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Open Your Popplet! We will be adding characters as we move along!

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1 Open Your Popplet! We will be adding characters as we move along!

2  List some of the things you believe Chapter 3 foreshadows for the future of the novel…

3  Open the “Conflict in Of Mice and Men” document in iTeach.  Take notes on the first two questions, then you will complete the bottom half.

4  Conflict – a literary element that involves a struggle between two opposing forces (usually a protagonist and an antagonist.)protagonistantagonist  External Conflict – a situation where a character finds himself in struggle with outside forces.  Internal Conflict - arises as soon as a character experiences two opposite emotions or desires; usually virtue or vice, or good and evil inside him.

5  Man versus Man – Characters are pitted against one another.  Man versus Society – Characters struggle to overcome a common belief/viewpoint held by society at large.  Man versus Nature – The hero must overcome a force of nature (ex. The weather, animals, the sea, jungle, mountains, etc.) to reach his goal.  Man versus Himself – Protagonist must overcome his own nature (ex. Fears, character flaws, etc.) to reach his goal. *Can you give me an example of each type of conflict from some movie or book?

6  Answer Questions 3 & 4.  Take 5-10 minutes to complete these tasks in silence!  You may listen to music if it helps you concentrate and remain quiet.

7  Man versus Man  Man versus Society  Man versus Nature  Man versus Himself

8  Rising Action is made up of events in a novel that heighten the conflict towards the climax. What moments from the first three chapters of the novel actually heighten the conflict?  It is your group’s job to figure out the answer to this question!

9  In your assigned group, you will perform 3-5 tableaux of scenes/events that you believe qualify as rising action in the novel this far.  A tableau is a frozen pantomime. Group members will freeze in a position that recreates a specific moment of the novel, then someone in the group will take a picture of the tableau on their iPad.  Assemble the tableaux into a Keynote presentation, giving titles for each picture.  Email the Keynote to me as a pdf when you are finished!

10  Andrew, Cameron, Skyler, Micah  Carl, Matthew, Kory, Jonathan  Kat, Hannah, Lexi, Carson  Nicole, Cavanna, Kennady, Taylor  Mia, Courtney, Jake, Luke S.,  Luke M., Sam, Riley, Ally

11  Courtney, Alex, Joanna, Blake  Eli, Tyler, Michael S., Connor  Michael C., Zach, Dannion  Parker, Sean, Mari Kate, Brooklyn  Ryan, Braden, Ashley S.  Brittany, Ashley M., Sarah


13  Everyone get out their Plot Diagram Map for the novel!  Add the rising action thus far inside the triangle.


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