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Francesco Petrarca BY: BRICE.

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1 Francesco Petrarca BY: BRICE

2 EARLY DAYS Born in Arezzo, Italy in 1304.
His family moved to Avigon, France in 1312, and here he received his early childhood education. He studies at Montpellier, France, and in Bologna, Italy. His real interest lay with Literature. When his father died he returned to Avignon and worked for an influential cardinal Who was a high official in the catholic church.

3 Where he got his inspiration
In 1327 he meet a lady by the name of Laura and became deeply in love with her. This love was to inspire his Italian sonnets and other poems.

4 Made a great name for himself
He made a great name for himself as a classical scholar and vernacular poet. In 1340 he was crowned as poet laureate in both Rome and Paris.

5 Hard times In 1348 the plague claimed the live of many of his friends and his love Laura. He collected all the poems he had written about her and placed them into a book the Canzoniere. This book was divided into when she was living and the works he wrote after her death.

6 What he is known for He helped to revive interest in the literature of ancient Italy and gave influence to the movement of humanism. Second His highly personal, highly musical vernacular verse gave to Europe the model for lyric poetry down to this day and time.


8 Works Soleasi Nel Mio Cor Qual Donna Attende A Gloriosa Fama
Gli Occhi Di Ch' Io Parlai Canzoniere

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