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Great Global Warming Swindle Evidence presented. Climate change Climate change has occurred throughout history of the Earth Presented by many experts.

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1 Great Global Warming Swindle Evidence presented

2 Climate change Climate change has occurred throughout history of the Earth Presented by many experts Shown with many different graphs

3 CO 2 is Minor Greenhouse Gas Only.05% of atmosphere is made of CO 2 (actually.035%) Water actually makes up 95% of all GG Most recent increase in temp occurred before “post war boom” (when industrialization pumped most CO 2 into atmosphere We are ¾ of way to doubling CO 2 levels and only.5 F degree increase in temp

4 Tropospherewarming According to climate models, if global warming is happening then troposphere should have greatest increase in temp.—it is not Surface temps increasing faster than troposphere Weird – can’t explain using current climate models

5 Ice Core Data Shows correlation between CO 2 and temp increase Problem—temperatures increase FIRST, CO 2 lags 800yrs behind Possible reason: oceans absorb and release CO 2 as temperature of ocean changes Reason for difference in time—oceans so large it takes hundreds of years to change temperature Oceans emit more CO 2 than man Oceans also absorb CO 2

6 Solar Activity Solar Activity correlates well with temperature changes “super weather man” Corbin predicts weather successfully by monitoring sunspot activity Danish scientists showed correlation between sunspot cycles and temperature changes to show causation need to graph over much longer period of time They went back 400 yrs and showed VERY CLOSE correlation—does this mean causation?

7 Politics Global Warming “scare” was idea politicized by British Prime Minister (Margaret Thatcher) Wanted to become energy independent Energy crisis in England because of coal miner strike Thatcher wanted to break unions OPEC reduced production of oil—energy shortage worldwide Thatcher could accomplish that goal by increasing use of nuclear energy (Thatcher’s main goal) Set the stage for IPCC formation

8 Politics cont Peace activists needed a cause after the fall of communism Adopted the “green movement” New environmental movement is most powerful “lobby” in politics today.

9 $$$$$$Scientists/reporters Scientific funding (Scientists jobs) depend on global warming “scare” Climate $ increased from $170 million to $2 billion What is the incentive (financial) to “solve” the problem or determine there is no problem? Environmental reporters need an environmental problem/crisis to report on Must become more dire reports to make print/TV Every weather event is caused by global warming

10 Climate Predictions worthless Climate models require 100’s of assumptions If one is wrong results are incorrect Using CO 2 levels as driving force of GW is a faulty assumption Global warming believers predicted a 2-4 degree F increase in temperature if CO 2 levels double Hasn’t happened Old Joke—If weatherman can’t predict 3 days out with certainty, how can we believe projections 50 yrs. Out?

11 Surface Temps (latitude difference) Global warming would DECREASE temperature difference between poles and equator This would DECREASE storm intensity Why is that not reported? How could greater storm intensity happen? (MIT—Lindzen)

12 Arctic Melting Melting has always naturally occurred at the poles Increased satellite coverage and global warming scare have focused attention NASA data since 1990 shows polar ice coverage changes dramatically over time (both increases and decreases)

13 Melting Permafrost/ice sheets Permafrost has melted much more in the past than currently being measured Greenland was much warmer 1000 yrs ago, ice sheets did not melt away. Vikings landed their 1000 yrs ago and named it greenland (from lush vegetation on coastline) (Foerster source)

14 Increase occurrence of Diseases Malaria has always occurred in higher latitudes (colder climates) therefore is not spreading because of global warming Evidence Greatest Malaria outbreak occurred in Russia (1920) 13 million cases/yr 600,000 deaths/yr

15 IPCC Reports IPCC = Intergovernmental Panel Climate Change Reports are “abuses of peer review” Changes made AFTER scientists approve report Summaries (executive) created by “non-scientists” Summaries = 40 pgs from 800 pg original report Report cites “2500 scientists” as sources Not 2500 scientists in study (some are Gov’t workers) Some have withdrawn from study because they dispute results but are still named as agreeing with study

16 Modern temperature records Started during the Civil War Was a cold period in recent history Of course temps increasing

17 Unintended Consequences Responding to Global warming will cause increase cost of energy Unfair to developing nations—they do not have the cash or economy to support more expensive forms of energy If “industrialized” countries don’t use alternative energy because it is too expensive how can we suggest poorer countries should use it when they have cheap fossil fuels? Is this a form of “energy slavery” (Foerster idea)

18 GGWS Manipulation techniques

19 Music Opening/closing music lyrics—”what’s the weather?” Match music to scene being viewed

20 Expert testimony Many different scientists interviewed(23 according to sofia loschiavo (around the globe)—means global disagreement? Credentials cited

21 Graphs Many graphs shown Weird angle shots—always end up being “square to graph” Means we need to look at data differently? Means data is being “interpreted” incorrectly by GW believers?

22 Animations Used to show: Greenhouse effect Some animation on graphs showing going back in time Not much seen

23 Camera angles/shots Weird angles of camera—coming in from beneath the individual Means we are looking at things all wrong but this guy will straighten us out? Make sense of data? Close up shots Allow viewer to decide if telling the truth Locations of interviews Laboratory—smart guys who actually do the research Personal library books—smart guys that read

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