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Planning Ahead for Optimal Contact Center Deployment Phil Odence, VP Contact Center Business, Empirix.

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1 Planning Ahead for Optimal Contact Center Deployment Phil Odence, VP Contact Center Business, Empirix

2 2 Agenda The IP Call Center Wave Challenges with IP in the Call Center Managing the Challenges Real World Examples Conclusion

3 3 The IP CC Technology Wave is Cresting Forrester 2008 IP CC Trends 19% Have Deployed 14% Are Rolling Out 28% Are Evaluating 30% No Plans

4 4 Concerns About IP Throttle Adoption Forrester 2008 IP CC Trends Concerns Voice Quality Complexity of Managing Applications Assuring Consistent Experience Across Channels

5 5 The Good News / Bad News Story BenefitChallenge General: Efficiency and improved customer experience High bar set by TDM for voice quality and reliability Virtualization enables efficient utilization of remote agents Routing accuracy and performance. VQ over a WAN or Internet Centralized data centers ease managementDramatically larger capacity and higher performance. Ease of application creationManaging more complex applications Best of breed solutions for competitive advantage Complexity and finger pointing in multi- vendor environments Integration with CRMEnsuring agent desktop performance Distributed architecture for load balancing, capacity management and disaster recovery Extremely difficult to pinpoint problems

6 6 Mitigating Technology Challenges… Requires a lifecycle management approach

7 7 Emulate Customer Experience Emulate Agent Experience Correlate with Diagnostic Data IP Contact Center Environment End to End Approach to Testing and Monitoring

8 8 Different Challenges Require Different Approaches and Depths of Transactions CarrierPBXIVRCTICRM Voice Self Service Application Test End to End CTI Test End to End CRM Test Simple Platform Test and IVR VQ Connection Test

9 9 Challenge: Ensuring Quality of IP Speech Apps PSTN PBX/Gateway Voice Portal Application and Media Servers Customer: Large UK Retailer Key Benefit: Speech apps sound good even at heavy load, because you have tuned the infrastructure before deployment Voice Quality Report Played Prompts PESQ/MOS Analysis Reference Prompt Heard Prompt

10 10 Challenge: Diagnosis in Distributed Voice App PSTN Voice Portals Application Servers Customer: Major Airline Database Servers Front End Transactions Back End Transactions Multi-Layer View (Front, Back End Transactions and Infrastructure) Key Benefit: Callers are less impacted, because you can not only identify, but diagnose and address problems quickly

11 11 Challenge: Ensuring Function of Speech Apps PSTN PBX/Gateway Voice Portal Application and Media Servers Customer: International Wireless Carrier Multiple complex applications, paths and languages Automated Script Generation for 1000s of test cases Regression testing at each development iteration Key Benefit: Callers enjoy new apps more quicker and with fewer functional flaws because of exhaustive, repeatable testing.

12 12 Challenge: Maintaining VQ over WAN WAN Centralized Data Center in US … Multiple International Remote Sites Customer: Healthcare services provider with 20,000 agents worldwide Periodic IP Calls to Remote Sites Ongoing Connectivity and Voice Quality Reports and Alerts Key Benefit: US callers experience fewer poor quality calls because you are able to route around WAN problems proactively

13 13 Challenge: Ensuring End-to-End Performance with Integrated CTI / CRM Applications Customer: Auto Finance Company PSTN PBX/ACD CTI IVR DB CRM Web Server integrated with CTI LAN Agents Emulated Agent Desktop Correlated Caller and Agent Experience Routing Data Integrity Performance Key Benefit: Callers and agents are happier because even at peak calls go to the right agent with the right data in a timely manner.

14 14 Empirix – Products and Services for Testing and Monitoring Corporate Headquarters in Bedford, MA USA; International headquarters in the UK and Japan 330+ employees worldwide Empirix founded in 2001, started as Hammer Technologies, founded in 1992 Privately held; venture funded primarily by Matrix Partners and Lehman Brothers Venture Capital Most Fortune 100 companies, all of the world’s top ten Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEM), and nine of the top ten Service Providers benefit from Empirix solutions Assuring Performance of Carrier-Class Networks and Enterprise Contact Centers

15 15 Summary Contact Centers continue moving to IP and new technologies to support business drivers of agent virtualization, multi-modal interactions, and UC applications. The benefits of this transformation come with challenges and risks around making it all work together and as seamlessly as possible. These challenges heighten the need for testing and monitoring CC applications, systems, and the network. Including an end-to-end testing and monitoring strategy in your new technology roll-out will help reduce the risks and ensure a good experience for customers and agents

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