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Nutritional Deficiency Diseases

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1 Nutritional Deficiency Diseases

2 Nutritional Diseases Malnutrition: Lack of essential nutrients; ie vitamins, minerals, amino acids Undernourishment: Lack of food energy (calories). WHO estimates that half of the world’s population is malnourished in some form Can you be overnourished and malnourished at the same time?

3 Diseases of Malnourishment
Marasmus: progressive emaciation due to lack of protein & calories preventing growth. Cause of 49% of the 10.4 million deaths occurring in children younger than 5 years in developing countries. Kwashiorkor: lack of protein in diet, leading to failure of neural development. “the sickness the older child gets when the next baby is born” Characterized by bloated belly Chronic hunger: enough food to stay alive, but not be productive

4 Child w/Kwashiorkor Child w/Marasmus

5 Noma, Cancrum oris Cause: under/malnutrition
Problem: secondary infection; mucous membranes become inflamed and develop ulcers, often in the mouth

6 Anemia Cause: iron deficiency, decrease in the number of RBCs
Problem: fatigue, irritability, shortness of breath, constant headache

7 Beriberi Cause: lack of vitamin B1 (thiamine)
Problem: heart and nervous system damage, muscle wasting, brain damage

8 Cretinism & Goiter Goiter Cretinism Causes: lack of iodine
Causes: lack of iodine during pregnancy Problem: physical & mental retardation, stunted growth Goiter Causes: lack of iodine Problem: deafness, fatigue, weight gain, enlarged thyroid

9 Pellagra Cause: lack of niacin
Problem: dermatitis, weakness, intestinal distress, neurologic manifestations, organ failure

10 Osteoporosis Cause: lack of calcium and/or vitamin D (prevents absorption of calcium) Problem: weak bones, fractures, decrease bone density

11 Rickets Cause: lack of vitamin D
Problem: softening and weakening of bones from release of calcium from bones

12 Scurvy Cause: lack of vitamin C
Problem: irritability, swelling and hemorrhage especially over long bones, death from hemorrhage and cardiac failure

13 Xerophthalmia Cause: vitamin A deficiency Problem: blindness

14 Zinc deficiency Cause: diet deficient in zinc
Problem: poor wound healing, bone deformities, dwarfism, hyperpigmentation, fetal abnormalities, immune system failure

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