynamic private university college O established by business companies O orientated on economics, management and applied ICT O closer specialization – business innovation, couching of SME´s


35 O science and research O development (7 projects supported by EU) O focus on natural, technical and social sciences O member of professional associations (OKI, OK4Inovace, OK4EU, Business in the Society, Czech Green Building Council)

36 Current projects O Students´ start-ups O development and support of new students´ start-ups O commercially viable projects are supported and financed by private investors O students establish their own business O started 01/02/2012

37 MUCO conclusion O the university college and the firm at the same time O connects business and academic world O education for competitiveness in the labour market O orientation on economics and management O supports innovation processes

38 Short summary O Stronghold of Knowledge O Academia Film Olomouc O Olomouc Region O MUCO

39 Thank you for your attention

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