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6+1 Writing Traits Metaphor 8th and 9th grades Language Arts Mrs. Fonseca.

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1 6+1 Writing Traits Metaphor 8th and 9th grades Language Arts Mrs. Fonseca

2 Writing Writing is a process in which you must know the destiny before you begin. For example, you must know what the objective is before you begin the writing process. In other words... Would you ever begin a race before knowing where the finish line is?

3 Writing must have DIRECTION! Imagine driving without direction! Writing is the will take you a long time to get nowhere.

4 We all need a little GPS for writing. The 6+1 Writing Traits are your writing GPS! “Maintain to your right 200 meters. Turn right...(you turn left)...recalculating route...”

5 6+1 Writing Traits There are 7 traits that will lead your writing in the right direction...if you follow them. Do you want to know what they are??? I know you are just dying to know!

6 Traits Ideas and Content Organization Word choice Voice Sentence fluency Conventions Presentation (Oral)

7 Metaphors Ideas and Content Hangers to hold outfits / size type of engine

8 The Ideas and Content are what fills the body of your essay; without meaningful content, the text is not worth reading! Imagine having tons of clothes, but no hangers! Imagine having a beautiful car with no engine! They become worthless!

9 Organization How the closet is arranged How the cars are parked in the parking lot

10 Organization makes things clear and easy to find. Without organization, you may have many good ideas and meaningful content, but noone will be able to understand it. Imagine a parking lot without lines or a closet with the clothes put in any such order. You would never be able to find what you were looking for!

11 Take a look at this parking lot in Manhattan...

12 Voice T-shirts with personality and attitude Color and make of the car

13 Voice is your own personal touch Your voice is your personal stamp...this text has personality and sounds different than any way that any other person writes. Through my voice, the reader identifies with me (the writer) and my message evokes emotion in the reader.

14 Which would you rather be driving? Tough question...hmmm...

15 Sentence Fluency The size of your sentence should depend on your needs...would you wear pants when visiting the desert or shorts in Michigan? If you are traveling with your wife/husband and ten kids, would you rent a compact car? Of course not! Pants: shorts, capris, long, etc... cars: compact, mid-sized or FULL-sized

16 The same is true for your must use the appropriate sized sentence for the proper effect upon the reader and the sentence style must vary. Imagine trying to fit 15 people into this car...

17 OR...

18 Or would this one fit better?

19 Conventions Underwear...they make the outfit, but should never show Tires: they don’t necessarily draw your attention, but they make the car move

20 Underwear? These definitely should not be seen!


22 Word choice Word Choice Maybe your writing needs: Shoes: they absolutely MUST match the outfit Gadgets: they make the car more fun to ride in

23 Car accessories?

24 Colorful words! Words should be colorful and powerful. Instead of saying “happy,” what word could you use? – Ecstatic?-- cheerful? – Euphoric?-- in high spirits? – Content? – Pleased? – Glad?

25 Conclusion As you can see, each writing trait is important and essential in its own way. If you have trouble remembering them all, just remember: Closet: hangers, arrangement, t-shirts with style, different pants, underwear and shoes Cars: engine, parking lot, style/color, size, tires and accessories

26 Your assignment In pairs, represent the trait that your teacher assigns to you. Give the trait, the metaphor, the meaning and an example. See Mrs. Fonseca for more details.

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