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13 th June 2011 Daniel Lindsay Impacts and Social Action.

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1 13 th June 2011 Daniel Lindsay Impacts and Social Action

2 Vision and Aims Shelter believes everyone should have a home. We help people find and keep a home. We campaign for decent housing for all.  Make sure that people in housing need can access and keep a home.  Drive up the supply of affordable homes in places where people can thrive

3 Shelter Services  In 2010/11, 89,300 clients received advice and/or support from Shelter’s services in England.  A national network of over 40 advice and support services  Shelter's free housing advice helpline  The CLG-funded National Homelessness Advice Service  Specialist services  Shelter's website

4 Shelter Campaigns Campaigns, Policy and Communications ResearchPolicy Public Affairs CampaignsMedia

5 Getting our case heard  The importance of robust research  Challenge Government decisions not based on robust evidence  Highlight the impact on households  Provide a voice for those affected

6 Shelter Tactics: Media coverage Policy and research reports Parliamentary / party conference events E-campaigning Case studies Client voice – videos, events Discussion events Consumer insight work Partnerships Local campaigning Social mediaPetitions

7 Shelter and Academia  Engaging with housing experts  Project Advisory Boards  Commissioned independent research  Academic papers and outputs

8 Shelter and Academia: Examples  Impact of Housing Benefits cuts  An independent assessment  Significant press coverage  Timely research and publication

9 Shelter and Academia: Taking Stock  Longevity of research findings to inform future work

10 Challenges  Academic awareness of the policy environment  Our awareness of research programmes  Distilling research findings into clear messages  Clarity on (potential) broader implications

11 Opportunities  Widening access to academic research  Think pieces to test ideas  Knowledge exchange  Clearer and more transparent commissioning from Charities.

12 Everyone should have a home

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