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A Musical Resource for Grade 7-10 Core French Teachers.

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1 A Musical Resource for Grade 7-10 Core French Teachers

2  Geoff Collins... Program Facilitator  Danielle Poulin Tennant... Sinclair Secondary School, Whitby  Lisa Weir... Norman G. Powers PS, Oshawa  Andrea Fudali... Southwood PS, Ajax  Emmanuel Nish... G.L. Roberts C.V.I., Oshawa  Dulce Ibarguchi... DT Publisher/Graphic Design

3  Unité 1: La Fracophonie Canadienne  Unité 2: L’Acadie et La Louisiane  Unité 3: La France  Unité 4: La Francophonie Mondiale  Teacher’s notes – General templates, culminating tasks, rubrics, suggested use of technology.

4  Song Lyrics*  Artist biographies  Regional information  Historical information  Cultural activities  Recommended listening  Templates, Culminating Tasks, Suggested Technology, Rubrics  *lyrics that are included have been reproduced with the artists written consent



7 Student/individual Popular music World connection




11 1. Brainstorm a wordlist that focuses on words that students use to describe music or artists. 2. Play familiar or unfamiliar music. 3. Give your students sentence starters (i.e. J’aime cette chanson parce que…) 4. Parlez!


13 Je peux...  Be understood - proper pronunciation  Understand - listen and recognize words/ideas  Ask questions - use familiar vocabulary  Answer questions - use complete sentences  Speak naturally - proper pauses/intonation/show my personality  Expand/Explain - have flow from question to question


15  Big Ideas  Curriculum Expectations  Learning Targets  Success Criteria


17  Build on students’ previous knowledge of English and reading strategies p.96 Did you know?  >1/3 of all English words are derived directly or indirectly from French  English speakers know 15,000 French words  There are over 1,700 true cognates

18  Create a paragraph to express personal opinion or preferences using “les phrases guidées”  Cloze passages(grammar/vocabulary)  Short answer questions (closed questions)  Higher order thinking questions (open questions)


20  Presentation of a famous person, interview, a day in the life of…., create a cd jacket, create a concert poster, write a music review, write a song/perform a song, create a music video for your favourite song, travel journals, scrapbook, research another cultural aspect, tour a city!  Use of Technology


22 Instructions – Create an oral presentation that incorporates music, French, and technology. Evaluation (formative assessment) – Create a rubric for your evaluation using the following four headings 1. Content and Detail 2. Fluency and Pronunciation 3. Interest and Creativity (use of technology) 4. Vocabulary and Language conventions

23  Fromage*

24 Geoff Collins – DDSB Program Facilitator Andrea Fudali – Core French Teacher Lisa Weir – Core French Teacher

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