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Tony Lorentzen Vice President Consulting Services August 20, 2007 Defining a Voice Channel Strategy.

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1 Tony Lorentzen Vice President Consulting Services August 20, 2007 Defining a Voice Channel Strategy

2 2000 1995 2005 1989 2007 1990 Who is Viecore? 18+ years developing contact center application solutions –Core competencies in IVR, Speech, Web, CTI, and Desktop –Some of the largest VXML deployments in the world –Trusted advisor to 500+ customers (many with 15+ years of Viecore consulting, design, development and support) Fastest growing company in our space –Solid financial position –350+ employees worldwide with critical mass and extensive technical competence –Strong corporate culture (low turn-over)…we keep our IP! Strong vertical expertise –Major enterprise customer deployments and references Industry-leading delivery system – proven in enterprise-level deployments!

3 2000 1995 2005 1989 2007 1990 The Market Evolution Customer Interaction Solutions Focus on the Total Customer Experience (Beginning to End) – Improving Agent efficiency and effectiveness Pervasiveness of VXML –Wide adoption and support by all major IVR and Speech vendors Wider Adoption of Speech and Natural Language Integrating Routing and Desktop Solutions with Speech-enabled IVRs Basic Applications DTMF IVRs Simple informational and transactional applications Improved Self-service Capabilities Speech- enabled IVRs More complex transactional applications Linguistics and cognitive science improved usability

4 Consistent Caller Experience

5 Dynamics of a Voice Strategy Standards-based and open systems solutions Technology Competitive Pressure Cost containment Market differentiation is critical Privacy Challenges of dealing with data in the new world of security Explosion of Data Acquisitions and mergers driving applications that unify data across the expanded enterprise SOA and Web Services becoming more pervasive

6 External Factors and Opportunities Companies re-inventing themselves Federal mandates and regulations Mulitmodal devices Dynamics of a Voice Strategy Customer Services Callers need to speak to agents about complex issues Agents need to navigate several systems to solve customer inquiries Self-service plays a critical role in data collection and personalization As the market climate changes, so should your business strategy to create new sales opportunities.

7 Important Aspects to Consider Identification and authentication –Critical to voice self-service strategy Business intelligence –Understanding your customer’s needs Continuous improvements –Enhancing the caller experience –Increasing agent efficiency

8 Identification and Authentication Critical to Any Voice Strategy The fundamentals - allows callers to self-serve Tiered security allows flexibility Sets caller’s expectation and creates caller confidence Enables personalization and segmentation “We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people self-serving in the new system... the new authentication strategy allows patients and providers to access information which simplifies their transaction...our improved containment rate is proof of it’s success!” Vice President Call Center Technologies National Healthcare Provider

9 Business Intelligence Understanding Your Customer’s Needs Don’t treat everyone the same- Personalization! −Caller segmentation and routing Branding and Persona Intelligent “pre-prompting” Outbound solutions adds value while deflecting calls Why do they contact you? What channel do they typically use? What is their relationship? Demographics? How do they view your IVR? Your CSRs? Web?

10 Improving the Caller Experience and Agent Efficiency Dynamic Duo Callers will use automation if it helps them…provides an advantage –People now pay to use ATMs Don’t focus on IVR containment! –Focus on first call resolution and other call center metrics (AWT, Queue Time, etc…) –Transaction completion is the right IVR metric Implementing Best Practices Put callers in control…don’t frustrate them Don’t overwhelm them with information Leverage technology where it makes sense Make sure you have a marketing roll-out strategy −External and internal

11 Value Proposition Strive for a Dynamic and Personalized Experience Reduces costs –Increases first call resolution –Reduces agent handle time by presenting agents with context-driven information Improves agent utilization & customer satisfaction –Matches the most appropriate channel (self-service and/or agent) based on customers needs and relationship –Provides agents with critical customer information to better service their needs

12 The Integrated Contact Center The Best Strategy for Success A comprehensive customer experience via the telephone that is adaptive, efficient and cost-effective. Strive for a consistent experience across all channels!

13 Skills & Resources Needed…

14 14 Questions… Tony Lorentzen Vice President of Consulting Services Viecore, Inc. 1111 Macarthur Blvd, Mahwah, NJ 07430 T 201-252-9100

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