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Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissance I. Italy’s Advantages A

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1 Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissance I. Italy’s Advantages A
Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissance I. Italy’s Advantages A. Time period ’s A.D. Began in Northern Italy then spread through the rest of Europe 3 reasons: Thriving cities, wealthy merchant class, and Greek and Roman heritage

2 Italy’s cities were the original urban cities.
B. City-States Italy’s cities were the original urban cities. This was a result of the Crusades where merchants made lots of money

3 C. Merchants and the Medici
Merchants became wealthy which enhanced their political power Medici family became the most powerful banking family in Florence

4 D. Looking to Greece and Rome
Renaissance scholars returned to the learning from the old Greek and Roman manuscripts As they did this they rejected the old Middle Ages philosophy of suffering

5 II. Classical and Worldly Values A. Classics Lead to Humanism
An intellectual movement focused on human potential and achievements Popularized the subjects of history, literature, and philosophy which are called the humanities

6 B. Worldly Pleasures Prior to the Renaissance people lived to suffer
The Renaissance taught people that you could enjoy life without offending God Became more “secular” meaning more worldly and less religious

7 C. Patrons of the Arts Church leaders began to beautify Rome and other cities with the arts They became “patrons” of the arts: Financially supporting artists

8 D. The Renaissance Man A man who excelled in many fields was praised as a “universal man” He could do anything and strive to do everything

9 E. The Renaissance Woman
Should know the classics and be charming Should inspire art but rarely create it

10 III. The Renaissance Revolutionizes Art
Renaissance painters used the technique of perspective which shows three dimensions on a flat surface

11 A. Realistic Painting and Sculpture
Artists such as Michelangelo and Donatello created realistic sculptures and paintings

12 B. Leonardo, Renaissance Man
Painter, sculptor, inventor, and scientist Known for the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper

13 C. Raphael Advances Realism
His favorite subject was the Madonna and child Learned his style by studying Michelangelo and Leonardo

14 Anguissola and Gentileschi
Two famous female Renaissance artist who expressed emotions in their writing

15 IV. Renaissance Writers Change Literature A. Petrarch and Boccaccio
Petrarch was one of the earliest humanists called the father of the Renaissance Vernacular means to write in one’s own language

16 A. Petrarch and Boccaccio
3. Wrote sonnets in Italian and Latin Languages 4. Boccacio is most famous for writing the Decameron

17 B. Machiavelli Advises Rulers
Wrote the famous book for rulers called The Prince Began with the idea that people are selfish, fickle, and corrupt As a result the ruler needed to rule with absolute power and not concern themselves with what is morally correct but with political effectiveness

18 B. Machiavelli Advises Rulers
4. Leaders must sometimes mislead his people and lie to his opponents in order to maintain power. 5. It is better to be feared than to be loved

19 C. Vittoria Colonna A female writer who gained influence with her writings and poetry

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