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The Environment M2U4 Wildlife Protection M6U4 Global Warming Topic - based Vocabulary Revision.

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1 The Environment M2U4 Wildlife Protection M6U4 Global Warming Topic - based Vocabulary Revision

2 Rui’an No. 10 Middle School


4 The environment is in trouble!

5 There are many reasons accounting for global warming. (M6 U4 Global warming) Cause & Effect: 1. People add huge quantities of extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, _______________ (M6U4 Global warming Para.3)

6 Cause & effect: More heat energy tends to be trapped in the atmosphere causing the global temperature to go up. (M6U4 Global warming Para.3 L35) resulting in the global temperature going up leading to… bringing about … contributing to …… (replace 替换 )

7 2. ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ( 全球变暖的另一个原因是热带雨林的消失 ) The loss of rainforest is another reason accounting for / resulting in/ leading to/ contributing to/bringing about global warming. The loss of rainforest is another reason why global warming has come about.

8 In conclusion, it is __________ that ______________________. human activity has contributed to this global warming

9 1. The steady increase of the temperature is one of the reasons contributing to a catastrophe. 2. Mr. Green often contributes poems to the London Magazine for earning some extra money. 3. Recently, a great amount of money has been contributed to Environmental Protection Agency. 捐献;捐赠;出钱 投稿 导致

10 In fact, people have _______________________________(aware) the importance of protecting the environment. People’s awareness has been ____________. be/become aware of be aware that… raise one’s awareness of become/been increasingly aware of build, develop, increase, raise, raised heighten

11 Solution 1. I ___________________________________ _____________( 强烈提倡使用环保购物袋 ). strongly advocate using eco-friendly shopping bags I strongly advocate that people should use… It is strongly advocated that people … advocate doing advocate that… It is advocated that… Together, individuals can make a difference. 2. ________________________________

12 advocate doing advocate that… It is advocated that… Solution If you are truly committed to protecting the environment, I think, you should make use of public transport or, even better, walk to school every day. be devoted to have a commitment to

13 1. The prime minister has made a firm commitment to increasing spending on health. 2. I’m overworked at the moment, so I don't want to take on any more commitments. A. a promise to do something B. a responsibility A B have a commitment to be truly committed to

14 Cause & Effect: as a consequence/result (of) consequently (M2 U4 Wildlife Protection) Global warming contributes to the loss of the natural habitat. __________________________ _______________________________________. ( 因此, 许多动物正濒临灭绝。 ) As a consequence /result, a great range of animals are dying out

15 The balance of nature is _______________. being destroyed/ The advocate ( 拥护者 )of wildlife protection opened the door quietly so as not to ____the sleeping baby panda. A. upset B. interrupt C. disturb D. spoil C disturbed/upset

16 _____________________________________ ________________.( 政府应该采取有效的措 施来提高人们保护野生动物的意识 ). Solution The government should take effective measures to heighten people’s awareness of protecting wildlife Pair work Your solution to wildlife protection

17 We must ensure that the law will work as a powerful and effective tool in fighting environmental problems, instead of being soft as cotton candy.

18 Under the Dome (穹顶之下) An advocate of environmental protection Air pollution – smog ( 雾霾 )

19 Group A Group B Current situation & cause: …… Group Work Solution (practical and effective): …… Air Pollution - Smog

20 最近柴静的纪录片名为《穹顶之下》,一经发布 就迅速引起公众对中国空气质量的关注。请按要求用 英语写一篇短文。 内容要求: 1. 简要说明雾霾的现状和产生原因; 2. 针对以上情况提出你的措施(至少三点)。 注意: 1. 词数 120 ,开头已经写好,不计入总词数。 参考词汇:口罩 mask ; 雾霾 smog Recently, a self-funded smog documentary Under the Dome has rapidly pushed the public awareness about air pollution. _____________________________ __________________________________________. Writing

21 21 Only if we help shall all be saved!” 唯有行动才有改变! Remember – your contribution counts!

22 22 Assignment 1. Finish and polish your writing passage. 2. Keep the word chunks related to the environment in mind.

23 upset 1. She was really upset about the way her father treated her. 2. I'm sorry if I've upset your plans for this evening. 3. I apologize to you for upset your cup. A. to spoil something such as a plan. B. to make someone feel sad, worried, or angry C. become overturned or spilt, esp. accidentally B A C

24 interrupt 1. She tried to explain, but he interrupted her in mid-sentence. 2. At the tennis championships, rain interrupted play for an hour this afternoon. A. to say or do something to stop someone when they are speaking or concentrating on something. B. to make something stop for a period of time. A B

25 A. make (sth) useless, valueless or unsatisfactory; ruin B. harm the character of (esp a child) by too much attention or praise, etc. 1. Her selfish behavior completely spoiled the evening. 2. Her parents give her everything she asks for. As a result, that little girl is terribly spoilt. A B

26 disturb 1. No sound disturbed the silence of the evening. 2. What disturbs you most about this latest development? 3. Sorry to disturb you, but I have an urgent message. A. to interrupt someone so that they cannot continue what they are doing B. to make someone feel worried C. break the rest, concentration or calm of (sb/sth) C B A

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