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Developing Campaigns for Issues & Projects Carley Ruff September 17, 2013.

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1 Developing Campaigns for Issues & Projects Carley Ruff September 17, 2013

2 Congestion Relief/Intermodal Transport 2009 – HB148  Authorizes referendums for a ½ cent sales tax in the Triangle and Triad and a ¼ cent sales tax in other counties for bus and other transport expansion.  Requires cities/counties to create a plan for 15% of housing within ½ mile of transit hubs to be affordable to those at 60% or below AMI. NCGA Approves Funding Authority for Transit

3  ½ Cent Sales Tax, with voter approval of a referendum for the sales tax.  “Inflation Adjustment” of a Regional Vehicle Registration Fee (increase from $5 to $8).  County Vehicle Registration Fee (up to $7).  Research Triangle Park (RTP) to charge a Property Tax for public transportation projects ($.10 per $100). Wake, Durham & Orange

4  Each county must each develop a financial transit plan (which details the various transit investments) to be approved by the county commissions and the MPOs.  Once there is approval of the financial transit plan, the county commissions must agree to put the referendum on the ballot.  Voters must approve a ½ cent sales tax.  Planning for affordable housing near transit cannot be an afterthought. What we knew…


6 Finding Allies & Knowing Your Role Finding Allies & Knowing Your Role  NC Justice Center  Self-Help Credit Union  Reinvestment Partners  Universities  Durham Interfaith Hospitality Network  Durham-Orange Friends of Transit  City of Durham, Neighborhood Improvement Services  Durham C.A.N. – Congregations, Associations, and Neighborhoods

7 Choosing the Right Messenger

8 TargetsTargets  Durham City/County Elected Officials  Durham Planning Staff  Triangle Transit

9 TacticsTactics  Regular meetings (or requests for meetings) with Durham city/county planning staff, transit staff and neighborhood improvement services.  Town hall meetings with elected officials and candidates for local office.  Students at the UNC Department of City and Regional Planning researched the potential for gentrification along proposed light rail line and presented findings to City officials.  Public Symposium – “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing: Linking Affordable Housing + Transit”  Press releases, Op-eds, LTEs

10 Current Outcomes  The Durham Joint City and County Planning Committee has launched a comprehensive land use inventory to ensure that affordable housing is part of the light rail development plan.  Promising negotiations with Triangle Transit Authority and the Durham Office of Economic Development, to ensure that all jobs generated with the ½ cent sales tax pay a living wage and make job training accessible to Durham residents.

11 Carley Ruff Policy Director 919-881-0707

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