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1 PMI Chapter Collaboration March 13, 2013 - Memphis 2009: PMI Award for Component Leadership 2008: PMI Volunteer Leader of the Year 2007: Component of.

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1 1 PMI Chapter Collaboration March 13, 2013 - Memphis 2009: PMI Award for Component Leadership 2008: PMI Volunteer Leader of the Year 2007: Component of the Year (Chapter Category II) in the World

2 2 Agenda This presentation will cover: Our vision. PMI Pune chapter Drives. Observations in our geography. Challenges / best practices for our chapter. Benefits to our members. What we are looking for in this chapter to chapter tie up. Benefits of this collaboration.

3 3 Our Vision Nurture for excellence!! To become PMI’s Asia Pacific center of activity by providing a regional platform for accumulating, sharing and cultivating project management knowledge and nurturing expertise & excellence.

4 4 About PMI Pune Beyond all boundaries!! Pune Chapter is not limited by geographic boundaries. It has the record of having the highest no of online attendees. For the On Target 2013 it was telecast live and a record number of 4500 people from 51 different countries attended online. Also a part of the larger Team India – which comprises of all the chapters in India.

5 5 PMI Pune-Deccan India Chapter Established in 2003 PMI Pune - Deccan India Chapter is one of the fastest growing PMI chapters in Asia Region. Primary area of operation of the Chapter is Pune city and Deccan region of Maharashtra state. Chapter has a paid membership of over 750 and chapter Yahoo Group (online community) has a reach of over 10000. 2009: PMI Award for Component Leadership to our past President Girish Kelkar where the chapter has seen good growth. 2008: PMI Volunteer Leader of the Year to Shantanu Bhamare 2007: Component of the Year (Chapter Category II) in the World for Chapter of the year award.

6 6 Chapter Drives Innovation and Operations Excellence Forum (IOEF) Project Management Seminars CXO club Ambassador program Gyan Lahiri Academic track NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

7 7 Academic Track Overlapping with Academic – several MBA College visits for guest lectures on “Industry – Academia Gap”, Cyber Security & Safety, Personality development, communication – public speaking. Pre-Placement mock interviews, Problem solving – creative Poster making solutions & mind maps. Offers Mentorship programs to various MBA college students for their academic projects. Conducted UDAAN for Track 2013 - an inter institute project competition to encourage MBA students to creatively contribute to business and social emphatics. Assist to bridge Academics-Industry gaps

8 8 Innovations and Operations Excellence Forum for Large and Medium scale Enterprises. Participation of Senior managers from IT and NON IT segment. Tailoring PM knowledge for specific areas [ Scope, Quality, Risk, Time & Cost, Procurement ] etc. with several organizations RBI officers, Indian Railways, specific industry verticals Series of interactive talks for TOC – Theory of Constraints. Why should PMs learn theory of constraints. Monthly meet and seminars on 3 rd Saturday. Brainstorming sessions during each seminar.

9 9 CXO Club / Ambassador Programs CxO club to engage senior executives in different industry verticals who work with PMs. Organize CXO meet for discussion on project/ program/ portfolio management and discuss challenges faced. Suggestions are given by these senior people to PMI on how to mitigate these challenges. Ambassador programs: Conduct Ambassador Program to promote the PMI activities and benefits in various organizations. Volunteers working as champions in their respective organization. Example - Organized project management month in Cap Gemini and also conducted agile workshops.

10 10 Gyan Lahiri GyanLahari is an initiative through which we are committed to work towards nurturing and building of Leadership competency among high school students. We believe that leadership and innovation are essential for effective project management and it is a critical need for organizations, not only in India, but all over the world. These qualities are best developed in children before adolescence sets in and continue to be developed along the way, as identity formation happens well into adulthood. To shape our Nation we need Industry and Nation Ready Leaders. We have to put in effort for making leadership a way of life right from early age. Gyan Lahari is one such effort.

11 11 Gyan Lahiri - Highlights Students Leadership day 3 rd Feb 2012 with attendance of 500 students across 15 schools (Key Note Speaker Padmashri Award Winner- Anu Aga) Bicycle Project (Ran in 4 schools in Pune, to collect unused bicycles, repair them and send them to needy) Vermiculture Project (Ran by kids at Mritunjay Society Kothrud, Pune to decompose ‘wet waste’) CFC bulbs decomposition Project (VikhePatil School, Lahegaon) Students Leadership Day, August 2012 (Harali Village, participation of 350 students across 5 schools) Students Leadership Conference in Feb 2013 in Raigad covering 4 schools and 300 students. GYAN LAHARI EVENTS ARE FREE FOR ALL THE SCHOOLS and STUDENTS

12 12 NLP / Huna Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) / Huna (secret ) is a tool to utilize full potential of your brain. Discussion on how we need to configure our minds according to the roles we play. Paradigm shift in our behaviors, attitudes and our beliefs. Now used widely in corporate world and educational institutions. Some of the important techniques used are  Anchoring  Chunking  Mirroring  Modeling  Reframing

13 13 Programs Chapter conducts Project Management Seminar every 2 nd Saturday. These seminars have become tradition for local Project Management Professional due to its consistency. Chapter recently completed 100 th Seminar in Jan 2013. Ad-hoc seminars whenever there are SMEs visiting Pune Special seminars in corporates to cover captive audience. Annual OnTarget Event conducted during Jan-Feb every year across four tracks.

14 14 OnTarget conference OnTarget is the Chapters Annual event for business leaders, practicing project managers, senior leaders in government, professional organizations, academicians and students of schools and colleges. Speakers include eminent leaders from Industry, Academia and professionals. This was telecast live and 4500 online attendees were there. High-profile audiences of Leaders, Decision makers, Program Managers and Students from various sectors. It runs across four tracks 1. Professional Track 2. Gyan Lahari 3. NLP 4. Academics

15 15 Observations in our geography Increased focus on Agile – Lot of companies have started using Agile. Growing need for quicker and adaptive solutions to tech problems is pushing firms to adopt the Agile method Lot of start up companies are coming up as India has a lot of talent. Indian entrepreneurs are well educated and highly skilled.

16 16 Key challenges faced by PMI Pune How to get new members Retention of existing members. How to have more volunteers for the various iniatives. How to be involved at the organisation level Mitigation of these challenges: New subscription plans to increase the base. Increase awareness of PMI in the corporate world through ambassadors ( volunteers) New Volunteer engagement plans to join as directors, managers and ambassadors, contributing the community and mentoring the students.

17 17 Chapter Members Benefits Quarterly newsletter – contains various articles on project management written by chapter members, international experts. Theme based articles like agile, cloud computing. Members specific event - Professional Development Day exclusively for members in November. Purchasing PMI books – 40 % off. Job assistance – partner with placement agency. Webinars in partnership with the partners. Joint benefits through alliance with other organisations.

18 18 Collaboration between Pune and Memphis chapters Speaker exchange between the two chapters. Collaboration announcement on the website and display the logo and the title of the other chapter. Newsletter exchange between the chapters. Articles for the newsletter – members allowed to contribute articles to both the chapters. Webinar – To make arrangements to include the other chapter in their webinars. Technical paper review – invite other chapter members to participate in technical paper review committee. Best practices sharing between the chapters – interact with each other regularly and discuss topics of mutual interest.

19 19 Benefits of Collaboration Opportunity to share latest trends /information on project management across the world. Speaker exchange – being a convenient, cost effective way of gaining insight into what is happening in other regions. Members in both chapters get a chance to expand their horizons, broaden their scope. Members can contribute articles to the quarterly newsletter. Members attend on target and webinars of sister chapter. Sharing of knowledge archives.

20 20 Important links Old archives access Link of quarterly newsletter. bid/132/Default.aspx

21 21 Join us at

22 22 Let’s Collaborate

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