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Deborah Greer West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network (WSBWCN)

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1 Deborah Greer West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network (WSBWCN)

2 “…the number of delinquents of these ages increased 200 percent” “…a sad commentary on the lack of results that have been achieved as a result of all the efforts of public and private agencies…”  Seattle Times, May 29, 1960

3 1968 Crime Prevention Conference “…the conference’s broad base reflects the growing realization that crime control will require a multi-faceted effort by almost every citizen.”  Seattle Times, April 4, 1968

4 “Stop Crime; Get Involved — You may be next!” 20 page illustrated pamphlet with checklist  Seattle Times, April 3, 1970

5 “ We were about the second in the nation to start the program…” “It is recognized nationally as one of the most innovative burglary prevention plans.”  Seattle Times, September 5, 1977

6 “…participating households have experienced up to a 61% decrease in residential burglaries.”  Seattle Times, May 5, 1980

7 Block Watch campaign poster  May 5, 1983

8 What is Block Watch?  Block Watch is all about neighbors helping neighbors.  Participants watch out for each others' homes and report suspicious activities to the police and to each other.  One or two residents are designated as Block Captain / Co-Captain and function as the liaison between residents and the Police Department.  Residents form a communication chain aided by a block map of names, email addresses and phone numbers.

9 What is Block Watch NOT?  The Block Watch program is not intended to form citizen crime watch patrols or vigilante groups.  Participants are not asked do the police work; simply to report suspicious or criminal behavior to the police.  Participants are not required to tell your neighbors every aspect of your business or become best friends.

10 How does Block Watch typically work?  Block Watch members provide their contact information so it can be shared among members.  A Block Watch map, an email list or phone tree are created and maintained by the Captain or Co-Captain.  Participants report suspicious behavior to police or (911) and report the incident to the Captain.  The Captain emails the Block Watch to be on the alert.  The neighborhood works together on problem situations, nuisance houses and any other issues they care about.  Many groups participate in annual Night Out activities or other social events.

11 It’s Not Your Parents’ Block Watch  Technology has made it much more efficient and effective.  Many groups have Co-Captains to share the work.  Groups choose how to organize and communicate.  In most areas, the Block Watch program has evolved to include not only crime prevention but also emergency preparedness and community building.  Many groups map their neighborhood to show  location of utilities  residents, pets or children who may need special assistance  resources such as ladders, generators or other tools.

12 West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network (WSBWCN)  Organizing area Block Watch groups together for greater effectiveness  Natural stepping stone to include neighborhood preparedness and promote community.  Including more than just crime prevention increases the sustainability and participation in the neighborhood watch.  Soon to be expanded! Seattle Block Watch Network to add more Seattle communities.

13 Resources  Seattle Police: “Block Watch Toolkit”  West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network (WSBWCN)  Email:  Phone: 206-424-0040

14 BW can be a great foundation for emergency preparedness!  You already know each other; communication channels are established and ready to use  Knowledge of neighborhood exists:  Resources and skills are already known.  Specialty resources can be pooled and shared (not everyone needs to own a generator or chainsaw).  Typical hazards can be pre-identified; gas shutoffs can be mapped, etc.  Vulnerabilities can be addressed before a disaster.

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